I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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It Is That Soft Touch

When we do go there,

our miles of dialogue discerned,

eyes searching, want,

the sudden though balanced

shift from anxiety to desire,

when we do, when touch

becomes central.


I imagine silk scarves covering her nakedness,

everything else is normalcy,

yet silk,

slides so effortlessly,

fun to pull with fingers,

or teeth,

more pleasurable to imagine,

the arousal, her skin, come alive

knowing she is being

loved in a physical way.


Oh there is certain in anticipation,

a rosy set of –

untouched yet yearning,

he sees, she knows, he knows, she …

when a moment allows the wetness

envelops one,

a gasp,

save the other, though always balance,

until there is a certain languid

sensuality that slides his mouth along lines,

toward another part of her nakedness,

his mouth plays, tongue tease,

she does again,

gasp, as his mouth lowers,

his hands return silks,

the scarves,

to naked, peaked – ,

shout to the touch, while

now the center will be his aim.


Oh to spend time here,

with hands that find,

with lips that do taste,

a desire in her eyes, looking for his,

for he is on a watch,

to notice her upper lip

settle in quiver

as yes he does,

the circles begin,

the fingertips respond, explore, search,

a designed rhythm

whereby bodies are moving,

his anticipation grinds into a corner

of silk bedding, save for later.


For now it is the duty, desire of his tongue,

to find her arch, that involuntary sweep of

unbridled passion,

that wanton nature,

of finding her rhythm to reach …

ah, breathe sweet, spent, curls and lips

rest upon my shoulder,

I would then feel her hands,


begin again …

While Watching Love

A quiet eye

simple dawn lighting

the afterward in hours measured

we too did love

create steady moment, the unbridled fare

consume our every touch

while each travel inside each other

called upon a slow

yet lovely realization

All consulate exhausted one another

so we might fall to rest


waking later I did

for length of my sated body


her near

then I would glance

her hair flowing free across my chest

a sweet sensual length covers

her passionate release

whle I glance

knowing her center

will call toward want me further

In respectful elegance, her accentuate love.

Morning Recall

The few times,

each waking suspension

when time suggests

ours is this



Eyes smile the know,

the precursor

to starting again,

the heat, a fire, an ignite me



Lips touch

soft to explore

to start to test to taste

to love,

know the shudder

is expression well beyond passion

more simply peace,

a grateful delight in sharing

connection, embrace, desire, need,


It is a need that suddenly overwhelms

the moment,

sun peeking through to recall


yet for now,

we do begin

slow …


Smile, eyes, hands –


show me where!

With Whispers We Sing

In the quiet, a sexy shade of sensuality,

I would move to feel, to grace your skin,

gather near to offer me your beauty,

a gasp, a smile, eyes that yearn,

it is this memory, when with you I yearn.


I remember the slow rhythm of finding lips,

our nuzzle, slow and deliberate, knowing

we can be here forever before we even begin.

While time a continuum outside our private world,

we will create a delicious passion together.


Do you know how often I revisit the secrecy,

the lust, the rhythmic reach to find your eyes,

to know the casting shadows tell the tale,

a writhing, your center, an open journey

whereby all sound will fall within now dreams.


Oh to now hold the moment when an utterance,

means come along with me, my pleasure is yours.

Sweet Breeze

When wet our bodies land,

we embrace,

touch the sky with open hand,

this trace

of love-making has had its fury,

and now there is rest,

the best

is when while in your arms I feel your passion,

your eyes in mine, my mind is yours,

when quiet and stealth,

an open window is a breeze on a hot summer day,

enough to chill naked desire,

eyes alive, and we will again build our fury,

to rest again …

sweet breeze

Right There


It was here

with wet fingers

you began

my gasp,

a clasp,

a motion would turn

slide with lather and notion,

I would reach for your naked shoulders

while now hands


underneath to lift me your way,

mouth on nipple,

head arch to your touch,

while I feel the slick desire of soap

run down my naked back

oh my how your fingertips do find me,

the soap allows me to slide sweet moan,

as your mouth search,

mine will reach your lips

when inside I will guide

your descent of my wet release

together …

we could stay like this forever –

I know though, I know you,

know me please!

*photo found on tumblr

My Eyes did Adore You

When I do recall

deep blue beautiful

I was too young to realize

the lovely seas of dreams you held

sweet hands that soft might

fancy my need.

I would rather return to your eyes

the wash of real I could breathe again.

If I might return to a moment

locked in gaze,

traveling toward your center

lips part just a gasp finds you,

if I could imagine eyes that might melt,

yours when touch allows,

simple sensuality,

now speaks to me, asks me further,

as inside my world you scramble,

our passions intermingle toward some foundation,

tonight the caress of a foyer wall,

I kick the door shut,

you chuckle with me in full grasp,

I want to play within your world yet my mouth yearns

to find the silk that tease sweet nipples,

I bite, you like, I bite, you gasp, I bite,

you hold on with swift motion makes me nearly collapse

in the notion of your desire.

The doorbell rings, damn, pizza is early again