NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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An Honest Appraisal

Just seems natural,

to feel the quiet of recognizing

human nature,

and how it applies to

other people.


We seldom wish to look at our


too much scrutiny,

too easily defined, while in the midst

of accepting our realities.


Seems just the other day,

I noticed her,

walking through a room,

of complete strangers,

all within reach.


yet, it is that presence,

isn’t it always,

triggers our response

to some adoration beyond our



Today, I’m in that same room,

they’re dressed differently,

something about an arts colony,

seems the same energy,

drives their own need for legacy.


Oh, we are a feathered bunch,

this lightness of the mind,

being our intrigue,

yet so easily defined,

we lose any unique grasp.


As honest as my world might be,

given the constraints I place before my eyes,

I like to live, laugh, breathe,

hold an occasional dialogue,

and in the end, I love to believe.


I suppose we are all the same,

just different energy, all the same.

Settle In

For now is this brief telling

of a society, a world, a small neighborhood,

this is the story

of you, and me, and the neighbors,

the kid running the sidewalk


We are going another direction

tonight, to a time, or maybe a familiar

reason to act this way,

let’s all pile in,

and witness the same over there.


For the have that you speak of need,

might lessen the burden for a not,

it depends,

if little houses seem the pattern,

then certain marble castles,

with gigantic columns

would suffice

only in a dream.


I’m talking about hair nets and fry cooks,

a lavender sport coat in the rain,

a polished makeover that let’s another

in their moment of truth, complain.

It is easily recognized in the car

she drives, for when he once did,

she became less incredulous


she could always do the same.


Let’s remember when,

our childhood brought us to a field,

where we play for hours, just with the

tall grass and sweet rains that

gave our hearts a reason to breathe.

For that’s when,

everything else,

all the crying would end,

and a body alone,

could settle in to experience peace,

in the quiet rain.

Real Pain Versus Hollywood


She broke my heart today,

an actor trails off to a setting in a bar,

a drink in front of him he slowly circles the glass with his fingers,

his eyes seem to say,

she is the one that broke my heart, not me.

Here at home, I haven’t any facade to count upon,

only my life, my heart, my soul,

my who I am suddenly trapped inside this world of quiet


for that is what we are after all, much like Hollywood.

We play our role, we dance a number,

sing a song sweet melody,

the world is a happy and fulfilling place,

in celluloid visual special effects.

Here at home my tears are real,

and yet,

while I am here and she is there, and we are both


our lives we find some healing grace,

and we’ll move on with only a nostalgic tear …


I guess after all life is a film studio..

Inside a Dream

When surreal begins to blend

our lives in a circle of fantasy

peddle a rhythm to depend

to fuel, imagine a wait and see.


We do try to recognize humble

outpourings of human condition.

What happens to our slow tumble

when love loses its basic fortune.


Do we stand up and begin a dream,

a matter of stepping outside chance

to weather the storm to what seem

shallow ignorance, a robotic trance


So let maybe your life speak release,

the delicious nature of a wanton peace.



That I Survived

These words,

are only redesigned


meant to suggest

some sordid frame of mind.

What event,

outcome, opportunity

might create a sense of


from our reality of life.


When it happened,

I heard stories familiar

to others

that could never apply

to anyone marginal,

only an indication,

a confusion,

a wonderment of

our living soul.


Will we ever understand

a basis of approval,

the sort that prolongs

a life,

beyond visual cues,

an internal clock

boggles the mind,

when the standard suggests

time is relative.


Inside the moment


a mortal choice.

Bored With Lust

I have become bored with lust,

well, that reciprocity thing is the cause

I suppose it was a matter of time,

before one more eye roll

while another shift in posture,

indeed, I imagine it was that glare,

caused me to suggest perhaps

aspirations were beginning to

falter in an exceedingly

pretentious sea of sardonic sanity.


I won’t make light of losing desire,

of withering toward an aging leaf,

crestfallen and snapping as life steps

firmly upon the soil of reality.


I’m simply bored with wanting when we wander

through life with constant parameters

explained attitudes,

suggestive glances,

delicious lips,

elegant strides

curvaceous smiles,

legs that would kill if given the chance …

‘hurt me please’


Yup, I’m a little tired of lust.

I Have These Needs

There is a fantasy life that lives with our dreams,

we imagine so little of our egos need screams


yet in the morning I find myself constantly yearning,

one might after years what’s this we are learning.


I tried one time, when the summer air was hot

only to discover that my needs well they’re not.


I wonder if desire is an acquired taste that sours

when even in a moment, we feel these lonely hours.


I once knew a time where desire and passion rampant

controlled our world, left me sated and impatient.


That’s one thing certainly while the skies remain

holding the same candor, the moon laughs in rain


I want to believe this is part of what we need to achieve

yet I fear that my actions may lend me to grieve.


but only for awhile, because we all know true waking days,

we often discover we have been holding back our mores.