NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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The Rains

Seemed right

to wake

a sudden jolt

and a flash, soft patterns

play a tapestry on my mind.


When wishing Nature’s beauty

suddenly transformed

that day we were hidden in love,

the skies protected our surround

while we

in arms

kept safeguard upon our soul.


I am listening,

hearing, a sadly alert

sense of time and place,

laying awake

wondering where she might know …

My heartache begins a slow

and deliberate


Iveant to feel

the rains

leave traces of beauty

reminders in song

stream along my cheeks.

When Love Matters Beyond Need

A hurting soul,

one fully aware,

there is a cosmic energy

takes over beyond the real

when two lives cross avenue

to begin a trail

of flowered symphony,

of delight in passion,

when skies above

are always blue with

cascading  cymbals

orchestrated by the mind’s eye.


I am in that place

where only tears remain,

where confusion

overlays the reality of my dreams.

She is my harmony,

her mystique and empathy,

her brilliant capture of my psyche,

she does offer the muse

of my need to recognize

the value of a life.


Yet, burdens they may be,

a time is not forgotten,

only built upon to satisfy a tear,

to know this is


we did understand

just love

In Soft Rain

There is a certain response

in Nature’s grasp upon our humanity,

we feel the sense of urgency,

when memory,

a soft rain,

a sweet graying sky,

a distant notion of asking why,

may suddenly become

the answer to our own,

quiet recall.


Sitting inside

the walls remain

those that sheltered our eyes,

from a distant reality.


Now remains alone,

the gentle man of words,

those inspired by her elegance,

the surreal nature of this energy,

our time,

the moments,

the seconds passing into hours,

the days ahead,

now long behind,

yet fresh,

like a late summer rain,

cleansing our soul

with a wish,

a passionate embrace

in our together natural psyche.


Oh I do feel her next to me,

my heart soft in its reflex,

knowing how to swoon

has given me allowance …

a will to appreciate

the beauty of time,

the exquisite nature of her.

Imagine Quiet Resistance

The way I live my world,

wondering, imagining,

a curious emotion,

a satisfying memory,

to fill the space of reality.


In the space of an hour,

I can be next to her,

holding close her passion,

breathing in sweet delight,

hers is a romantic flair.


Tonight, is a fantasy,

I will walk through hours,

when together our lives,

become one in passion,

sensing the love that is real.



When I close my eyes,

she will be supine,

a figure in twilight,

restful with hair splayed,

upon my settling gasps.


I remember the linens,

the outline of her beauty,

I could recall forever,

the simple beauty,

the lovely tears in my eyes.


For it was in that one time,

when together our lives,

we did walk throughout the night

inside the pleasure of our dreams,

to find oneness in soul.

When I Think About Her

I can only imagine those moments,

While life around me continues to breathe.


I wonder about state of mind, happiness,

While everywhere I look seems so calm.


Inside my imagination is wishing for touch,

A tangible reminder of her quiet love


I glance out a window at a morning breeze,

The trees settle in motion, a thoughtful tease.


I wonder about her, and where might her eyes,

Find the same motion, her nature, similar leaves


When is the departure of love like the storm ahead,

Our eyes cannot see the future, we only dream


Of what once was, we want badly a return

In softer terms, we won’t let go ever a yearn.


When I think about her, I do want only sweet

Memory to last beyond the hurt so incomplete.

In the Privacy of Love

I did once share love,

we found a way to touch a world,

we might never have known,

without trusting each moment,


It was when she did let me love her,

and I could, I did, I walked a path

across her quiet elegance,

where gasps and soft breath,

led my fingertips along naked skin,

alive to touch, yearning to be kissed, held,

wanted without any reservation.


I do remember the notion of time,

we wondered, we speculated,

a joke of 45 minutes, seemed a measure of

desire and commitment and a passionate travel,

and we did,

we laughed in the hours that followed,

knowing we had explored each other

to such a degree as the physicality

of our reason

had not ever experienced before.


We found there in those hours a longing,

we were in each other eyes,

found love, felt forever, an eternal essence,

we found there was truly a spiritual reckoning,

reaching, searching, finding center,

we did,

in the privacy of our love,

we did

find love.

The Surety of My Hypocrisy

Yes I do glance

I look, I imagine,

I create in my mind a world,

set apart from anyone nearby,

because it is mine,

and only then,

can my freedom be defined.


She is of a certain memory,

a night sky filled with sweet energy,

the stars are reminders,

seek the constellations,

I have been in this place

once before,

I know I have because she

does cradle my anxiety in a

spectacular wave of

cool mountain breeze.


We all have

one time or another,

imagined that lovely vision,

the trigger of our soul,

to suddenly ask a heartache,

to recall just that one time,

that moment,

when all eyes were elsewhere,

except ours for only a thought

might allow our hearts

an open reckoning

of the beauty inside,

that place so often forgotten,

when desire creates

a need for elegance

to step aside.