A Certain Air

Oh one might suggest

yet time,

a knowledge

some would say

her own reveal

design the layout

a lifestyle leaves envious

an anxious onlooker.


Yet stop a moment

an aroma

the beauty mix of fresh brew

in java and sweet elegance,

for it is there we discover

hers is strong,

we the onlooker

that glance

blessed by such

is real

is woman

is the constant surround of that which we

perhaps weak male

might give solace

rather than shallow demand.


For it is hers

this soft mystique


hers alone …


silent male

is only that of the

welcome traveler,

a privilege

delicate a flower


Summer Is Sweet

Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 6.22.45 PM.png


one might imagine

a quiet wander

with little reason to explain

beyond this simple beauty

a wheat length

with season to hold

a nostalgic prayer

her father once told

so now this sunrise

her favorite flair

to no one’s eyes

just for her

such is sweet

in reckoning


beauty is

sweet response

we have so


simple is nature


we will


only believe

in what is real

on this



please give

us peace

for it is all she

would ever might


Sun Shine Afternoon

I wonder, remember, imagine,

want to know her,

what is the reaction she is having on such is this

a wonderful sunny afternoon,

the energy he feels

so often shared in brief moments of passion,

the icy nature of winter’s breeze

softened by the touch of her

sweet mystique

his cheek

melting as the center of his world

begins a subtle ignite,

as in his own desire,

a certain hope

her fire within

might match the heat

the morning sunlight provide

letting the licks of love

slide deep into this afternoon salad.

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

for Zelda