There In The Moonlight


I stood by her side, her smile

she let me look in her eyes,

there in the moonlight,

I could see her soul,

she knew I knew,

and yet she let me stay there,

holding strong her questions,

always wanting an answer

and I tried

I tried until I cried,

she was there

to wipe away my tears

there in the moonlight,

she gave me her world,

and I knew in that moment,

it would a silent night decide,

if our love were really this true

we would find our love so blue

inside the delight of a moon

I still remember her swoon.

There in the moonlight

she shares her lovely night.

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

for Zelda – her photo

In The Light Of The Moon

Tonight, the seasons change,

we begin an ascent of waking minds

the cool air of wintertime

will wane in the coming weeks

mindsets might shift

within the scope of fresh intrigue


The heat of the sun

reminds us all of our own passions

laying in naked rays of summertime

we all remember a sweeter time

now with age

just memory

fond nostalgia

takes us to a place we no longer see

except the occasional drive by sea.


Tonight, stand in the moon light

reflect upon the beauty of our time

for it is then we did once

know the wonder of sweet harmony

so it will be tonight I will wonder

in my wandering mind as I stare at the moon

will she ever know

could we ever move beyond

that which we will always know …


Would the moonlight in its delicious state

bring together soul and heart might only relate

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

Trying To Find My Way

stoic rejection

A quiet exists, in reason, in heed,

yet such is the mental anguish of silence.

A man wants some center to love

while she is in balance with need.


He will now toward a lonely sojourn

with hope might she find some peace

along the way, a soft reminder,

a memory, an embrace, a tear.


Will we always wish upon desire more,

he holds a soft chuckle, a stoic cry,

for in a single minute the vacancy

affords our capacity a dream, a despair.


Oh, he might wish until the next moon

a spiritual conveyance of this

a thoughtful love, sweet remind

the playful nature lost in serious tone.


He would might the next day be gone

for the only sunrise might be her eyes

photo found on Pinterest

~ finding my way, a personal journey

for Zelda

Whispers In Moonlight


I didn’t want to wonder,

so I wrote you a letter,

and yet, even in the quiet autumn rain,

I knew the answers wouldn’t matter.


She’d ask me about fantasy,

wanted to know what was real

what matters, when might we feel

worthy of some sweet serenity.


Last night the sky was clear

except for the soft clouds drifting near,

a full moon a beckoning light,

until she felt the veil of her shadow.


I remember when I was a child,

some movie, maybe a fairy tale,

suggestive of a cloud covered moon,

there is sadness in feeling so alone.


I stood outside tonight in the tears

of a fall sky turning to winter,

I could feel the numbness of a frozen

state of mind, swept in an icy horizon.


Whispers in moonlight would always be a song

for this is a silence inside I will forever long.

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

for Zelda

Having Felt The Fade

In that moment,

when alone a decision

becomes only the owner

of a certain speculation,

he might respond,

she may simply sing a song.


For there is a melody in love

filled with passionate embrace,

the notion of knowing this

is truly a feeling undeniable

therefore less attainable

when acknowledging the fade.


Walk with me, listen to a story

two people wrote, together

one autumn day,

where when afterward as memory

might allow,

they later stood inside a moon.


Inside this our quiet response to love

A full moon speaks silent just beyond …

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~


Speaking of the Moon

It was an afterthought,

driving home,

the eastern sky suddenly on fire

my mind

in the sweet form of the full moon.


Oh so many moons have

wandered my mind


a sweet fantasy turns reality,

and yet left

in a silent daze of beauty.


The moon does such trials to the mind,

in its mystique

reminds us all we are

glancing at the same

the sensuality of nature’s evening



I wanted a picture,

to send,

to remind,

a suggestion of time,

that this is the same moon,

we did, I wished, she might

find in the quiet …

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~