‘You’ve Married an Icarus, He’s Flown Too Close to the Sun’

I listen to the lyrics more often then

anyone might imagine,

anybody can cry on cue if they choose

the correct motivation.


The rains have returned

both inside and out

and the feeling is strong,

the quiet damage of love is a ruin.


“You’ve married an Icarus,

he’s flown to close to the Sun”

when the words roll off her tongue

the emotional tragedy is visceral.


I did, do, I will, want, wish, would

cannot find the right phrase, the words

there is a quiet inside the silence of a

spring storm denying a heart its freedom.


I wrote you letters, over and over again,

they were meant to touch your heart, again.

Title is a lyric from Hamilton soundtrack – ‘Burn’

composer – Phillipa Soo