I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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Morning Wonder


It is when, the early moments, eyes still heavy with dreams,

focus upon the physical, wood frame reaching walls,

the mind in slow motion begins a greeting,

a notice, a painting, ties, the dresser is a haven,

in morning wonder he does ask forgiveness in absent mind.


Roll onto his back and sense another,

yet the isolation is familiar, a partner in animosity,

tender in notion, until reality again suggests a fatal flaw,

not dangerous, only a sadness that has long ago manifested

the linens that prevail to simply cover sleeping bodies,

morning wonder now has eyes on spattered ceiling.


A fan rolls smooth, winds with purpose, reminds fantasy,

if we focus on only the shadows of rotation,

we could,

if only for a moment,

imagine siesta in a warm climate,

the fan offering reprieve from scorching heat,

yet this one is cosmetic in northern wood.


Stretch his body, know that soon a waking reminder,

the day ahead, the tasks so yearned,

lay back on his side, tucking an arm underneath,

look out to the wall and imagine

her eyes, waking to find his own.

Oh, if that moment could be right now.


Sonnet III (Love Knows)

With each breath, a morning stir, reminder

There lies ahead memory asunder.

Oh to feel arms embrace, to search, this touch

When eyes closed, the visual ne’er too much.


Shy toss her brow, a romantic tell, recall

Smile sweet with pensive, yet resonate wall.

Always deep inside the fuse awaits fire

A moment’s glance is all the need inspire.


These are forevers my mind will now choose,

Taste your skin magic a mystique lips peruse

While hours will blend toward immediacy

Heart in tear mix passionate legacy.


While wish to have repeat, hold you near me,

In shelter will speak freedom – love I see.

Calm in Morning


First eyes in shadow

Wonder is mellow

imagine the moment

when all worry is still

ruminate notions quieted

we wander our soul a free man.


Pass through lives of knowledge

dinner tables in reunion

recall sage words of an elder

recognize her beauty a model

now wonder again in silence

is mourning simply a ruse


In this mystique her elegance

the fantasy of my dreams

alive in sweet dream state apart.

the essence of touch my yearn,

a kiss a gasp a thrill in eye

Silent shadows supine love recall.



Mourning Routine

I would

that we desire


if while sun rise could


give ourselves to routine,

allow the moment

beyond any lament

serene imagination pristine.


If when I imagine you sweet,

shuddered eyes, near sleep

if when fingertips sweep,

naked skin, night shadows complete.


Might how her passionate embrace

suggest we create

a new travel, without debate.

Could we an emotional race


begin, bodies feel, sensual release

a build to love, to console,

to know our lives could be whole

if we knew spontaneity is peace.


Caress, continue,

ease, casual, taste –

shudder; sweet face,

we could.

Beauty Again


I wake to parted lips,

a gasp,

eyes in delicious design

yearning to be touched,

while the fog of sleep evades,

I wake to the notion of you,

taste me with your beauty,


as if I have only encountered your sensuality,

for the first time,

every time.

I wake to this,

and in my hand I will hold promise,

for that nature of your enticement,

I will desire

always to enhance with methodical mention,


and again.


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Good Morning Eyes

If I close my eyes, travel I will

across horizons to a visual sea

nearby sunlight will let me see

beauty rise in eyes so still


her world around is asleep while

notions perhaps beg for response

lying within her own personal chance,

a mystique in sensuality will while


away morning minutes, where all

measure is beauty in her space,

in manner of delight, sweet pace;

whispers across ceilings so tall


makes allowance for her senses.

Awaken to a cool morning sunrise,

sweet golden skin accentuates eyes

closed to enhance her stir, gasps intense …


safe, secure with only quiet release

offers elegance, her own form in peace.

Speak in Silence


Without words

allow her grace to be heard,

a soft whisper of movement,

a hand upon a naked hip,

she stirs

allow his eyes to watch

when fingertips play her skin,

rounding her buttocks with simple tease

she stirs

allow the silk to slide away from shoulders

his lips begin to play

a harmony upon an upper arm

arm slides back to open breasts

she stirs

allow a further draw of hand

to inner thighs that release

her center so his eyes might

tease the beauty he wishes

she stir

allow his lips to move further

to capture a naked nipple

waiting and yearning,

a tongue draws circles

she stirs

allow his roving hand to find center

without warning to begin, draw new circles

a gasp, his fingers enters her world swift,

his eyes look for hers as he begins,

she smiles …


*photo found on pinterest