NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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When While This Way

I wonder the fragrance of her hair,

when nestled in her shoulder, lips touch skin,

Let me breathe in your sense

before you leave me forever.

For it is that permanence

occurs every time I say good bye

to her.

Today I have been watching time

wishing only some sign,

an indication that tells me I am not crazy,

that this is real,

the ache I feel is the response to losing her.


I wanted summer to be alive with love,

a shower of affection like a late summer rain,

the two of us, soaked linens, laughing,

kissing each other in the constance

of a watery memory,

the times we would together,

flatter each other

with a certain elusive desire.


Yet it is today I stand


I wonder how much longer she can

let my need to share sensual dreams

with her,

her being by my side,

the scent of her,

lovely elegance,

stays in my mind,


When We Wish Only One

We design a fantasy,

the essence of care, desire, a want,

the imagination can begin,

a simple notion of touch,

and my own body does respond, my hands reach,

I wish for yours in the moment,

only option I have is to hope yours might be the same,

I know where my touch would be,

every inch, every aspect of a gasp

your utterance directs my need,

it is my own, only in tandem with satisfying


When Lives Live Separate Realities

We didn’t plan this,

words familiar to the ideal,

two lives in separate worlds,

a correspondence, a fire,

a reasonable time to remember,

is all we suddenly recall,

when tonight, we wander,

separate minds in a similar spell.


Fantasy alone brings wild results,

a yearn for reality

make allowance for time,

a touch, a soft gentle caress,

a swift imagination would become,

that certain urgency to know,

to feel eyes upon eyes,

lips to taste the nectar

a careful abandon,

is love.


When last I held you close,

we did a passionate dance,

your breath heavy, gasps apparent,

did we play the night for the longer minutes,

when both our bodies felt the need,

to find more time.

We would with just a trace,

skin alive in a sudden fury,

could we travel the miles

in caution a moan, might my desire

ever seek taste in the serene atmosphere,

of only your sweet sensuality.


We can each time reinvent

finding center

finding together,

in the privacy of our trepidation,

open doors to wander,

inside the lives

where in a delicious motion,

our bodies, our needs, do meet,

do reach levels.

Finding My Way

I wanted to write about love tonight,

I still do, I’m struggling,

and I wonder sometimes along this journey,

if that is the process,

the goal, the outcome, the essential truth,




See tonight, I told someone my heart is in their hands,

I felt like we both knew,

we responded alike,

cried, sighed, tried laughter, it worked,

it always has,


positive energy –

yet, tonight, I’m sad, my tears are dry,

I don’t understand,

how love can suddenly become



Oh, trust me, I’m a romantic fool,

I get loss, and the rabbit hole,

I just didn’t anticipate hanging this far off the edge.


If while imagine,

soft shoulders respond to quiet gasp,

a knowing taste might begin,

sweeping mouth


each tease, an utterance, each desire,

I will myself to want to wine and dine …


the passion of her being.

Present Self Loathing

I do lie next to you,

in spirit,

in physical form,

a reach

a cup – your breast,

a soft perhaps wakeful gasp,

buttocks seek, legs now would writhe,

begin our wound desire … a sigh

my hand stays near –

I wonder

just how to begin when confusion


while morning sunlight

could indicate the time is right.

People and Lives

We touch one another in so many different ways,

often without a glance of reality,

or perhaps there is while naivetee provides an over-riding

response to a necessary grounding.

We sometimes will not see that expression

miles later

when in an afterthought

we might come to terms with asking

what did just happen a minute or two

just before

we became unaware of just who we might be

in that last moment, encounter, hopeful rendezvous.

Or maybe we became another’s distant nightmare.

We cannot really ever imagine beyond ourselves,

though we often wish we might,

the philosophy of our dreams stays generally alone

with us, only.

I might want to share my life with you,

yet I would imagine so many quiet variables

those places in our mind we remain puzzled by

when we do discover new energy,

attractive nuance,

delightful deception without a caustic outcome.


What is it really gets in the way of our hopes, dreams,

or are they all simply passions,

those impulsive reflections upon desire,

the motives for what we believe we must have,

we need,

we want,

we demand,

and then all is truly lost, again.


I once stood outside and waited for her

because I loved her and didn’t really care that much

about how she felt,

I couldn’t write a hollywood script with my presence,

at least not one worth the dirt I stood upon,

instead, I became just another statistic


quiet ignorance.


I have to really wonder sometimes if my goals are for


without altruistic value,

are they designed with you in mind.

Strangers in the mix of figuring out our lives


Perhaps listening is more important than sight.