NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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In Such A Low

my mother would reference this place,

a sort of mental ravine,

her heart might nearly stop,

eyes would glaze?

blood flow in her feigns might suddenly,

spill into one pool of spun lethargy.

This was not a place

she liked to be,

she’d often howl at the nature

of love and all it’s failings.


yet, she never discovered a solution?

only knew when inside?

not a lesser degree of pain

could ever exist.


where my mother was always never to pull the plug,

I might decide otherwise,

though my freedom would be sought?

there leaves a ring of memory,

clinging to everyone’s personal psyche.

Come When They May

There are these tears, they build,

a sort of wall of a waiting storm,

I like to imagine a sweeter guild

of love than ever might we form.


I wander toward a make believe

palace on the top of this hill,

it is here I would wish for reprieve

from the scream inside so shrill.


The mounting crags of spindled rock,

would slip me into sweet oblivion,

if in a moment I would look to block

the piercing light I rest my eyes upon.


Oh to find the shadows of my common

world, whereby, the normalcy of why,

would only bury the familiar horizon,

when only together we might forever cry.


I have found my way again in the blue,

A moody appreciation always loving you.

In Love’s Sweet Silence

We do in bold form express our truth,

in eyes we search,

lips we touch with certain youth,

the nature of our time together is love.


It is in the moment we try to define,

well beyond the physical desires,

we know there is a certain muse

in our quiet interactions after words.


I speak to your elegance,

and might my eyes light up

to the expression of reassurance you provide,

when showering me with peace of mind.


I would for it is that desire to know,

a thousand sunrises,

the time it would take

to in such eternal light express my love.


Oh to have you by my side always,

the tear is in such reality of course

a beautiful reminder of a solemnity,

that truly your love lives in my soul.

Strength of Time in Sad Tone

In a sunlit room, sitting alone, wondering,

where to go, where this leads, what time,

while spring suggests to everyone we are alive,

are there any assurances we will ever be the same.


A powerful throng of medley stands behind,

I listen to the heart inside a dream, a melody

sings to me in tears another ballad forgotten,

or shall memory in its certainty remind me of love.


I sit alone and a familiar energy encompasses

my everything, my world, my desire … such is

passion when the soul can ache for someone,

she, who would define my ever lovely fantasy.


When toward a reality we did travel in summer,

I in her hands and she in mine together smiles,

oh so is the contrast when the brilliance around me

is only to be a shadow belonging to another time.


Is it in the wisps of our nostalgia, the beauty of then,

that we hold onto, waiting for that next delightful breeze.

Soft Eyes

I really have come to know

the draw of you is simply a look

a peace of love in harmonic glance

the beauty of her sweet eyes


I once would wonder about desire

when lost in that certain sea

of glamour, happiness, avarice,

the beauty of her sweet eyes


When mouth, lips, tongue will

in a fever drive my wild abandon,

I would then know in the climax

the beauty of her sweet eyes


If while the world gives solace

to the comfort of our lives together,

I’ll know her elegance will complement

the beauty of her sweet eyes.


For when the gods began their play

the world around would wait to see

and while I’d glance across the way,

the beauty of her sweet eyes.


Would I desire to hold candle

to the fire within her passions,

I’d then recall again in remedy

the beauty of her … soft eyes.

An Audio Experience

As Recently As Now


I was wondering about respect,

a word tossed around in need,

occasionally thought to be of value,

while accordingly we bleed.


I glanced beyond my looking glass,

to notice life hadn’t changed,

the people still mattered less

arranged yet rearranged.


I’d like to introduce you please

to that alter ego who remains,

knocking upon a psyche’s ease

less inclined to use their brains.


The filth, the dirt, the tossed rinds

of decay; ills we foster in our minds.

An Actor’s Paradise

How the world perceives a stage is known to me,

to you, to her, to them, to everyone that plays,

the game of love, deceit, of parody and conceit.

We waltz amongst a crowd of svelte travesty,

altogether lost in a facade that speaks humility.

she wore the smoothest ass riding leggings to eat

wandering among our lost soul for many days

clever each ploy her bodice dance across the sea.


When a desire might strike the eye to bold imagine

are we then drawn to some societal paradigm

how to alter our minds to move away from banal

impressions of arrogance filtered through our lies

while instead the human condition alights sweet eyes;

those that ought be appreciated rather than the anal

retentive nature of suffocation, that certain sublime

reality we profess to be our only link to true domain.


Perhaps, the stage, yes that light upon our lives release

the pheromones sufficient to our natural lust for peace.