I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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When While This Way

I wonder the fragrance of her hair,

when nestled in her shoulder, lips touch skin,

Let me breathe in your sense

before you leave me forever.

For it is that permanence

occurs every time I say good bye

to her.

Today I have been watching time

wishing only some sign,

an indication that tells me I am not crazy,

that this is real,

the ache I feel is the response to losing her.


I wanted summer to be alive with love,

a shower of affection like a late summer rain,

the two of us, soaked linens, laughing,

kissing each other in the constance

of a watery memory,

the times we would together,

flatter each other

with a certain elusive desire.


Yet it is today I stand


I wonder how much longer she can

let my need to share sensual dreams

with her,

her being by my side,

the scent of her,

lovely elegance,

stays in my mind,


Friday Nights

I don’t know where I’ve gone

instead of ravishing her to

a state of trembling fury …

the delightful kind,

where she lays on her side,

having sustained a certain

path of bewilderment,

with slow strokes of her hair,

she smiles knowingly,

suggestive of another moment,

just before this recent lament.


I wonder where I am, what I have become,

only to find I’m just not as happy as some.

I Do Remember

That day, when I watched you walk away,

that afternoon, the way the sun beat upon our cove

in the fields, we’d made love in so many times before,

I do remember suddenly you were there,

but not nearby anymore,

It was that day, I realized I couldn’t hold on to you anymore,

I didn’t have the capacity to treat you with such honor,

not flattery or boast, simple elegance was what I lacked now,

I couldn’t ask you to stay, because you already knew your answer,

in such a sweet way though, you still when I did find you,

‘silent and allowing’ me to discover you there,

sitting in the bleachers of the vacant county park,

when you did let me notice you there,

I remember there were no tears,

for you had grown well beyond the ruse of time,

now readily strong, yours was a journey,

whence sadly, I did no longer belong.

Done By Proxy

She’s lovely

her unbridled sensuality

tracing her fingertips

in a seductive journey;

a traveling artist.

I love to watch her perform

biting her lips

while hands explore

eyes watching me

I wonder what is happening inside

she knows my pleasure,

plays me like a fine wine

I’m hers she says with a

nervous smile.

She will finish


long after I do

when her boredom catches up

to her lonely … longing

that part of life

she’s has long forgotten

having remained preoccupied

with absurd realities,

those that entertain

without fulfilling


not even her own needs.

Yet, tonight, I watch her


she fills my void

that later will wreak havoc

on my sense of balance

while she, well, another set of eyes

has her,

and another

has her,

and one more, two, fifteen


has her,

until that final performance

in the eyes of a barrel.