NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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Thinking About This

I often wonder about notions,

an idea, plays out in my head,

I formulate my own opinion,

a funny sort of discrete decision.


Not yet, my mind tells me,

not ready to share with anyone else,

and there begins the battle,

because I do,

I so want to,

there’s a part of me that wants to free the world,

my world I suppose,

actually, our world,

because I think, wait a second, I mean,

we all seem to … have a want;

so that everyone around me will know

what’s in my head,

what I’m imagining,


Thinking about this.

Clueless Agony

On the horizon, a wall looms,

we reach inside for garden tools,

protect the hibiscus, secure the lawn

decorations – that peace of mind.

What happens next,

we cannot control,

yet why is it in our own lives,

that survival, is all we try to do,

mask the insecurity so no one might know,

deep inside we are as

frail to the notion of real as is the vine

sudden storm clouds will rip apart.

Nature always wins,

despite the efforts of many,

to hide the furthest

indication of that surreal



Cafe Dreamers

There’s a rain steady,

keeping indoors the traveler

whom might be seeking the wood,

may stroll along the coast,

skipping rocks, switching thoughts,

contemplating the beauty around them,


the coffee shop,

holds promise to the conversations

around that though similar, seem different,

contain stories all the same,

yet unique,

their worlds are always different,

in the context of their moments,

until we can catch each other’s eyes.


We wonder about the people next door,

a table nearby our own private world,

did they speak of it,

were they aware,

was there a time in their lives when everything,

seemed similar, possible, simple,

perhaps it is true,

they say it often enough to never forget,

we’re all the same,

we haven’t any lead on the element of change

the human condition might experience the same,

euphoric wonder built upon manifest tragedy.


I was sitting along with my company,

my world against hers,

together we were watching our own world,

responding to the elements in a unique fashion,

yet still, very still, almost

in a sort of decopaged setting,

still life,

to be measured in someone else’s eyes,

for they are the judge of this life,

not us,

we are simply the portrait.


A stillness in the air,

while we wait the rains,

they might part to give allowance

to nature’s Grace in the wooded freedom

of a dense forest,

away from all wander of deception.


While I stood inside the sidewalk cafe,

I watched the people around me,

create lives of envy,

to balance those of misfortune,

whose measure relied upon me,

or my own eyes, or their’s or someone


with similar passion.


Yet in all of our sightings,

there seems only one reality.

Settle In

For now is this brief telling

of a society, a world, a small neighborhood,

this is the story

of you, and me, and the neighbors,

the kid running the sidewalk


We are going another direction

tonight, to a time, or maybe a familiar

reason to act this way,

let’s all pile in,

and witness the same over there.


For the have that you speak of need,

might lessen the burden for a not,

it depends,

if little houses seem the pattern,

then certain marble castles,

with gigantic columns

would suffice

only in a dream.


I’m talking about hair nets and fry cooks,

a lavender sport coat in the rain,

a polished makeover that let’s another

in their moment of truth, complain.

It is easily recognized in the car

she drives, for when he once did,

she became less incredulous


she could always do the same.


Let’s remember when,

our childhood brought us to a field,

where we play for hours, just with the

tall grass and sweet rains that

gave our hearts a reason to breathe.

For that’s when,

everything else,

all the crying would end,

and a body alone,

could settle in to experience peace,

in the quiet rain.

The Foolishness

When I do sometime imagine,

where my world seems to wish to land,

how it is I have become the man I am today,

I wonder in the privacy of my way.


I ask myself in the quiet of a night rain,

is it me that is seeking cover from the pain,

do I ignore the needs of others,

or am I simply trying to avoid the fear of hers.


I listen to the beauty of our soft harmony,

a kiss, lips so soft I am in my own agony,

to imagine ever letting go of her sweet beauty,

I am the foolishness of my own lack of duty.


I have this yearn while watching the sky turn gray,

I do want you in my arms, her I mean, my dismay

in knowing I have been the light minded fool

of nostalgic certainty, the waving tides do cool.


A certain passion could describe the love we share,

when out of a quiet night we find we are where

we both wish to be, in arms, an unbridled love affair,

for that is the truth of our reality, someone might swear.


But I do love her, he says to himself, quite alone,

always alone again, knowing she had never known.

Just When She Walked By

I noticed,

how the air around me

the atmosphere,

that energy inside me,


turned to wisp of delight,

her fragrance perhaps,

the beauty of a stance suggests seductive

innocence, without the naivete – only simply the desire

recognized in our society,

a special gift to our eyes,


no desire to be repressed for being beautiful.

When will we discover a way to put aside

human condition musings,

those that tell us all how vulnerable we are to

her grace,

her elegance,

that notion of humility mixed with scintillating sensuality,

pass on the forboden scrutiny

when simply,

without expectation,

she walked by me today.

Task or Passion

When does it become the rule,

when our lives belabor such passion

that we alone only feel the result.


How could we ever know such cool

winds would weather a decision

to love rather than cast insult.


While the rains fell in morning sun,

lights in my mind suggested a peace

when comfort became necessary


I did choose to walk slow among

the vast majority, the inclined release

of simple truths, those that are wary


would we know by the color of their mood,

may we no longer feel a need, this we brood.