I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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This Heart


in her absence fond

would while away a magic wand

my heart and soul respond


It happened,

today, while fresh memory brought me a distance,

the shadows revealed loss,

hidden in the crevices of the world I live in.

I couldn’t have predicted such pain,

I wouldn’t know where to explain,

something I can’t tell anyone,

except me,

I sit here,

I’m crying, on the verge of some

loss of sanity,

trying desperately,

I’ll not process this well,

I say to only myself,

because I cannot speak to you, I can’t tell you, I can’t find you,

I can’t hear your voice, your listening eyes, your spontaneity. I can’t.

I don’t know what to do,

beyond just slapping word after word here,

hoping somehow to find a gasp,

a reality of this mixture of ill and loss and some

emotional desperation.

I’m dead,

my heart has exploded inside,

and all I can do is ask it to stop,

so the hurt will go away,

I need the hurt to

go away.

I don’t know,

I’m unsure,

I’m impulsive

in a way that isn’t meant to draw attention,

I just don’t want to live,

with this,

I don’t want to have to recover



I don’t miss


I miss you.

Oh the Wonder of Love

The barista looks upon his expression, the customer,

hasn’t any idea what might settle in mind,

yet there is of course always a wonder,

she, he, they, the people everywhere around,

haven’t a clue the loss of memory

occurs when love unrequited may no longer

hold a place in this our sweet dear fantasy.


An internal methodology exists when fighting

the pangs of a helpless love no longer asunder,

and instead far, very far away now,

to that greater distance where one two loves

might touch in a quiet night sky,

this evening the clouds have arrived,

there is a certain mingling beyond the mind,

will forecast only a denial of open sky this nigh.


I do love to know that our love is true, I always will,

I forever remind my quiet mind the patterned reality

that did our lives cross paths for reasons beyond our

own societal terms – there it is, there, we did … love.

I Stepped Away Without Any Follow

Today, I chose to walk away,

well, I suppose I wasn’t alone,

perhaps it was me trying to catch up,

though either way,

I was left alone this day.


I stepped away from beauty,

from peace,

from love,

not knowing any resolve, resolution,

though I do still involve

my heart in every motion.


Today I discovered there is a new

emotion in my world,

one that will cause me to reflect

rather than build upon my fantasy.


When the reality of love,

returns to mystique

it will be only all of my strength

to let go,

to make allowance for a freedom

beyond the sweet reckoning

when we might laugh,

when contagion meant

a certain intoxication,

a passion.


Today, I chose to walk alone.




unsettling calm

like knowing my heart restless

held safe in her palm

Right Now, This Moment

Hear me please,

for I am bellowing,

screaming inside,

to know your love,

to want to feel anxiety

the wonder of your life,

where is your mind,

I want it to be inside

my own tonight, now,

in the quiet of a looming

storm outside,

let my energy drift

across your horizon,

that you might feel the

gasp of my passion,

as it searches,it will seek

the warmth of center.

I Thought About It

When I asked,

I could only anticipate what

she might give me,

for it is always the choice

becomes the mystery

in sweet love,

in harmony,

in that soul-searching


might a fairy tale


is what our lives

may become.


There is a certain pattern

to the human condition,

wait and wonder,

watch our lives move past dreams,

then wander

to wish upon some magic,

a harmony,

some might imagine

our lives are all

destined to be found

along a certain pathway,

and yet,

we waited,

found ourselves

already traveling

alone, forever.


It is that eternity,

I asked there might be some thought,

it is inside a dream

a wonderful reckoning

to caress her own soft


the open response

to our integrity.

For it was I might wish

that she could visit

find the same sensuality

brings me home

to hold her wonder

within the space in time,

that is our wander.


I looked upon her dreams,

I thought about it,

and I did conclude,

there is no certain finish,

no need,

to imagine,

an end to love …

eternal harmony.