I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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The Essence of Woman

In life lives a fantasy,

a gentle reminder of a soft journey,

one rampant with a passion,

driven by the essence,

the true nature of knowing,

her every curvaceous tone,

whether it be intellect

or the naked reality …


In imagining woman,

might the man remember

true beauty,

an eternal mystique

shall be her endearment,

the freedom she carries to be

just lovely in every aspect

of her being.


Woe that we do forget

in the throes of a neediness,

a loss of contentment

with recognizing peace,

instead tossing aside the value,

that originating seduction,

for a callous recall,

one that may cause confusion,

detract from any innocence,

to inherit an ugliness toward

proper beauty.


It is in that pause,

the reflection of man,

we can realize

there is truth inside the goddess

of our humanity,

that spiritual reckoning

suggests a karmic wave

of true innocence,

the essence of woman

be shared only in the eyes

of sacred love.

Poodle Skirt Afternoons

It certainly is a fantasy,

every man’s dream,

well perhaps,

it is the notion of a certain elegance

hidden to a glance,

a pretty chance,

play with the irresistible nature of desire,

that lust, that splendid piece of …


Oh the liberties of the mind when will she sashay

past my way, past my day, upon my

sweet, sassy, display.


We all have our favorites,

the nature of a hot summer’s day,

a melody to rock the mind,

the sights of spring moving toward autumn,

we only have this short window

to appreciate the simple beauty of woman,

without the strain,

beyond the compromising fallacy of control,

can we only love,

be able to share our energy together,

to appreciate our most basic need,

the lovely reality of sensuality beyond objectivity.


Oh the liberties of the mind when will she sashay

past my way, past my day, upon my

sweet, sassy, display.


How I do often wish to know,

just the very chance of understanding purpose,

recognizing innocence in the natural

surrounding of man and woman

in the throes of passion.

We are a simple lot of ignorance,

so often lost in the rapture of an enticement,

we forget quite easily an element of integrity,

which when let go, the ties loosened,

will surely unravel the most chivalrous intent.


Oh the liberties of the mind when will she sashay

past my way, past my day, upon my

sweet, sassy, display.


Is it remarkable an instance can change my day?

I would hope it might always be this way.

The Spiritual Nature of Love

Ah, the morning, the initial waking pause,

Reflect upon what is now real in our lives,

Oh, treat my senses with a memory cause,

I did recall the grace her wonder revives.


In this the start of a day, a rain falls gentle

An indication of some cleansing love alive

In my heart and soul, it is a fundamental

Reality suggests love is only meant to thrive.


In the moment, I dream the recall I knew

When in my arms we did travel a distance

Again, in the sweet twilight, a kiss so new

Always the nature of time recreates chance.


For we are compelled to always wonder now,

As passion designs a certain elegance in how.


hands hover

eyes close

wonder where we wander

close enough to

yet just nearby

feel me, feel you,

her, him, each

engaged, erotic, enticing

senses alive feel

I want you to,

yet, wait, I too

want to play,


to imagine just how


held hands

eyes need


If, When

it is a surreal notion to create a vision,

a woman in the throes of her own passion.

for we might certainly wonder if ever

such fantasy we’ve held onto forever.


It is svelte hands cupping her breasts,

while the end of a long day she rests

her eyes show growing desires enhance

that our imagination could wish chance


while lids are closed I would be nearby

my hands skilled caress and ask why

I am blessed to have your beauty near

while alone we together images appear..


a slow gliding draw of a fingertip

along an exposed breast to flip

a nipple with a chuckle in your smile

while you intrigue your lover’s guile.


in the fiery motions of your mind

you begin to know that this unwind

will thrust your needs as happens

the touch, lips gentle breeze opens


oh to dive my tongue deep inside

to allow your hips upon me ride,

to explore inside with my fingers

while your shuddering need lingers


oh to feel your mouth part with moan

while your mystique, a rhythm you own

will build further, go faster with need,

I’m inside with swift fashion to heed


only that which will draw your inner thighs

an unveiling of the ways you are so wise

to know how quickly you might bring

orgasm to the surface of your being.


I would then appear as you might know

while over here I may imagine your glow.

Searching A Parallel Universe

I wonder,

how it is drawn,

perhaps written,

just a feeling,

I wonder

about your manuscript,

whether there might be a place

for me.

I cannot imagine knowing you,

because just minutes before,

your universe took me away,

laid me down in a sea of turbulence,

only to settle in the morning’s dawn.

I wonder about your figure,

on canvas, would it meet your eyes

as truly as the vision in my mind.

Would your beauty caress my soul,

in the manner I believe this universe

would suggest I might see you.

I am lost in a world of indifference

that might only settle when then

I can hear you breathe,

soft gasps, my neck alive

with your touch, the imagined delight

of your persona.

I wonder if when you sleep,

how many notions of time will drift

past your eyes, your mind, your center,

how long will it be before,

I do in some visionary spell,

drift further away until …

a new universe.

Wanna Play

If I suggest your journey will be mine,

could you travel free and teach me,

would you waltz along naked skin,

soft tease to arouse hidden passion.

Quiet resonance in delicious repose,

in twilight minutes, a night alone

no chance of interruption.

Excite certainty with abandon,

a purposeful choice to leave

your intellect behind and arouse

the storm inside, that which awaits

sweet taboo,

yearning to be creative. Oh do

and let me be there with you,

walking across your naked skin,

with favored oils on my hands,

that nectar, that is my desire,

to seek your eyes in a mirror.

Have you watched your eyes

when your threshold reach –

have you seen the spectacular

waver while your body shakes.

Will you let yourself stay aware

of each crescendo that your touch

might create while I, miles away,

imagine being by your side.

When the ‘happen’ occurs,

Yet maybe while that instance arrives

left confused with whose pleasure

is more revealing, our surreal parallel,

my sensuality found in your eyes.