I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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Take My Heart, Please



a broken heart – pinterest


For it is in your hands,

the soft sweet sensual

nature of her demeanor,

a smile that fades in mind.


For it is when we do know love,

the ache inside our body

is enough to want to

stop the motion of life itself.


For it is in this my tears,

I try with all the strength

in my soul,

to understand the freedom.


For it will be forever,

my heart in its organicity

always remembers,

always bleeds a tear.


For it is the silent melody

of a broken heart,

with no mend,

only a haunting silence.

I Will Imagine


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Though I’m asked not,

I cannot help myself,

a clear moment,

a clarity,

a vision of her,

I do respond in sweetest  memory.


Would I that an afternoon might remind

my heart of the quiet free-for-all

her sweet touch,

the essence of warmth,

when bodies do intermingle,

I might feel her next to me,



In the essential silence

I will create in my mind,

those waking eyes,

the thrust of our passion,

in throes of an eternal hour,

well past the imagined


of if, might we, could, would,

it will be in my mind a sensuality.


A surreal peace,

come over me,

shelter my disposition,

she holds a red umbrella,

beholden my heart,

for it is in her soul

my love always begins.

Greeting My Muse


My day begins,

eyes upon, sub-conscious recall,

the immediate wonder of rains,

a sort of cascade in spectacular blues,

laying alone,

I do imagine pleasantries that begin,

let me waltz inside my own fantasy of her.

Silent smile,

the imagery gradually clear,

the beauty she brings to this privacy.

Ah, the fire is still burning,

I realize in a glance across the room,

I could use that as inspiration,

she is the constant of a passionate embrace,

when suddenly I hear a sound,

unfamiliar to my visual travel,

a reminder,

I am here again,

in a passive state of want,

sometime confused with the actual need

to understand,

to appreciate the simple mystique,

she is,

my magnificent muse.

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Woods In Spring


A sweet memory is one of you,

a tear reminds me, clearly blue

I become, I want, I reach,

all part of a grand design.


We spoke of pain, we talked of love,

we knew again we were well above,

notion of grandeur,

so sweet, so dear


I once knew a woman she gave me her eyes

I knew it would hurt but I wasn’t so wise

Decades might pass with effective nostalgic

ceremony reminds us of impulsive logic.


Oh, my the tears that flow riverside,

will always hold you near my side.


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When I Speak of ‘Her’


I wish,

breathe a slow steady sleek

vision suggests wherever might touch

bring pleasure,

the eyes might be a primary vehicle.

Sleep with me is the gaze

I desire

seeing her as a journey tonight,

in the dreams I will create in my want of her.

Remove her clothes

she will in the quiet of a fantasy,

fingertips begin to circle a world beyond my


I would if might chance allow


sweet serenity to want a response,

to want a need to be replaced

with absolute arousal.

When I do imagine her

in the light of a romantic fire

would my mind think anything else

beyond a treasure,

well past assuming anything at all

yet only a constant reminder of beauty.

Beauty that is her,

flesh alive, in black and white my mind,

needs little color to know

the flush exterior holds a fire inside.

She is beauty


we must know that before we can ever

demand her freedom.

She is a gift, and I am pleasure,

the release of her own burdens

become my rite of passage.

For it is she I wish to love.


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Not Always


Just because this dress, plays so well with my lines,

please don’t stress, I will not acquiesce your whine.


Why even on a sunny day, if I look at you with intent

perhaps it might be the way, your eyes appear to rent


space between you and I, as I wait for my world,

it appears your why, would be upon me twirled.


I would suggest you breathe, and take in the morning sun

your expression makes me seethe, want to school you son.


I’m a pretty woman, please look at me and see,

along the way man, I want you to drown in the sea.


Without regard for me society, has created a certain release

a hormonal anomaly, suggests I’ll not be allowed any peace.


Take a walk with me, and I will shower you with word.

Until you understand we, your looks come off to me absurd.


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