My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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For This Kiss, I Would

Wait until the end of a storm, to know,

when gray disappears, I could find you,

for that is my blue,

my wonder,

that is my intrigue asking to be found.


For it is this kiss, I might hesitate,

wanton desire,

yet in this moment,

I leave my passion suspended,

for it is in your heart I want

only peace,

and there, by the moonlight,

standing on a bridge,


it is where you will find my soul.


Tonight, in the breeze,

a chill of reality plays our soft tell,


stand with me, hold me, see me,

know that I would walk the hours

to have your heart

share my love for you.


For it is that intrigue,

so might we imagine,

so wrapped in words of

a timeless tradition …


for while I glance the sky,

I’m at peace realizing I never will,

I’ll always be satisfied,

knowing I don’t know why

Simple Freedom

When knowing her freedom

is resolute in quiet integrity

is definable in spontaneity

is wonderful to allow natural sigh

is forever intertwined in truth.


Though while allowance gave peace

he did respond to certainty

he would revel in her elegance

he might also known the truth, real,

is assurance human condition feels.


While life has simple turns and memory

his complication her beauty

the mystique when touch her cheek,

his lips, back of fingertip,

when eyes wet rest upon her soul ,,,


Will whisper now freedoms in simple love

A Simple Love

This world we create,

our actions,

begun by sewn ideals,

blend together a desire,

and we all can appreciate,

we all might initiate,

everyone can learn to negotiate,

a simple love.


Inside a world there is forgiveness,

this ability to understand,

to move forward, let go,

perhaps teach the world around us

to allow our lives a freedom.


Dreams contain a story,

its one we all might recall,

each of us having a different tone,

yet the same,

that simple love

we all wish we might conceive,

in the blend of well known chaos.


I do love her,

I believe in a spirit,

an energy that is an attractive

reminder of a certain


it is her own,

a simple love.

Waking Alone

This is where he belongs,

said the man,

observant of time,

cognizant to crime,

having come to terms,

with a societal scream,

Man is so willing, sublime.


Wake to the callous breeze,

tear shelter from the soul,

only one recall of whole,

for in this day,

the painful reminders,

will cast off,

forgotten, the woe.


Once was a sweet travel,

a venture toward

her mystique, lovely.

He would hallow the earth

that held soft her sweet worth,

always a want of grace,

her beauty,

he would forever the favor of myrrh.


Seek Peace eternal the sudden rains,

will subside sallow wings of change.

This Desperation (Anna’s Theme)

There is this haunting reality,

always speaks,

when needing a listen,

can generate remarkable feelings,

those we wish to know

only in the quiet of our own


When silence turns toward forever,

the waiting is a song of


a parting of ways,

a reminder,

this day

will now begin a string

of new reality.


Though the heart feels wrenched

by society in its innocuous rule minding


where one loves,

we might always find solace

in knowing

one did adventure toward

the beauty of her quiet promise,

the beauty of her,

the spiritual nature of

knowing once,


I stand before a world of smiles and forgotten dreams,

they all adjust,

move forward,

beyond the sacred response

to losing time,

our time,

the time of our …

first reckonings,

begin to fade with the anxiety

left behind to dissuade,

the feelers,

the realistic lover.

Watching Love Unravel

He became insecure,

she wondered in her quiet manner,

he could weep,

while she might smile,

though to the onlooker,

hers was a genuine world,

his a facade

he’d hoped someday

never to be exposed.


She stood in the foreground,

a svelte elegance emanates

a being,

well coiffed in the universal

language of self appraisal,

and he would tip toe

through her world,

comforted by a compassion

he had known

neither in his immediacy

or the world he once relied upon.


She is the word he might suggest,

she pales to the compliment,

yet he insists,

she is the wonder of his

state of mind,

like a clock

she ticks his fancy

with every moment

his breath is allowed.


She is a mystique

long ago begun the mystery

of her wanderings,

he the lucky recipient

of unbridled passion,

he knew not when to

recognize the gift


the essence of her love.

When Love Matters Beyond Need

A hurting soul,

one fully aware,

there is a cosmic energy

takes over beyond the real

when two lives cross avenue

to begin a trail

of flowered symphony,

of delight in passion,

when skies above

are always blue with

cascading  cymbals

orchestrated by the mind’s eye.


I am in that place

where only tears remain,

where confusion

overlays the reality of my dreams.

She is my harmony,

her mystique and empathy,

her brilliant capture of my psyche,

she does offer the muse

of my need to recognize

the value of a life.


Yet, burdens they may be,

a time is not forgotten,

only built upon to satisfy a tear,

to know this is


we did understand

just love