NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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When Love Matters Beyond Need

A hurting soul,

one fully aware,

there is a cosmic energy

takes over beyond the real

when two lives cross avenue

to begin a trail

of flowered symphony,

of delight in passion,

when skies above

are always blue with

cascading  cymbals

orchestrated by the mind’s eye.


I am in that place

where only tears remain,

where confusion

overlays the reality of my dreams.

She is my harmony,

her mystique and empathy,

her brilliant capture of my psyche,

she does offer the muse

of my need to recognize

the value of a life.


Yet, burdens they may be,

a time is not forgotten,

only built upon to satisfy a tear,

to know this is


we did understand

just love

Lost Days

So many days,

countless hours,

I would wait for her,

wishing, sort of hoping,

wondering if she knew

how much I would

want for the need of

wondering how she

felt that day, today,

every day in her world,

I wanted to know,

to imagine,

to see her elegance,

in its grace,

capture the eyes,

the hearts, minds,

the children’s laughter,

every hour

I wanted her to know

she does touch lives,

in a manner,

much like she did touch

my own,

my heart,

my tears,

my yearning for another

moment in her arms,

a touch,

a soft and predictable kiss,

toward a new journey.

Every day

I wanted her to know.


Tonight, I’m only asking,

as much as I know

the answer,

I’m wanting to know.

While Morning Wanes

I wander in the morning light

I think about the beginning

time the  essence of our sojourn

inside love’s myriad.

We all walk inside a dream

sometimes reality

steps in

other moments

we choose to know

this is where we belong;

this is how

we want

to be

this is why

we have become a mastery.

Yeah always we remain unsure

about it being

the who

we believe we truly are

when standing alone.

sweet recall

please don’t be afraid of memory,

the etched in mind recall,

a wonderful exploration,

a journey we two did find a forever,

touch would be our arousal,

the quiet night, accentuated by music,

when the melody would fade our own

settle in,

then eyes,

to sweet see the moment,

when passion and love rest in each other’s arms,

while the world outside,

is no longer our own,

we here,

in this soft retreat

do find time and sensuality

to be a satisfying sojourn

beyond the tempered nature of our society,

we two in celebration, in release,

we reach for one another

seek oneness

Sitting In My Quiet

It is a quiet remedy,

to a long and lonely distance,

when in short moment,

might I recall her soft memory.


Her hand my heart,

in her eyes a sweet patience

a willing,

a fortunate light in nightfall.


Oh to hold true her passion,

liken the essence of a mystique

drawn by the surety of love,

a wish, a will, a quiet river walk.


Oh, to know her eyes will search

for my own in evening moonlight.


We Drive On Country Roads


Country roads were designed to shadow

affairs of the heart,

there in the quiet stream of a trodden path,

the memories fly with us,

much like the breeze our passing creates.

We are the memory today.


I felt her heart close in mine, the touch

on my hand a sweet trace,

as the miles poured on, a blue sky,

a misty rain inside my mind,

I looked to her for that part of myself,

hidden away in fear.


I wish we could do this forever I will

say to myself each bend

in the road, another parcel of land,

another life nearby,

that has the same desires, passions,

realities of love in mind.


Would that our travels might last,

through the next autumn,

I plead quietly to myself, only wishing,

when I do again her eyes,

seek the same energy, I notice a smile,

it is that part of love I cherish.


It is that part of you I hold onto in the breeze,

a country road, my life, ours together, traveling.

Anxiety’s Mastery

Its impact,

we want to understand,

yet we’re told,

this isn’t your confusion,

not fair,

nobody asked you,

there is a long pause,

and we discover we do want to be there.


She didn’t smile,

wouldn’t let me touch her,

I laid on my back,

the clouds drifted in between

each other,

like they were mocking

my own quiet confusion.


I looked up to find her

arms pulled around legs,

head down,

she wouldn’t cry,

she said it didn’t matter,

I could feel the mix of freedom

and quiet resignation,

all part of a storm.


I reached out to hold her,

this time she said no,

but, I thought,

she didn’t walk away.


The drive was meant to feel like forever,

a calm swift ride,

lush forests and city folk,

the normalcy of our shadows,

we were quiet alone,

in each other’s arms,

in memory.


She asked me then

‘what’s wrong?’

all I could do was cry,

my anxiety,

I was falling off the edge,

when she reached out to touch me,

I felt a calm.


Where do we go to find the calm.