I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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Convoluted Love

He said, the only reason is love,

questions in her mind suggested, what is …

his definition, compared to her own,

what she feels, does he understand,

he wants what she knows, yet, will he, can she,

how might their peace of mind,

find grounding.


For it is that peace in our lives,

causes us,

on a beautiful summer afternoon,

to respond to the sounds,

the birds in morning,

the wisp of breeze in a hot afternoon,

the starlit ambience of night fall,

in all of these imaginable sensory explosions


we are still seeking semblance,

asking for balance,

allowing that risk and edge to indicate

our lives are brief in the greater

scheme of things,

yet what is the

universal design.


What is love,

love is why we cry.

Windows and Miles

Across the skies we see miles of windows,

Buildings stretch as far as we can see,

Yet we can only imagine the activity in those

Windows contain secrets beyond thee.


I suppose she might be clinging to a cubicle

While he bangs her silly in the afternoon

Sunlight, while the rest of the office dutiful

Looks beyond, whistling their simple tune.


Imagine all the board room tables, cherry wood

Sprawled across her legs open his face

Buried inside a tongue fast moving while his wood

Awaits her mouth, working with such haste.


Oh, and the elevators across the city wide active

With the treatment of quickies and soft fuck,

The sort that when you hear about you just live

To have the opportunity one day to be stuck.


On the street corner she waves her hands at him,

A room upstairs with stench and just a bed

He wonders if today might be the day to act a whim

Not realizing in a minute his world might be dead.


The morning skies began to blur as the first plane hit

We all wondered on the morning news the act

Of a misguided pilot until just then another jet split

Through the upper floors to begin a scene chaotic.


We all have this common thread of lust run trough our veins,

Not knowing beyond his cumshot, her climax, their orgasm,

What lies ahead beyond our immediate need remains

In ignorance as the world collapse slow toward a chasm …

Today we glance across the sky in new windows and views

Relieved to know erotica can still exist in shadow’s ruse.

Walk Hand In Hand

We did in even steps,

stride for stride,

we passed people,

we listened intent

as our feet in cadence

drowned out their words.

We hadn’t known … one another

just yet; this writing

cannot indicate otherwise.

We were together it was clear,

hand in hand, share

our victory in the eyes

of all of our passersby.

When Last We Spoke

I remember,

the soft glide of your fingertips through silky hair,

while your lips moved, danced

and my eyes followed,

much like a young child hanging on every word;

Yet, there was something unusual,

the wet around your eyes wanting to fall,

the glance and feel of a warm hand,

comforting and real.

The voice that walked me through childhood

that spoke to the ills of the world,

that laughed in a cackle truly your own,

went silent in waning weeks …

I looked at you and smiled,

you did grin an indication that I was nearby,

eyes, turned to fear, the unknown,

or a confusion that no one understood.

Your scrutiny silent and strong,

a voice of lifetimes that shined with intellect,

suddenly asked to be resolute, polite,

I’d rather speak on it with a pensive expression …

And then you died,

well not in the moment except perhaps for me,

I knew then what I know now,

is real, and in that moment,

when I said my farewell to you,

I was grateful in the solace of your silence.

Touch Me, Please

hot tub

‘I’m going to hot tub’ and she crawled out of bed. No sex again, I thought to myself, and rolled away to fall into a dream. Perhaps then I might find satisfaction, by getting off in the surreal world of old memories blended with present desires and needs. My eyes closed in the sunlit room of our little weekend spa, conveniently equipped with a valentine hot tub, something that presently remained a bathtub for my purposes. I drifted off while she was filling the hot water, and I was listening to her expound upon the lovely oils the spa had supplied the clientele. Again, I wondered why I felt so … and then sleep.

I woke to the low rumble of the hot tub, and knew if I turned to my right, I would see the ocean before me and my lovely partner laying in the hot tub, I suppose reading a book. I didn’t imagine what I would discover in my quiet arousal. She was kneeling in the tub, her back completely exposed and her ass beaming just above the water, her head arching back ever so slightly, obviously in a state of need. I looked a bit closer and realized she had positioned herself in front of a jet spray, and was massaging her clit, slowly bringing herself to a climax, that she imagined she might sneak in while I was sleeping.

I was immediately moved by her beauty, her buttocks shining from the glisten of oils and mix in the tubs generated froth … her naked back arching and hair streaming over her shoulders while she surely glanced at the sea, wondering where her true romantic vision might be waiting … I decided it was time for me to take action, sort of speak. We hadn’t had sex for nearly a year, so many issues stepping in the way, all petty of course, all control matters that neither of us felt like letting go. Instead we spent our time resentful and getting off on our own time. Me, by internet porn and my own hand, and her … her, wow, by magically playing the poised nature of a valentine hot tub. I was already hard as I slowly pulled the sheets down and began to move toward my lovely sex machine.

I stepped slowly into the back of the tub without distracting her. She was so into reaching her climax she certainly wasn’t able to know I was there. My cock in hand – I was already hard – I kneeled directly behind her, and slowly moved toward this picture of a glistening ass that any man would fucking come over before he might even realize what he was looking at in the moment. I was going to enter her without touching any part of her body.

Her legs were spread enough to help her keep her posture while she continued to stimulate her clit with one hand and hold onto her breast with the other. She was arching when I suddenly thrust my cock inside, her reaction shooting up so fast she almost snapped me and thereby nearly knocked out my teeth with her head, as I immediately wrapped my arms around her breasts and held on for dear life. She realized and immediately melted in my arms, letting me now begin to thrust my cock inside while I let my tongue taste her passion, kissing her neck and now holding her soapy breasts, her nipples aching in the palms of my hands. She gave me an “Oh my God” and slapped her hands on the side of the whirlpool in a manner that said, “ok, finish you fuck,” and so I did, I grabbed her hips and fucked her as hard as I could, and the months of rage and resentment and pity and woe, all of the frustration I felt just buried my swollen cock deep inside her center, her groans and desire giving me strength to continue, turning all of those emotions into pure unbridled pleasure. I soon exhausted myself inside of her – the purpose of this was surprise, so a quickie was merited – and we collapsed into the whirlpool in a spoon of delicious passion, eyes closed wondering what had just happened.

She turned her head and opened her eyes and looked at me. (to be continued)

Fragile Confirmation

With words

I speak out loud,

if people desire,

they listen

to the fantasy in my mind,

I find

when the right mood hits me,

I can travel miles searching for my soul,

while in the meantime,


perhaps titillating,

almost always wanting

to turn you on.

I wish to imagine that somewhere

in the private mecca of your world,

you might find arousal, find desire,

a passion,

a confidence in knowing a man is

beyond himself with a desire to please you,


He wants to have fun,

I do,

he wishes to recognize his limits

while exploring uncharted ambitions.

Through words,

I do.

Yet, here I wonder,

if my words are meant to fool you,

seduce you,

manipulate you,

catch you off guard.

I know they’re not.

I do know I need you,

to want my words.

If not I’m speaking to my self,

and that enigma is exhausting.

Speak to me,

use your words,

please me, if I please you,

let my words mingle, share, enhance

the words …

in your quiet.

Stand That Way


You wear the shoes to let your posture

scream for my attention,

I wonder if your ass feels as good right now

as it does in my mind,

I am imagining

sliding my fingertips in your waistband,

pulling while you stand erect,

slipping, lips ready, the material over your silky skin

knowing soon my tongue,

bend forward slightly

my hands grab your skin

spreading arousal to allow me access,

you’re as wet as I hoped you would be,

the gasps and taste while you lean into …

“oops, I’m sorry,” her delightful smile caught him off guard

“not a problem; not a problem at all,” he stammered.

“Next?” said the barista while his eyes followed the sunset.