I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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Take My Heart, Please



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For it is in your hands,

the soft sweet sensual

nature of her demeanor,

a smile that fades in mind.


For it is when we do know love,

the ache inside our body

is enough to want to

stop the motion of life itself.


For it is in this my tears,

I try with all the strength

in my soul,

to understand the freedom.


For it will be forever,

my heart in its organicity

always remembers,

always bleeds a tear.


For it is the silent melody

of a broken heart,

with no mend,

only a haunting silence.


unsettling calm

like knowing my heart restless

held safe in her palm

Right Now, This Moment

Hear me please,

for I am bellowing,

screaming inside,

to know your love,

to want to feel anxiety

the wonder of your life,

where is your mind,

I want it to be inside

my own tonight, now,

in the quiet of a looming

storm outside,

let my energy drift

across your horizon,

that you might feel the

gasp of my passion,

as it searches,it will seek

the warmth of center.

If We Might Imagine Real

When once we could

sense one another,

hold fast to each other,

feel our bodies intermingle,

my hands soft fall,

fingertips touch a naked arm,

shoulder to wrist,

I want you to feel my touch,

while yours,

touch my back,


pulling me close,

feeling my need rise

toward your own center,

we appeal to one another,

lips a sweet creation

a oneness,

while in passion’s grace

skin to skin

our lives

are within the realm

of why it is we wish to be,

and knowing such,

we do,

we will continue a journey

long before the reckoning,

we begin to search

each other’s desire,

a sensuality

found easily one inside

the realm within

a reach

I Thought About It

When I asked,

I could only anticipate what

she might give me,

for it is always the choice

becomes the mystery

in sweet love,

in harmony,

in that soul-searching


might a fairy tale


is what our lives

may become.


There is a certain pattern

to the human condition,

wait and wonder,

watch our lives move past dreams,

then wander

to wish upon some magic,

a harmony,

some might imagine

our lives are all

destined to be found

along a certain pathway,

and yet,

we waited,

found ourselves

already traveling

alone, forever.


It is that eternity,

I asked there might be some thought,

it is inside a dream

a wonderful reckoning

to caress her own soft


the open response

to our integrity.

For it was I might wish

that she could visit

find the same sensuality

brings me home

to hold her wonder

within the space in time,

that is our wander.


I looked upon her dreams,

I thought about it,

and I did conclude,

there is no certain finish,

no need,

to imagine,

an end to love …

eternal harmony.

When I Reach

I find you,

though I know,

I can sense when you wake,

my eyes will be

a shine

in a twilight mystery.


Yet it is simple solution,

a smile,

an imagined caress,

soft is the felt strands of peace

when mystique begins

a warm, constant sensation.


Oh to be in your arms,

to hold you,

to offer solace in the midst

of human clarity.


Oh to love, when moments ask

in quiet reckoning.

The Pleasure of Knowing

When might I glance at a blue sky,

while waking my mind to another morning,

I can realize we are together.


Though the miles would separate,

we might imagine such is a romantic tale,

that become our reality.


In the waking hours of my day,

I would if possible give you my every way,

if it meant your peace today.


I do glance, I search, I wander

within the moment of my every step

in the hope she will appear.


It is the beauty of love allows,

the mind in its circle of sometime torment

suggests she is sweet elegance.


Oh to find the manner of peace,

to open my heart, to fill my soul with truth,

to answer your love with meaning


For perhaps it is life’s trial,

the trailing of the human condition,

always knows, we might love.