I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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A Clear Night in December

There is clarity,

in walking through our reality,

I’m in a hurry,

hoping to find you there.


I watched every person,

family, couple, single woman

walking through the

popular restaurant.


The streets were active,

holiday festivities,

the spirit of love in the air,

except alone I stood in the crowd.


I was waiting, hoping, wanting,

I wished for an interaction,

a notice,

the possibility our paths might cross.


The night belonged to the active locals,

A quiet little borough, where I couldn’t find her.

For This Kiss, I Would

Wait until the end of a storm, to know,

when gray disappears, I could find you,

for that is my blue,

my wonder,

that is my intrigue asking to be found.


For it is this kiss, I might hesitate,

wanton desire,

yet in this moment,

I leave my passion suspended,

for it is in your heart I want

only peace,

and there, by the moonlight,

standing on a bridge,


it is where you will find my soul.


Tonight, in the breeze,

a chill of reality plays our soft tell,


stand with me, hold me, see me,

know that I would walk the hours

to have your heart

share my love for you.


For it is that intrigue,

so might we imagine,

so wrapped in words of

a timeless tradition …


for while I glance the sky,

I’m at peace realizing I never will,

I’ll always be satisfied,

knowing I don’t know why

Romantic Interlude

clever portrayal

camera ready level

candelight measure

A Simple Love

This world we create,

our actions,

begun by sewn ideals,

blend together a desire,

and we all can appreciate,

we all might initiate,

everyone can learn to negotiate,

a simple love.


Inside a world there is forgiveness,

this ability to understand,

to move forward, let go,

perhaps teach the world around us

to allow our lives a freedom.


Dreams contain a story,

its one we all might recall,

each of us having a different tone,

yet the same,

that simple love

we all wish we might conceive,

in the blend of well known chaos.


I do love her,

I believe in a spirit,

an energy that is an attractive

reminder of a certain


it is her own,

a simple love.

Long Ago

I remember my first time,

sitting on the banks of the river,

I wanted to,

she smiled,

I wondered if she knew,

she smiled.

There was this kiss then,

it wrote the book sorta speak,

I suddenly felt what it meant to

ravish beauty,

yet I was still scared,

sitting on the banks of the river,

holding my sweetie in my arms.

Watching Love Unravel

He became insecure,

she wondered in her quiet manner,

he could weep,

while she might smile,

though to the onlooker,

hers was a genuine world,

his a facade

he’d hoped someday

never to be exposed.


She stood in the foreground,

a svelte elegance emanates

a being,

well coiffed in the universal

language of self appraisal,

and he would tip toe

through her world,

comforted by a compassion

he had known

neither in his immediacy

or the world he once relied upon.


She is the word he might suggest,

she pales to the compliment,

yet he insists,

she is the wonder of his

state of mind,

like a clock

she ticks his fancy

with every moment

his breath is allowed.


She is a mystique

long ago begun the mystery

of her wanderings,

he the lucky recipient

of unbridled passion,

he knew not when to

recognize the gift


the essence of her love.

Wanting To Understand

I would that life would be an albatross,

one might step away from fear.

I would that life could offer passionate

love, the sordid designer dreams.

I wish that today could be yesterday,

when complications play mild.


The heart a powerful aphrodisiac

one drawn by simple desire.

The body follows suit in tender gasp,

two lives belie soft inspiration.


In times a crisis speaks to absolutes,

and yet we cry for more.

There seems a sort of resolute option

an indication of an eternal bond.


She has my heart spoken in volume,

the pages of love consider,

we cross another day in confusion,

yet somehow find each other.


I would if walk toward sunlight forever

might offer peace intertwine each other.