When People Become Mean

There is no stopping the onslaught,

the defense unravel,

the mind believes,

anyone standing nearby is a toss-away

a forgotten

here to stay.


When people become mean,

we cannot ever imagine that to be

their true intent

we can only ride the crest

of confusion

of truths

of the measure of sadness


Oh, to be in a world where dreams do come true,

where the simple reality

of finding one another

inside each other’s eyes

is well enough

long beyond the analysis

of why this is real,

or convince myself that it is fake.


These tears now,

they want to pour,

they will not be held back,

because if restrained

then the emotion will remain,

and how can we possibly live with ourselves

when told we are

someone we always believed

we were not.


When people become mean,

their hearts find atrophy is forever.


~just finding my way, a personal journey~