Touching Lives

Lover’s Bridge, The Highlandslovers-bridge-highlands

A reminder

how many lives

do we touch,

a teacher, a caregiver, an advocate,

EMT, driver, counselor,

motivational speaker …



Remind me each timeĀ  to wonder,

out loud,

what have I gained

or am, are we, should any of us

anticipate the central idea has been lost

to ego,

to need

to logic

to society

speaking out loud

rather than using a discretion

allows real love

genuine reason,

heart and soul

met as one.


I stood on a bridge,

held her in my arms

swore I would never let go,

listened to the river water

run underneath

like forever.


I found your eyes that day,

they stay alight inside my dreams

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

photography –


I Woke To A Dream

the lovers II – Rene Magritte

For a minute,

while I felt the warmth of an animal nearby

my unconditional love

by my side, breathing soundly.


Was then I felt her lips on my own

no longer animal

(my one hand assured me)

only a lover would lay with me

for it were her eyes would speak

all my worries of being misunderstood

as her smile guided my hands,

I felt her naked skin,


I wanted only to hold her forever,

my fingertips

found her immediate

her gasps remained real

as she too turned my way,

to show me her world,

a soft tease of my naked tongue

across one nipple,

and her head reared back,

like we had been here before,

and yet so long,

and yet forever.


I did so search with immediacy

to not lose her to a fantasy,

I kept my eyes open

to find her own,

her smile

her love,

I reached inside, with one finger,

slow to find, forever to follow,

one guide would be her expression of need,

and I would be there with her

the entire journey,

while again a guttural sound would assure me

this no longer is a dream,

this is who we once were,

this love

this passion,

we would intertwine now

and our desire became the one

we did know,

we could find inside our other

inside the silence of love


I closed my eyes,

my grateful passion sated

if only inĀ  a dream,

I knew when now

in the quiet of morning,

an animal sleeping nearby

undisturbed by a morning memory

sleeping sound


as the world became a memory of

sweet yet, bittersweet nostalgia … a soft tear

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

for Zelda with love