NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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He Said, She Said More

he would spend his time explaining,

she might smile,

he might wish her eyes were dreaming,

she would let him know.


he could wish her happiness,

she would tell him,

he would breathe a deep sigh,

she would love him.


A sweet morning sunlight,

skies spectacular in romantic drifts,

streaking clouds,

hands that touch with a certain need.


By the rail of the public dock,

he pulled her close,

she let lips caress his,

their hands began a celebration.


This was his need,

she did offer love,

he would believe

she could feel loved.


Their passion furthered

in the long grass,

a shadowed sunlight

under a naked tree.


Here was their kiss,

a long and enduring time,

she did suggest tone,

he followed a direction known.


Oh to run fingertips along the fabric of her caress,

inside a world he could desire, perhaps he might know.



Days and Nights and Parks and Lights

For we did walk with a fresh step,

a gentle rain may fall nearby,

yet our hearts would shield away the pain,

for in the night sky,

the eyes did allow the galaxy to breathe,

and we were a couple of observations,

in the distant reality below,

this place where ideals arise

from simple shadows in delightful airs.


We could hold each other here,

a seemingly private distant reality,

a reflection of the night sky,

would caution an onlooker, to know,

to feel, to understand, there might be

love nearby,

and we did enjoy such a mellow air,

the spring like evening,

weeks before the dew,

no albatross of summer’s sting,

only you and me,

the sky and dream.


There is this gentle touch,

a promise of a sweet caress,

the moonlit illumination

quite apparent and so very rich

in passion, in giving, in a spiritual

mix of ritual and love,

together we did discover

there can be beauty in the

most profound manner of an

accentuated kiss.


I remember when the moment arose,

your fingertips removed any hindrance,

my desire, my lips, my reach,

to find a pleasure zone,

would be tonight a soft shoulder,

fabric aside and sensuality is naked,

a journey upon the skin that let’s love

remain standing in sweet harmony,

to a gasp, now a moan, now a thrust …

hands around, tangled in hair,

pulling me toward you, while I do

wish to further bury my soul inside

your sweet labyrinth.


Oh I do shudder at the notion of a moment,

when the night sky did give allowance,

a soft glance, sweet grasp, gasp my desire

in throes of our time, together, this time,

this now when all else seems swept aside,

and a travel, a journey, we mount our adventure

into the depths of desire, that is sweet,

quiet is our release.

A Birthday Wish

If when in the distant horizon, a place familiar,

would while sandstorms erase the past,

she stands in the sunlit mecca, a spiritual muse.


His grateful demeanor, vivid eyes could see

a certain elegance that one time is lost,

today is in his heart real beyond his dreams.


Could I please offer you my kindest wishes

he did plead to the silent night sky,

I do wish to hold you in my arms and cry.


Because in love we move beyond the norm,

there is a delightful caress in my mind,

tells me she is nearby, waiting in her quiet.


I do love you he would say, as she might begin

a slow methodical step toward truth eternal.

Quiet Screams

It’s when in a moment, my world suddenly shifts,

when a word, a possibility, a delight suddenly leaves


we’re left to fend for ourselves, the dignity drifts,

we try to imagine a holistic realization receives


precedent, a strength beyond my world,

where watching her dance my head twirled.


I miss the sudden grip of my body and her kiss,

the moment when all else is put aside, nothing amiss,


I wonder about her, and where she might be tonight,

I picture situations, scenarios I’d rather not see,


and yet, whom am I to imagine anything more than me,

how selfish to believe my precedent overrules her needs.


I’d love to have you with me now, I’d hold you,

my kiss would last forever, I’d want you to find my eyes.

Love in a Sheltered Storm


Cry inside my arms,

while I will hold your fears,

this mystique will always return

wrapped within desire,

might we recognize a symbiotic Nature,

move with me to balance

an occasional privacy

where two hearts can be free.


Outside the reach of autumn

might suggest an infamy in pleasure

drawn by the turbulent winds,

the breeze began until the rains,

when shelter became

a need,

we would walk hand in hand

to face the fire.



is painful in reckoning,

though sweet to attach memory

an unbridled courtship

that now looms in a distance

yet always will the beauty of time,

wait out the demons of night sky wrath,

and I will love, drawn only, forever.





Setting Moods – A Duet w/ Wet Bliss

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Surreal his uncharted waters yet yearn
awaits a sight to light his needs, a fire
grows with each distant speak of time
will she, might they, how will he learn
delight her offering, eyes alone inspire
yes, arrives real, elegant, she is sublime

Moonbeams align to grant this chance
Thin linens cling to curves, loss of words
Smiles meekly, exchanged warm greetings
Deafened ears as glittering eyes do dance
Places set, her hand motions, he will learn
Fingers entwined to spark deeper feelings

Immediate his reaction, her touch so soon
Her glide inside the booth, sweet, svelte
Legs take eyes for miles, touch of her skin
That he imagines a hunger he will swoon,
Directly across in a discreet setting felt
privacy, underneath in public, is a win.

Sweet wine shared covers moist, licked lips
She feeds him aphrodisiacs from her plate
Offering a teasing bite, fingers begin to explore
Leaning in close to capture his hiss with a sip
Opts to skip desert and get on with their date
Driven to seclusion, locked behind closed doors

His eyes fight to find hers as mouth dives
Along lost buttons and ripped open jeans,
Lips wine stained, tongue tastes him hard
While he slides her skirt naked she revives
His hope her exhibition would play his mean
streak to finger her wet slit with sweet regard

Both slicked with throbbing hard sensation
Wiggling she arches to ride his natural touch
Mouth filled, eyes look up to see burning lust
Fighting back the imminent pulsating elation
Swallowed whole, losing control, hair clutched
Long, slender digits plunge as his hips thrust

Eyes open, watches her slide back letting delight
Splay across the interior opening herself to him
Her back arches against the passenger door
His move is immediate, tongue her center might
Explode with sweet glance, her gasps do swim
Writhing, shifting, she begs his thrusts are more

Thighs firmly clasp and heated passions splash
Over three stretching fingers, to cover his face
Dripping with greed and need he climbs higher
Breaths hot and heaving from the exerted dash
Hands gently cradle to share a connected taste
As he slips in place, sets the pace of a loving sire

Eyes wide in searching each other’s soul to assert
Reaching climax together, he whispers, ‘dessert?’

*A collaboration by Erotic Musings & Wet Bliss

I have had the distinct pleasure to laugh and share ideas, stories with a wonderful writer of erotica, whom suggested collaboration a while back. I remained hesitant wanting the confidence to meet her standard, though noticing her increasing duets I felt compelled to jump into the fray. Wow, such a delightful experience, I’m honored to work with her talents. Please check out her work with the link above, and we hope you enjoy!

One Kiss

We looked each other in the eye,

the smile was there,

we finally were able to find that moment,

to touch each other again,

we wanted to make up for last time,

hold one other together with that touch,

You drew me in,

I felt your body come upon my own,

we became one together,

I felt all of your passion,

if only for a moment,

I knew to be human was to hold you

against me,

to feel your breath take me inside,

to look and seek your eyes …

We kissed; i felt a sweet good bye.