I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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We Do Live These Ironies

When in a sea of time,

we can feel each other,

we know, our heart is reaching,


we are still,

slow respond, for there is a forever,

we would rather wait,

it is some eternal demand,

our time,

will be in that infinite sea,

even waves of serendipity,

play the master,

we might both be found to be

the drawn,

figures in a wonderful backdrop,

one might allow


one day might


Dance With Me Alone

Listen to the rhythm of my dream,

you standing near,

I can feel your heart beating,

like a song I might want to dance …


To the eyes standing around,

I’m normally discreet,

holding pattern,

without a sound, a tear.


Do we all when in a somber reflection,

feel the energy of our love,

do we yearn together,

in this universal stream of security.


I once wound my life around hope,

only to discover my insanity

was driving me further beyond,

any matter of suggestive morality.


Yet, today when inside reflective peace,

I’ve no regret the love I’m asked  release.

In Soft Rain

There is a certain response

in Nature’s grasp upon our humanity,

we feel the sense of urgency,

when memory,

a soft rain,

a sweet graying sky,

a distant notion of asking why,

may suddenly become

the answer to our own,

quiet recall.


Sitting inside

the walls remain

those that sheltered our eyes,

from a distant reality.


Now remains alone,

the gentle man of words,

those inspired by her elegance,

the surreal nature of this energy,

our time,

the moments,

the seconds passing into hours,

the days ahead,

now long behind,

yet fresh,

like a late summer rain,

cleansing our soul

with a wish,

a passionate embrace

in our together natural psyche.


Oh I do feel her next to me,

my heart soft in its reflex,

knowing how to swoon

has given me allowance …

a will to appreciate

the beauty of time,

the exquisite nature of her.

Oh to Prescribe Time

Dali - The Persistence of Memory

Oh to know this is the right,


this moment,

it is in this amount of gathered energy,

to forecast the right morning,

the perfect afternoon,

a blissful evening,


and then to add … more time


When we plan our lives around

a certain favor, a pleasing introduction,

a realized shared opportunity to


when we might understand,

this was meant to happen just this way,

no one might answer any of the reasoning why,

we just did,

we could,

we knew without wondering we would.


and then to add … more time


Now chapters along in the journey,

we might begin to recognize stirrings,

perhaps our lives are in different,

parallels, or regions we sometimes cannot predict,

yet in our mind,

we visualize time,

we know we are always there,

always here,

if we can only find the right


the moment suggests,

we have designed our lives.


and then to add … more time


if we continue to try,

we might find we have lost

a thread,

only that quiet unravel,

takes such little time …


print – Salvador Dali – The Persistence of Memory

Come When They May

There are these tears, they build,

a sort of wall of a waiting storm,

I like to imagine a sweeter guild

of love than ever might we form.


I wander toward a make believe

palace on the top of this hill,

it is here I would wish for reprieve

from the scream inside so shrill.


The mounting crags of spindled rock,

would slip me into sweet oblivion,

if in a moment I would look to block

the piercing light I rest my eyes upon.


Oh to find the shadows of my common

world, whereby, the normalcy of why,

would only bury the familiar horizon,

when only together we might forever cry.


I have found my way again in the blue,

A moody appreciation always loving you.

Oh This Beauty in Time

Oh, this moment when simple words do cause my stir,

to imagine the passions my fantasy could experience her.


Oh, to cherish each thoughtful notion of love in a tear,

to know there is truth in the serendipity we share.


Oh, to look to a beautiful sky and recognize this love

is beyond our control and simply driven from above.


Oh, to feel your presence in touch, a skin in radiant air,

I would imagine your every step and grace is everywhere.


Oh, to have you in my arms, to feel your lips press mine,

It is the truth I respond with desire, a nectar’s sweet wine.


Oh, I do, yes, in every aspect of my world think of you,

when on a streamlined sunlit morn, my eyes seek this blue.


For it is the concept of wonder that keeps our hears alive in chance

To seek, to contemplate to find once more my eyes in yours in trance.

Touch, Whim & Serendipity

For in that sweet moment, while the eyes looked forward,

A stroll with a reach, a touch, a familiar sweet response,

When only she would realize the yearn is always toward,

A soft remind, a simple suggestion sensual, this once.


Then evening is the sky a sleek and distant shelter spoke,

In lives together meet upon a certain moment we smile

Together our recall, a further desire of passion to evoke,

I would then ask for a pause, to center in reach awhile.


Now in daylight the imagination plays against the rule,

Without suggestion could two soul an encounter enhance

So possible is that desire, that a sacrifice he will school

If when his eyes did open hers would welcome a chance.


Oh to know the paths we take to find one another’s release

It is that serendipity we seek in the privacy of sweet peace.