A Refreshing Change

It is funny really, I’ve been writing here for many years now, and have gone through a lot of transitions, times where I realized I overstepped my boundaries and those when I found myself confused by the atmosphere of readers, followers, the blogger’s mindset. Only until recently had I been writing completely for myself. Oh, there are inferences, and there always be, that is the natural course of the human condition. We have to connect our lives, otherwise our loneliness will certainly drive us over the edge.

I was close to the edge, I still am; however, in a manner of speaking, I’m standing on solid ground again. I’ve never wanted to be a person thought of as one who would use someone else to their benefit, but I think sometimes when we get caught up in our perceived pain we become helpless. For everyone and anyone whom I have ever bothered, hurt, surprised, I give you my apology. For now, I will continue to soul-search openly through words that maybe someday will become chapters of an essay with interlaced poetry to keep the reader engaged.

What is refreshing is that I feel comfortable simply writing from the heart. I appreciate your audience. I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

A Quiet Solace

For it is that might

a setting silent

allow some sweet repair

this our symbolic



Aged in the eyes

always watching

yet in a glance

only ours

this moment

in silent reckoning.


Would when then

give each, us a solace

a peace of mind

love does live

always here …


a silent breeze

lets love float nearby

A Recent Reason

I’d like to ask you to live

your heart inside my open palms

forever I’d remember you are so kind

while all around our world is blind.


You told me once you believed in me,

I already knew my answer toward you.

Wherever my life began I did know

no other yours in that than beauty in blue


We knew we couldn’t be and yet we still did

find ways to love one another to hold eyes

would carry my world forward somewhere

forever would my vision hold you so close.


Yet recent reason spoken eternally loud

has told us for now we are not allowed.

When Autumn Calls

There is wisdom to the dying embers of summer,

the cold relents, our lives sheltered,

we haven’t the opportunity to bask in complete

naked truth,

instead, we clothe our lives around tenets of normalcy

preparing for the cold,

anticipating the old

until we can find renewal in the spring.


Yet for now we must acknowledge the subtle decay

of that which we love,

and thereby we count on the resilient nature

of our heart and soul,

that which will remain our hope and guidance

until the following sunrise …

because next days always speak more fond  of the immediate.

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

He Imagined Her

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 5.15.19 PM.png

It was on a Friday night,

she spoke to him


she said she waited there

just to know

to wonder

if maybe he ever,

or if he might now.


He wondered then,

in the quiet of a winter eve

could she hear him

feel him,

might she know

if in a silent beat

of some nostalgic moment,

would he



He chose to listen

to a song would bring him a tear

always a joyful cry,

he wanted her to know

the celebration of love

could only contain

the tenets of a cherished


~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

Walking In

Its atmosphere


the sounds, the people, the energy,

a little Moody Blues,

I’m with her again,

in this moment,

I can feel the soft touch of fingertips

searching, yearning, a quiet resonate gasp,

the nature of this,

a love

we both would understand

if confusion could not lay in between,

the soft sense of a night sky,

familiar ground,

a coffee nearby,

another nostalgic notion,

I do recall

when last I did see her,

it was here in this parallel universe,

where our lives

were tied to the reality of a locked door,

a smile, a laugh, a knowing glance

a quiet evening,

when love did seem to draw

hearts closer together,

to another time,

in recent days,

lips did touch,

lives did matter,

time did

stand still while

walking in.

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

for Zelda

If I Could Hold You

I would not want to let you go,

feeling your soft reaction to fingertips

touching your cheek,

your eyes searching for reason,

and me,

my eyes watching you,

the sweet response of lips that would touch,

if only in my imagination,

I could,

perhaps I would then,

hold onto your passion forever.


I was driving home tonight,

and took an exit that reminded me

of you,

everything I do,

the places I go,

when I can,

I remember looking to my side,

seeing you there,

perhaps a hand on my shoulder,

the most sensual nature

of sweet love,

a reckoning of our reality.


If when I do think of you,

if I might,

would you be alright

if then we might imagine

somehow, someway, if life were sweet,

if I could hold you … forever.

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

A Rainy Afternoon


Seems fitting,


familiar words

she comes instantly to mind.


A romantic movie

brings me tears

I know

we cannot always be the same.


Yet how often do we

pass the reality of our world

inside the dream-swept nature

of someone else with an imagination.


We read books, we tell stories

listen to laughter

celebrate victory and dismissal

when while we constantly age together.


We are still apart like today,

the rains outside,

intrigue the mystique of sweet

reverie within the scope of passion.


I want sometimes, I wish, you might

see me in the rains … again.

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

for Zelda