NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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When While This Way

I wonder the fragrance of her hair,

when nestled in her shoulder, lips touch skin,

Let me breathe in your sense

before you leave me forever.

For it is that permanence

occurs every time I say good bye

to her.

Today I have been watching time

wishing only some sign,

an indication that tells me I am not crazy,

that this is real,

the ache I feel is the response to losing her.


I wanted summer to be alive with love,

a shower of affection like a late summer rain,

the two of us, soaked linens, laughing,

kissing each other in the constance

of a watery memory,

the times we would together,

flatter each other

with a certain elusive desire.


Yet it is today I stand


I wonder how much longer she can

let my need to share sensual dreams

with her,

her being by my side,

the scent of her,

lovely elegance,

stays in my mind,


She Walks Ahead

Outside a romantic air,

indicates love,

we might intertwine fingers

to please one another,

the skin that alive arouses a moment,

when least anticipated,

I see to be enticed.

Sunset allows a measure of time,

the changing hour,

when our passions become a yearn,

a need, a want, a smile, a taste,

a hand dives alongside thighs alive.


We walk, talk, imagine next,

find allowance for a separation,

knowing soon our bodies


will share an evening sky


If For Only That Moment

When a fleeting notion does intercept my mind,

I am suddenly drawn, a recall, a dance,

lips would intertwine,

a searching passionate draw sublime.


For it is then my world will unravel,

only to be found in the shelter of her

undying love,

that quiet remembrance – happy still.


Once a sweet search, it belongs

a memory in our hearts,

afire with delicious sensuality,

our lips, together, we design a scene.


I watch the world exist around me,

helps my focus, softens my pulse,

yet in a flash of a quiet visual,

she has my heart in sweet touch, caress.


If only for that moment, we could sustain

the world around our soul,

to know that we are always one in this silence,

to believe our certain love remain.


I will forever walk inside this my dream,

of an eternal fire gives solace to all we seem.

Letting The Sound Breathe

I look for a spot to jump on,

waiting, time passing,

the moments seem all to blend with one another,

while alone I do wait,

I wonder about where it is I might find the right note,

the melody,

is it that final drawn octave, carries my soul,

allows me to imagine I am in the heavens,

drifting beyond the scorn of nature’s wrath,


a part of the grace and wonder of time,

a virtual cacophony of desired elements in love …


I do love to listen to violins,

the harmonic convergence of their essential oils, strings, resonate


upon which we allow our lives to grasp

the inner soul of our wisdom drawn from sound.

It is when I imagine a valley, and deep below just in my sight,

is she there walking, perhaps waiting,

in another dream leaving my world,

for another adventure, though when I draw close,

the strings seem to speak to the horrific nature of letting go,

and I do run with the adagios of life’s meant travel.


There is a place in my mind, that an occasional sound,

a combination of instrumental design, an orgasmic display of

the very nature of my own compelling need

to recognize her soft skin,

as fingertips play the long sinewy arms of passion,

I will rest upon my shoulder her sweet sound.

,and be forever grateful to know beauty.

In Knowing Why

A slow burn,

the gradual release

when the mind,

chooses to listen

rather then react to the news.


I know I love,

hearts strings touch reality

exist in my every breath,

each moment I glance,

the look is for her eyes.


Yes there is a certain peace

in knowing

when no longer the confusion

implies a fabrication,

or suggests impulsivity.


Today the warmth of truth,

skin against skin,

I do, did, will touch the world

when in my arms

she allows me to carry her heart.


My soul, your mystique,

my life, your love,

the beauty of passing time,

our energy real,



Sweet muse, sweet love,

in my soul I sing aloud,

I breathe freely,

my heart feels whole

knowing her.

Morning Recall

The few times,

each waking suspension

when time suggests

ours is this



Eyes smile the know,

the precursor

to starting again,

the heat, a fire, an ignite me



Lips touch

soft to explore

to start to test to taste

to love,

know the shudder

is expression well beyond passion

more simply peace,

a grateful delight in sharing

connection, embrace, desire, need,


It is a need that suddenly overwhelms

the moment,

sun peeking through to recall


yet for now,

we do begin

slow …


Smile, eyes, hands –


show me where!

Sonnet II (Love Remembers)

There in a gasp of good bye I would cry

To know love’s mystique speaks beyond todays.

I looked in her eyes one last time in sigh

Recalling waves of our passionate days.


The drives home solemn for weeks afterward

What is her state of mind, afternoon gray.

Always would I yearn lovely, her soft word.

Where does peace begin – settle loss of way.


As life continues, charms will nostalgic

Return her to my mind, see where life lands

Taking our worlds beyond what mystique

Remained in memory, a hope demands.


Hers with child and love regains sweet release

His smile knows beautiful soul in her peace.