I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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Just To Touch

if you knew,

well perhaps you do,

the hours that I dream,


visualize a quiet space,

I’ve removed your linens,

naked skin,

my fingertips ache as I create

a moment.


To start with her shoulders,

finding pressure points,

whereby my touch,

might cause her gasp,

an intimacy surely

can occur

soft trace supple skin,

the lovely nature of her back,

a sensuality of sweet innocence.


Just to have this moment,

to offer you peace,

in silent desire,

lips replace hands,

only for whispers across your back,

to give you a sense of release,

let go of any pains, stress, preoccupations,

for they might all drift away,

if hands, my hands,

given time –

find your way.



Standing Smile

stand in the mirror

today I am a woman

beauty, elegance, soft, sweet

moment when only I

can compose my melody.

I do feel my forearm caress

naked delight,

my smile could indicate


I will give this to you,


my lips suggest

is this what



a universal notion

truly deserves,

shall I keep this moment for myself,

the glance is so exhilarating.

I do know the essence of touch

when in my posture fresh,

I imagine …

skin alive in damp repose

to blend the steam of my passion

with today’s reality.

I am woman,

so please hear me,

listen to me breathe,

understand me that this

my internal discretion

will respond with grace.

I will delight

when you no longer

repeatedly extinguish my light.

*photo found on Instagram

Swan Pose

Open for you – you say!

you nasty mischievous gentle-man

ask too much of me you say,

oh to understand the waves of magic-man

if I part for you just a moment

to a glance might you smile or remain pensive

for that I want to know,

is it true you love to dance,

or are you wanting just to make me feel romance.

Oh, if I do wave my arms to act the swan,

will you allow me to gasp when underneath

the water’s edge

you will swoon –  you know you can reach inside.


Oh will he, I want him too,

I want him to, I wish him to know,

how wet I will be again,

after waking from this dream today.


*photo found on tumblr

When I Speak of ‘Her’


I wish,

breathe a slow steady sleek

vision suggests wherever might touch

bring pleasure,

the eyes might be a primary vehicle.

Sleep with me is the gaze

I desire

seeing her as a journey tonight,

in the dreams I will create in my want of her.

Remove her clothes

she will in the quiet of a fantasy,

fingertips begin to circle a world beyond my


I would if might chance allow


sweet serenity to want a response,

to want a need to be replaced

with absolute arousal.

When I do imagine her

in the light of a romantic fire

would my mind think anything else

beyond a treasure,

well past assuming anything at all

yet only a constant reminder of beauty.

Beauty that is her,

flesh alive, in black and white my mind,

needs little color to know

the flush exterior holds a fire inside.

She is beauty


we must know that before we can ever

demand her freedom.

She is a gift, and I am pleasure,

the release of her own burdens

become my rite of passage.

For it is she I wish to love.


*photo found on Pinterest

Summer Children

Do you remember,

the times when we were free,

we walked the river bank,

naked and free,

we were in this thing together,

without any need for shelter,

open to the temperatures,

the passion of wintry mindsets,

just over the hillside,

but here now in the forest dense,

just you and me,

we were splashing the water on naked skin,

holding hands,


wanting to imagine nothing else

but this being forever.

Stand here awhile,

I need to forget about something else for a …

I will be back to find you again.

Come Home to Me



I will be waiting,

arms will be outstretched,

my body naked for you,

not a smile but a need

Come home to me,

and when you walk into the room,

I won’t move,

I’ll wait until you reach over,

I’ll keep looking forward while

right hand on my knee opens me to you,

Come home to me,

my body naked,

wants your touch,

everywhere would satisfy,

you can begin here or here,

or start under here,

or perhaps,

look into my eyes,

see how hungry I might be.

Wild Reality of Arousal


if you close your eyes,

imagine her for a moment,

just as she is,

her body reclines without interruption,

perhaps completely naked,

she is so very attractive,

add a shade of lingerie,

perhaps a grey with a fabric suggestive,

I think now she is attractive

while becomes enticing.

Imagine, eyes still closed,

reclined in that settee that I love,

a dash of sweet lingerie could be anywhere,

yet now it simply is there, mingling with her skin,

that very connection the slide of grey along her naked skin,

will begin to create a sensation.

Gather in your hands a new fabric of silk,

and while her aroused form turns to allow her own resulting pleasure,

his hands drape the silk, let’s color her olive as the fabric

drifts atop the sudden air of novelty to land

across her bodice while open legs create a crevice of soft touch,

glance now at her eyes, she is awakened by this noise,

the sweet inner chaos of specific moves to alight her skin,

then that smile – perhaps a kiss with caramelized lips,

the sort that open her eyes to a certain delicious taste,

the reality of arousal.