My Only Haiku

One time I was loved

I felt her in spring in arms

she soon found my eyes


In water skiing there is an element

of risk.

The ability to ride the wake

sometimes an art

more often

a comfort zone whereby the player

may gasp freely for air

while being thrust upon a sea of

shattering glass.


Still they hold on, still reliant.


In love

there too is a wake

a place of sometime fortune

elsewhere loss,


it is the finding balance

the.conscious eye

the some way riddled body

must learn then

withstand freely

an ever changing

wind-swept horizon.


still they hold on, still reliant


In death

there lays the wake of memory

always marvelous

an eternal glow

and yet

the hour of loss

the same calm

such similar pattern of holding on

finding balance

plays silent

in the rush of

our wandering mind.


still they hold on, still reliant


would rushing through the water

with all my strength find my wake


without her sweet guidance


~ finding my way, a personal journey –

for Zelda

Because I Wanted What You Held Inside

yes, it was the passion in your eyes,

the way your words drove me,

made me want to never look away,

for you to know I was there,

searching, desire, a certain lust of your being,

and I did stay with you for as long as you might let me

if it meant one day

I would find myself inside of you, journeying further as your own need,

drove me to explore every aspect of whom you might be,


exquisite in all of your natural magic,

I would listen to your whisper in my ear,

that final meant to be endeared gasp,

that, ‘yes now, I want you to be inside of me’

that this is whom we are,

and found together

our center is a one ness,

a trivial description,

yet in sweet simplicity,

I have been allowed to  know


Feeling Not Safe

when well enough becomes

a lie


lika an old television drama

doc walks in

he smiles

everyone looks around the room


yet suddenly he

the doc

notices something outside

the window

– an opportunity –

to sidetrack the meaning.

Doc says outloud

everyone can hear.


the landscape has begun to change.

sad really, your life is no longer your own.

the Doc glances back at all the people

in the room … waiting on his answer.


suddenly little Jimmy and Alice look at each other,

his beautiful smile has become all of our pain.


~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

to Z with all of my love




becomes our wanted respite,

not the word


just the spillage,

the need

to empty our soul

such energy

uglies the mind

such a degree we may no longer know


imagine what we once


sweet elegance,

soft mystique


this certain


Walk Through The Door

Tell me only why

Portend a night starlit sky

This love would we cry

What It Is We Feel

When we look outside,

the physical landscape,

know the seasons,

understand the dawn,

when we look at the world around us,

we have a reason to wonder where we are.


One might suggest it is what we

allow to wander throughout our mind,

what it is

causes me to decide

that she is my central focus, and how

desire steps in silent with a strong arm.


Walk inside the world of a dreamer

realize how far we can reach,

what it is we believe, we fantasize, we hope

might be the shelter from this our

constant storm,

this we realize is the key to who we might want to be.


Who we are,

what it is,

what we want,

how we wander,

how wish is our dream,

what we feel,


how is it why we ever did begin to feel,

to know the love I know for you is real.

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

for Zelda

Because I Have Known Love


I will write to the words and the dreams,

I’ll find solace in feeling this is real,

the notes in my melody,

the wit, spoken, felt in a good phrase,

a sunny morning,

the frost on winter’s edge,

all beautiful reminders of that which is



In a quiet meadow,

I can see two lovers

the breeze tangling their hair

so the onlooker has no possibility

of witnessing that love

their eyes share together

in the autumn sky,

watching time say good bye.


I once knew a woman,

she once told me,

we were in love

we knew the travels ahead

would send us down different paths

and yet,

we struggled through the high brush,

for each time we were lost

our eyes

would meet again, traversing a sweet terrain.


Because I have known love, I have witnessed a reckoning,

a butterfly on a soft shoulder leaves me envious in a kiss

~ finding my way, a personal journey

to Zelda with love

photo – pinterest

Seduction of Fantasy

I like real


The fantasy of mystique

So intrigues my soul

Yet let me

Your eyes, a smile

The sweet curvature

Naked shoulders

When let fingertips find raw

Unbridled passion

Touching center


I like real.


~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

Love‘s Allure

When this time

the moon shines

there will a naked response

to a coupled affair

so it seems

the allure of love

has again been


by the reality of fear,

the agony drawn inside

a phallic attraction to something

once thought


tonight revealed

in its own



~ just finding my way, a personal journey ~