Touching Lives

Lover’s Bridge, The Highlandslovers-bridge-highlands

A reminder

how many lives

do we touch,

a teacher, a caregiver, an advocate,

EMT, driver, counselor,

motivational speaker …



Remind me each time  to wonder,

out loud,

what have I gained

or am, are we, should any of us

anticipate the central idea has been lost

to ego,

to need

to logic

to society

speaking out loud

rather than using a discretion

allows real love

genuine reason,

heart and soul

met as one.


I stood on a bridge,

held her in my arms

swore I would never let go,

listened to the river water

run underneath

like forever.


I found your eyes that day,

they stay alight inside my dreams

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

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