Writing Is All I Have

I cannot touch you,

the reach is beyond a starry night

when the winds change

I can feel the loneliness ahead.


I took your picture down,

not to avoid looking at you,

just to give you peace,

my own well being a sweet demon.


If I cannot find a word

I write my own,

scratch out an idea,

replace it with anything new,


Anything that might help me lose

this urgency drives me to return,

so writing,

words are again and again and again


reminders and solace and love and respect,

desire and passion and worry and

unmet expectations

always asking, just, asking ….

Listening to the Moody Blues

When I was just a kid,

I’d listen

there were rhythms with such skill,

I would look at a stone

on the ground

with a different lens

by the way the music spoke to my mind,

and I never understood why.


Then one day I found this song,

the lyrics of which,

struck me,

perhaps she was in my mind,

yet it seemed

so perfect,

every word crying to be heard,

“A turn of the page
Can read like before
Can we ask for more”


Seemed so easy, to read the purpose

of ‘Isn’t Life Strange’

so fitting

telling us all to stop and breathe,

to realize the world the same,

perhaps not absolute,

yet certainly can we all fall in love,

yes we can,

for we do turn the page,

though we know

the words remain.


They could always be the same,

our lives, our loves, our words.

An Epic Poem He Wants

So he puts on the right music,

probably rock and roll,

his genre, his childhood,

it’s what he always thought

he might know,

when push comes to shove,

when life says it time to know

once again,

re-evaluate your love,

it is that sort of quiet mindset

the break of day begins,

and everything that matters,

seems rather senseless

until the words begin to flow.


Oh to be on chartered waters

where the epic nature of time

began to flow like the sea waves

we might only have imagined

from some land-locked port of call.


For it is inside the memory of time

we do make choice

we call out our inhibitions

when no one is looking

and suddenly our dance,

the steps we have long feared

become a sacred sort of prance

inside this silent makeup

of human condition

and emotional well being

caught in the eyes of a stranger

to appear more likely a trance.


Oh to find the words,

to finish this state of mind,

where it was in the beginning

is another day feeling

the pains and fruition of what it is

we choose

we want

we need

we .. love.

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

Sweet Sensuality

safe distance


an emotional


hallucinogen …

played valid tricks

upon wakeful dream

we did

wonder each other

wander inside our muse

our silent mystique

a life is eternal

in a quiet legacy

sweet sensuality

safe distance


~  finding my way, a personal journey ~

Always In The Lyrics

Too easy to be anywhere

a song, a melody

a lyric

the steady beat, a rhythm,

seems to be speaking to

just me.

I feel alone in this world,

watching the wheels turn,

yet no longer having a grasp,

simply missing,

always looking beyond

just where I am in the moment,

wondering, wander is the soul

when detached from the heartache of love.


I want to let her go,

and I must,

at least the words would suggest such,


moments like these

a song, a melody

a lyric

will then in that split second

bring back …


Your smile,

your peace,

the lovely nature of whom you  are,

those soft moments,

those inspirational gasps

of certainty,

the moment I do look in your eyes,

I’m lost in my own personal ocean

of love

Inspired by the lyrics of Colbie Caillat – ‘Tied Down’


~ just finding my way, a personal journey ~

–   for Zelda