NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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Thinking About This

I often wonder about notions,

an idea, plays out in my head,

I formulate my own opinion,

a funny sort of discrete decision.


Not yet, my mind tells me,

not ready to share with anyone else,

and there begins the battle,

because I do,

I so want to,

there’s a part of me that wants to free the world,

my world I suppose,

actually, our world,

because I think, wait a second, I mean,

we all seem to … have a want;

so that everyone around me will know

what’s in my head,

what I’m imagining,


Thinking about this.

Summer Elegance

For there is little else to suggest,

what is the fair nature of her season,

when an urgency to respond, let energy overcome

is all that seems necessary in a day.


Glance toward the beauty of woman,

she is that provocateur, a natural sense

of human nature on display,

yet, her inner peace ought be a certainty.


Indeed, the summer air does so trigger

an elegance in nature, in primal response,

yet so is the wonder of our soul

drawn to fulfill each moment we despair.


While walking alone today, a sunlit stage,

I do imagine her, in simple luxury,

the key to sweet solace her unspoken

elegance be my charge to rest my heart upon.

Adjusting My Self

Because that’s what we do,


adjust our selves,


without a flinch, grab and rearrange,

walking down a city block,

standing in a room of peers,

grasping with petulance upon that external



So why all the self-importance one might ask,

for those of you still

hanging around.

Call it the self-deprecation of the ability of man,

to justify their reason for being,

to make light upon the external nature of our intrusion,

perhaps I only want to apologize for my anticipation.


The real reason though will play itself out,

in that most delicious and sensual manner,

for it is that love of ‘woman’

the essence of elegance, beauty of her mystique,

it is the man in me that must always realize the gift

is woman

in all of her sinewy swoon,

that dazzle toward unraveling my mind at the sight of



And why man,

why can we not simply allow our lives to believe

in cherishing and honoring the natural Grace of woman.

I say this from the bottom of my heart,

because I have been allowed to know,

the true muse, the mysterious delight of woman,

and I am sated by her lovely enticement.


So, let’s make the adjustment one last time.

Be a man.




I wonder if the essence of silence be meant to steer

The mind to find replacement with a lonely tear


For while the imagination compel anxiety and fear,

One might slow recognize such is passion austere.


While she is the center attraction to my contentment

I wander through measures of memory silent lament.


She is the soul, hers is the ailment I wish to compliment

With swift memory, a certain sweet solace implement.


I did once know her to hold me with impressive demand

The sort a man might forever search in vain a land


Whereby woman becomes the love of outstretched hand.

Yet while the days pass slow, I remain in a fashion


That man that once imagined this only a provision

Toward her elegance, a certainty in eternal passion.

Sweet Serenade

That place where delight continues the day,

the mood of beauty,

laughter in peace,

sweet eyes and passionate smiles.

That glance across the room with wonder,

hoping to catch her,

perhaps intrigue

might bring eyes a state of mind.

That peace that gives the mind some way,

to comprehend fully,

the elegance

of woman in the throes of surreal.

That sensual nature of reason to wander,

the skin comes alive,

the need clear,

to recognize simple elegance is true.

We would discover if eyes met in chance release

the fog of indecision suggests timing is peace.

No Longer

May not, cannot, will not,

I shant imagine otherwise,

whilst the world itself

in heartfelt harmony

must exist,

if I am to presume,

I will not know you well.

For the sanctity of a privacy,

life does grant opportunity,

yet only the beauty of grace

allow any deep felt sanity.

In words your magic is alive

in the pictures drawn,

the notion I derive,

yet apart, afraid, away from me,

I must realize the peace it be.

Cherish only the remarkable passion

we all live together, in want of fashion.

Standing Smile

stand in the mirror

today I am a woman

beauty, elegance, soft, sweet

moment when only I

can compose my melody.

I do feel my forearm caress

naked delight,

my smile could indicate


I will give this to you,


my lips suggest

is this what



a universal notion

truly deserves,

shall I keep this moment for myself,

the glance is so exhilarating.

I do know the essence of touch

when in my posture fresh,

I imagine …

skin alive in damp repose

to blend the steam of my passion

with today’s reality.

I am woman,

so please hear me,

listen to me breathe,

understand me that this

my internal discretion

will respond with grace.

I will delight

when you no longer

repeatedly extinguish my light.

*photo found on Instagram