I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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When Words Interfere

I fell in love, with her,

she told me one day how my words

might draw her to my side,

and I thought to myself,

well for sure,

that was always what I wanted her

to say.


So there we were, two of us,

together in the mainstream,

outside of the eye of anyone

nearby who might,

cause our lives to scream,

yet we were in love,

and we watched our shadows,

play romantic games

in the sunlight,

just out of our sight.


We knew there was a time,

when somehow

one might want more,

and the other might as well,

yet we never realized,

both would struggle with

understanding just why,

or how, or can we, or might you,

why can we not figure out



Yet we knew love,

we are in love,

love is where we took ourselves,


we became the alone

part of understanding why.

Adjusting My Self

Because that’s what we do,


adjust our selves,


without a flinch, grab and rearrange,

walking down a city block,

standing in a room of peers,

grasping with petulance upon that external



So why all the self-importance one might ask,

for those of you still

hanging around.

Call it the self-deprecation of the ability of man,

to justify their reason for being,

to make light upon the external nature of our intrusion,

perhaps I only want to apologize for my anticipation.


The real reason though will play itself out,

in that most delicious and sensual manner,

for it is that love of ‘woman’

the essence of elegance, beauty of her mystique,

it is the man in me that must always realize the gift

is woman

in all of her sinewy swoon,

that dazzle toward unraveling my mind at the sight of



And why man,

why can we not simply allow our lives to believe

in cherishing and honoring the natural Grace of woman.

I say this from the bottom of my heart,

because I have been allowed to know,

the true muse, the mysterious delight of woman,

and I am sated by her lovely enticement.


So, let’s make the adjustment one last time.

Be a man.



Worry Amidst Love

Is it true we all must worry

when somewhere needs hurry

to allow our lives to forget

to imagine the ills we beget.


Perhaps there is a truth to our love

when worry becomes primary to need.

Love While Society Screams

Step away from the limelight,

to notice a world around us all,

doesn’t change, continues

same needs, similar hours,

each one set of eyes

glancing inside the soul of …

another willing participant.

When wants are apparent,

the world changes hue,

from perhaps a cold distant

blue, to a maddening fire of need.

When we see that imagined

visual delight on a sunny morning,

are we seeing a conceptual image

or some creation of need.

Do you dress for the moment,

or simply to remain clothed.


I wonder always in my own quiet

why when she that is my passion

wisps through an open door,

is it not the beauty of her,

that physicality I am drawn,

or perhaps the scream of society

to fondle the notion

we are all available,

in each other’s eyes.

If I See You, Again


How might you see me, daybreak after sex,

will you lavish the allure of last night,

be still, sans provocative, less complex.

Sunlight peers in, spectacular daylight

exposed, night’s rapture spent, disheveled hair

flows endless on silks as movies suggest

the way it should be when wanderers meet.

Melody plays sonata’s bliss at best.

Oh, whilst my desire searching lips should greet

skin so alive, treacherous, with all in

driving passion, wanton release of you,

taste you, sweet nectar that holds me within.

Then delicious dreams began, my need was only

imagined; your sensual ride lovely.