NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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The Surety of My Hypocrisy

Yes I do glance

I look, I imagine,

I create in my mind a world,

set apart from anyone nearby,

because it is mine,

and only then,

can my freedom be defined.


She is of a certain memory,

a night sky filled with sweet energy,

the stars are reminders,

seek the constellations,

I have been in this place

once before,

I know I have because she

does cradle my anxiety in a

spectacular wave of

cool mountain breeze.


We all have

one time or another,

imagined that lovely vision,

the trigger of our soul,

to suddenly ask a heartache,

to recall just that one time,

that moment,

when all eyes were elsewhere,

except ours for only a thought

might allow our hearts

an open reckoning

of the beauty inside,

that place so often forgotten,

when desire creates

a need for elegance

to step aside.

Hope Remains

Look outside the sunlight shadows the morning mood,

there’s a partial overcast sky,

suggests an incomplete meaning,

there would seem to be a distant pain

exists in her heart.


He would try to simply hold on to measure,

the beating pulse of angst she wish

would a challenge meet his own heart,

a yearning,

a desire beyond the normalcy

of knowing love could be trusted


without necessary definition.


We do imagine what our heart believes,

that if in a sudden turn,

her eyes might be in his again,

he would take her tears and meet them with his own,

if only,

in this moment the door would be open,

if the sudden luxury of peace,

could then step inside the vacancy

left bruised in


my soul.

When Lives Live Separate Realities

We didn’t plan this,

words familiar to the ideal,

two lives in separate worlds,

a correspondence, a fire,

a reasonable time to remember,

is all we suddenly recall,

when tonight, we wander,

separate minds in a similar spell.


Fantasy alone brings wild results,

a yearn for reality

make allowance for time,

a touch, a soft gentle caress,

a swift imagination would become,

that certain urgency to know,

to feel eyes upon eyes,

lips to taste the nectar

a careful abandon,

is love.


When last I held you close,

we did a passionate dance,

your breath heavy, gasps apparent,

did we play the night for the longer minutes,

when both our bodies felt the need,

to find more time.

We would with just a trace,

skin alive in a sudden fury,

could we travel the miles

in caution a moan, might my desire

ever seek taste in the serene atmosphere,

of only your sweet sensuality.


We can each time reinvent

finding center

finding together,

in the privacy of our trepidation,

open doors to wander,

inside the lives

where in a delicious motion,

our bodies, our needs, do meet,

do reach levels.

A Quiet Rain Has Impact

When I opened my eyes,

she was there,

I felt the soft pattern of silence

in the misty morning blues,

I held her close to me,

because I had so recently been reminded,

by the sweet pattern of femininity …

did her shoulders speak to me again,

her eyes with such lightning beauty,

the scent of her as I nuzzled near,

only for a moment,

wondering if I could hold her more.


If I might always convince you,

just how much your world

is in my soul, my dreams, my waking desire,

whenever I have the chance to imagine being

just next to you,

I will

forever believe in the mystique,

sweet energy,

it is the nectar of my fantasy,

to know you are my reality.

I Just Want To …

If I might,

rather than let you walk away,

would you let me,

could I just feel drawn by a breeze,

your persona, as winds increase,

that energy eyes me,

yet, walks away before I can,

touch … I only wish to

feel the splendor of your elegance.

Could a person feel the type of pain,

my heart does when you do finally,

walk away.

I will purposely not look at you,

won’t give you the time of day,

part of the act,

the facade I protect myself with.

I don’t want you,

there’s nothing you might do to attract,

to stimulate my senses.

White shorts tight, and your draping blouse,

breasts that heave when you breathe,

naturally an essence of pure sex,

an imaginative stroll against a soft wall,

with me behind, guiding my need inside of you,

passion, pleasure, the pulse of your wanton expression …

Well, there is that.

Wants and Needs

Sweet skin rush mind fleeting

taste, notions

bring your lips to mine,

hunger is alive,

when your fingertips wrap around

holding me close,

hands pull me upon you,

every touch,

alive, sensational, fleeting

need to have more,

give more,

be inside of you now,



she whispers with her tongue already applied,

right there, I can feel you now,

taste me please right now,

while my eyes watch your ass get wet

my fingertips are inside,

slapping the wet milk of your pussy

hard against the creamy desire

your mouth wraps around me,

fingertips cup my balls,

and I am alert,

straining with desire,

aching to be inside of you,


mouth, hands, lips,


I only want to taste you after

I know you have had the time,

to read this.