When There in the Moment


At first glance

I knew immediately

how could one not

recognize whom we grow to love

when confronted

by their reality.


She was looking forward,

I felt safe

if only, sheltered,

let my hand rest on a chair


we could hear one another breathe

if she knew I was there.


I imagined to myself,

if this is real,

she will know I’m here

turn around

smile or walk away,

I let a dream happen in my mind

years ago the same



Yet today is



her confidence in posture

seemed unreachable

seemed meant

for someone else’s touch,

their arms, lips, eyes,

I was afraid to move.


I then stepped backward,


the silence was a weight

I could not overcome,

I felt the emotion

of taking risks,

of looking in one another’s eyes

and knowing

we could not

though desperate in our passion

we could.


Moments later,

a stroll down the cobblestone,

I found a new cafe,

settled in outside

still she was in my mind.

I took one sip of a

fashionable latte,


I looked away.

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

for Zelda with love


photo – Pinterest

When Found


When found,

I have felt your presence

an already gasp,

swift temptation is mystique

inside her

is a melodrama meant to

design man’s meaning.


Mix night sky with

a soft response in her touch

his need to explore

she is sensuality

in the midnight


of man’s desire

woman’s intrigue

a soul already found

whether lust or need

my heart aches

to be found sweeping

hands across


in all of her elegance.


I would if I could might

witness the beauty

inside your quiet


center is alive

such is a need

to find

sensuality beyond

our own silent



Oh, there are these lines

I wish to do

with you


in a midnight sky

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

picture found on Pinterest