NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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An Altered Opinion

Though it be true,
I’m told,
We might be through,
I wouldn’t recommend
You choose to watch
Me cry,
For it is there you could see,
The true pity I feel,
For bringing you,
Convincing you,
You to be with me.

For I am that one man,
Not capable of more,
Who in a moment
Of pure strength,
Chose to love you,
While you did love me.

And I still do,
And I will far beyond the moments
Of scrutiny,
That truth,
That righteous societal
Reckoning suggests
We live our lives by,
Even though,
So slow is our own reality
To accept this
Travesty of
Lost inspiration.

Just know it isn’t lost
On me.
Just know my love for you,
Has set me free.

When In Just a Word She Tells Me

There can be this vacant silence,

I have felt it

so often, struggled to accept, to understand,

to anticipate,

and yet every moment it envelops my world,

becomes a torment,

the wheels of my mind roll on,

she continues her mystique, and yet, I am here alone,

wanting to blame someone else besides myself,

so I withdraw, become quiet, probably obstinate,

as the sadness rolls in to my being,

and the skies are blue, and the sunlight easily lost in shade,

while my eyes do continue the search.


A word,

is all I receive in kind,

suddenly my purpose does change,

to such a marvelous degree,

that when it appears my desire to be,

begins its own personal travel,

the fire lit,

the vacancy gone,

surely filled with the grace of her goodness.


She wants to call it intrigue,

and I want to label it elegance,

society would suggest refined wonder,

and I would call it beauty,

her world would suggest status quo,

and I would argue beyond wonder,

so delightful, simply sensual,

an essence of certain sweet embodiment,

that in a word,

sends me to that settling place,

where nothing can ever possibly matter,

beyond her word,


When Words Interfere

I fell in love, with her,

she told me one day how my words

might draw her to my side,

and I thought to myself,

well for sure,

that was always what I wanted her

to say.


So there we were, two of us,

together in the mainstream,

outside of the eye of anyone

nearby who might,

cause our lives to scream,

yet we were in love,

and we watched our shadows,

play romantic games

in the sunlight,

just out of our sight.


We knew there was a time,

when somehow

one might want more,

and the other might as well,

yet we never realized,

both would struggle with

understanding just why,

or how, or can we, or might you,

why can we not figure out



Yet we knew love,

we are in love,

love is where we took ourselves,


we became the alone

part of understanding why.

When Truth Forbids Chance

Oh I have tried,

I do love you with all my being,

and would sacrifice a world,

one filled with reputation and avarice,

for the soul that might challenge

a societal norm.


How often would I tell her

she completes the essence of my reason

to examine any notion in my mind.


How easily could I look in her eyes

and tell exactly what it was that mattered

to me in the moment.


It is always you,

all ways lead to your heart,

and it is me that breaks the path,

by locking onto selfish needs,

rather than the appreciation of just how

magical my life has become with you by my side.


Oh to vent a passion like ours,

would write volumes of beauty and grace,

carve into tree trunks, the solid hearts

that symbolize summers and hot spring days,

and impulsive scenarios where two people,

just allowed life to take them in its arms,

and kneel before the starlit sky,

a kiss, a smile, a gasp,

and it was then,

I knew I could know no other love.

Cryptic Voices

Analyze these imaginary words,

the ones he’ll never hear, say, want to

reveal for fear

the end will be near.

He wished he might see her smile,

hold onto her lovely guile,

yet when he tried,

there seemed no end to wonder,

what was it he just said,

did it mean the same to each of them.

he holds on for there is always love,

yet he wonders,

is this time to return,

or will the next journey find his heart

passing by memory,

looking beyond the now,

realizing that just then was a glance into


He wants tomorrow, but will not find it alone.



I won’t reach out again,

to find more misery,

the hours have dragged with ideals

none of which belong here tonight,

only soft, passive, realities of time.


We did find humor in our caprice,

then lost all imagination when slow

the world began to change,

I should have known the signs,

they’re typical with cliches abound.


What happens when a dream declines,

the atmosphere of weak reason

overtakes our simple design.

when then we wait to know the end,

when then we wait to know the end.

Woods In Spring


A sweet memory is one of you,

a tear reminds me, clearly blue

I become, I want, I reach,

all part of a grand design.


We spoke of pain, we talked of love,

we knew again we were well above,

notion of grandeur,

so sweet, so dear


I once knew a woman she gave me her eyes

I knew it would hurt but I wasn’t so wise

Decades might pass with effective nostalgic

ceremony reminds us of impulsive logic.


Oh, my the tears that flow riverside,

will always hold you near my side.


*photo found on Pinterest