NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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In Love’s Sweet Silence

We do in bold form express our truth,

in eyes we search,

lips we touch with certain youth,

the nature of our time together is love.


It is in the moment we try to define,

well beyond the physical desires,

we know there is a certain muse

in our quiet interactions after words.


I speak to your elegance,

and might my eyes light up

to the expression of reassurance you provide,

when showering me with peace of mind.


I would for it is that desire to know,

a thousand sunrises,

the time it would take

to in such eternal light express my love.


Oh to have you by my side always,

the tear is in such reality of course

a beautiful reminder of a solemnity,

that truly your love lives in my soul.

In Knowing Why

A slow burn,

the gradual release

when the mind,

chooses to listen

rather then react to the news.


I know I love,

hearts strings touch reality

exist in my every breath,

each moment I glance,

the look is for her eyes.


Yes there is a certain peace

in knowing

when no longer the confusion

implies a fabrication,

or suggests impulsivity.


Today the warmth of truth,

skin against skin,

I do, did, will touch the world

when in my arms

she allows me to carry her heart.


My soul, your mystique,

my life, your love,

the beauty of passing time,

our energy real,



Sweet muse, sweet love,

in my soul I sing aloud,

I breathe freely,

my heart feels whole

knowing her.

Sweet Are The Days


A cold breeze outside, the last visible gasp

Of winter’s magic, the ability to sketch moods.

When nature is in blossom, unlocks each hasp

That holds beauty of life, against, distant woods.


We might feel the soft soil that moisture settles,

Our walk designed to leave imprints in the snow,

We imagine the heat of spring to tease our nettles,

A slow reality of how we love, eternal energy glow.


I do think of soft reminders, eyes, lips, a smile,

A memory brings her heart near my own, wanton

Desire is the passion of knowing she, this while,

in winter’s august, a summer breeze in mention.


Today, in sweet shelter of my own quiet resonance

Do imagine, she, elegance is a gift, is love’s chance.

Greeting My Muse


My day begins,

eyes upon, sub-conscious recall,

the immediate wonder of rains,

a sort of cascade in spectacular blues,

laying alone,

I do imagine pleasantries that begin,

let me waltz inside my own fantasy of her.

Silent smile,

the imagery gradually clear,

the beauty she brings to this privacy.

Ah, the fire is still burning,

I realize in a glance across the room,

I could use that as inspiration,

she is the constant of a passionate embrace,

when suddenly I hear a sound,

unfamiliar to my visual travel,

a reminder,

I am here again,

in a passive state of want,

sometime confused with the actual need

to understand,

to appreciate the simple mystique,

she is,

my magnificent muse.

* photo on pinterest

The Dividing Line

This morning,

while sunlight crept slow,

alighting the world to my eyes,

the line was drawn,

in though the physical,

we feel,

the psychological is more

the prevalent reminder

what we may cross, what we may.


So in quiet retrospect,

felt were mountains of disdain,

the ignorance of where and how

remain the solitude looks afar to find

some recourse, some way back,

somehow to overshadow

the invisible line.


To understand there is truth

a common reality

when two soul

become vast oceans of separation

without a guiding light,

long extinguished in the course

of confusion in apathy.


How do, how does, how may

a couple begin to address,

lackluster winds, the heat is


enough to need isolation

for fear of scalding one another’s

direct resolution.


When then do the doldrums

seas apart,

begin to allow innocence

to waft inside a dream

to allow the steady beat

of humanity in sequence

to hear the rhythm of love

inherent in Mastery’s drum.

Calm in Morning


First eyes in shadow

Wonder is mellow

imagine the moment

when all worry is still

ruminate notions quieted

we wander our soul a free man.


Pass through lives of knowledge

dinner tables in reunion

recall sage words of an elder

recognize her beauty a model

now wonder again in silence

is mourning simply a ruse


In this mystique her elegance

the fantasy of my dreams

alive in sweet dream state apart.

the essence of touch my yearn,

a kiss a gasp a thrill in eye

Silent shadows supine love recall.



Violin In Fog


Swift meadow shelter in gray

Earth, unknown passage way

Listen for chance response sway

Accentuated hearts on display.


Would if the world play violin

Traverse a mind, a place where in

We celebrate time amidst the din

Love still will grace shadow win.


Would that the world bequeath

The underlying truth beneath

Sound reliance quiet underneath

Mystique craft beauty a wreath.


Oh to be certain when imagination cog

Such elegance is sound as a violin in fog.


* photo found on Pinterest