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In Such A Low

my mother would reference this place,

a sort of mental ravine,

her heart might nearly stop,

eyes would glaze?

blood flow in her feigns might suddenly,

spill into one pool of spun lethargy.

This was not a place

she liked to be,

she’d often howl at the nature

of love and all it’s failings.


yet, she never discovered a solution?

only knew when inside?

not a lesser degree of pain

could ever exist.


where my mother was always never to pull the plug,

I might decide otherwise,

though my freedom would be sought?

there leaves a ring of memory,

clinging to everyone’s personal psyche.



I won’t reach out again,

to find more misery,

the hours have dragged with ideals

none of which belong here tonight,

only soft, passive, realities of time.


We did find humor in our caprice,

then lost all imagination when slow

the world began to change,

I should have known the signs,

they’re typical with cliches abound.


What happens when a dream declines,

the atmosphere of weak reason

overtakes our simple design.

when then we wait to know the end,

when then we wait to know the end.

Alone in Notion

An emptiness

settles my mind,

when I can know the feeling remains.

If hesitation

suggest an opportunity

the anxiety blows me,


of course,

that literal need is always knocking

when I’m alone,

when time stands still and hours fly by,

I wonder if anyone knew

would they …


is it me.

Am I the solution to my need,

seems to be a sort of shallow satisfaction,

yet when is it that


finds an eventual happy medium.

There’s a reason I haven’t sought out


I suppose it’s some moral conviction,

a desire to maintain my integrity

in the midst of a pool of wanton sensuality.

Find her at home,

is my friend’s lament,

and yet,

I already know this,

I just wonder if she ever will.

I Knew You

(this song is fitting for a strong woman)

Mary Jane – Alanis Morissette

We shared a smoke,

while educating ourselves,

in the cold, we would laugh,

ash our cigarettes only when we were


I thought you to be elegant,

in your manner, your poise,

the freedom of your beauty.

I didn’t know anything about him,

and I never asked,

now today twenty years later I wish I had.

I remember noticing,

while glancing at your beautiful hair,

sweet eyes,

wonderful legs made me wish for summer,

summer dresses again,

and then I noticed your hands,

a slight tremor,

matched the anxiety that seemed to appear

occasionally in your eyes.

Who would know that a pause in class,

shared intellectual desires,

a banter of trusting souls,

would suddenly be taken away,

because he was afraid,

he took you away; all we could do

is cry,

I just hope you didn’t suffer

the tremors should have been enough,

to ask her to tell me more …

decades later, sweet Mary Jane,

this is a really good cry

Chasing Rainbows

What is our perfection I wonder when nightfall

steals my waking eyes alone.

when travel takes me toward a myriad of moment

all designed to perhaps define.

The visions create their beauty with some sensuous

telling of life as it may become.

A familiar face strolls into the light to suggest all too

easily how our necessary needs

suddenly begin to unravel without any explanation

except to say, hello this is you.

Then begins the horrific nature of our internal fear,

playing to my measured insecurity.

With me and away, standing nearby yet distant

without explanation I stand lost

Hoping to understand you suddenly leave me again,

the later chapter has me blind.

I’ll now watch as together we unravel our lives

my efforts seamless, always long

forgotten yet within the same longing my desire

wishes to only understand, to know.

Yet the answers to your departure, my abandonment

will always pain me, chasing rainbows.

Silent Shroud

Carried away bare my soul

a simple treasure left whole,

one might wonder just why

whisper inside this lonely cry.

Sans a tear instead a mild

glare upon short-lived, wild.

Weep skin to be so devoured

while treasures lost I cowered

now amidst perfumes behind,

breeze drawn motions unwind.

Held upon thrashing limb

quiet release is lust’s whim,

naked I stood to feel loved

when slapped then by gloved

humanity without restoration,

only shallow, meek adulation.

When now blue is just allowed;

Wake, my nudity, now a shroud.

Restless Without You


That first night you are away is terrifying

knowing I can’t be in your arms,

last night sweet remedy to lost optimism

far more than simple pleasure

you gave me your world with blue eyes

shining wise in moonlit serenade.

When skin traced skin together in unison

what we felt inside our lives

Could be described as staid romantic

yet the after-glow remains

the memory I hang onto this morning

knowing you’ve gone away.

You do have a certain power over me

wonder what’s in your mind

when you smile in my eyes, I’m crying

knowing you might decide

today will be the day I will not return

leaving him alone again.

I wonder sometimes if we regard the same

when left to our own

we forget that beauty far greater in mind

than that physicality

draws us together in such heated passion,

until our eyes in a fog,

look with certain grace upon each other’s want,

imagining only that illusion.

Last night, when I looked in your eyes to breathe,

I knew you’d already left.


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