NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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It Is That Soft Touch

When we do go there,

our miles of dialogue discerned,

eyes searching, want,

the sudden though balanced

shift from anxiety to desire,

when we do, when touch

becomes central.


I imagine silk scarves covering her nakedness,

everything else is normalcy,

yet silk,

slides so effortlessly,

fun to pull with fingers,

or teeth,

more pleasurable to imagine,

the arousal, her skin, come alive

knowing she is being

loved in a physical way.


Oh there is certain in anticipation,

a rosy set of –

untouched yet yearning,

he sees, she knows, he knows, she …

when a moment allows the wetness

envelops one,

a gasp,

save the other, though always balance,

until there is a certain languid

sensuality that slides his mouth along lines,

toward another part of her nakedness,

his mouth plays, tongue tease,

she does again,

gasp, as his mouth lowers,

his hands return silks,

the scarves,

to naked, peaked – ,

shout to the touch, while

now the center will be his aim.


Oh to spend time here,

with hands that find,

with lips that do taste,

a desire in her eyes, looking for his,

for he is on a watch,

to notice her upper lip

settle in quiver

as yes he does,

the circles begin,

the fingertips respond, explore, search,

a designed rhythm

whereby bodies are moving,

his anticipation grinds into a corner

of silk bedding, save for later.


For now it is the duty, desire of his tongue,

to find her arch, that involuntary sweep of

unbridled passion,

that wanton nature,

of finding her rhythm to reach …

ah, breathe sweet, spent, curls and lips

rest upon my shoulder,

I would then feel her hands,


begin again …

When We Wish Only One

We design a fantasy,

the essence of care, desire, a want,

the imagination can begin,

a simple notion of touch,

and my own body does respond, my hands reach,

I wish for yours in the moment,

only option I have is to hope yours might be the same,

I know where my touch would be,

every inch, every aspect of a gasp

your utterance directs my need,

it is my own, only in tandem with satisfying


Shoulder Sense

It is when a kiss,

ever soft, a familiar touch,

a loosened garment, exposure,

where my lips rest,

teeth gently arouse,

to a gasp, to a soft hand pulling me,


now she is alive with passion,

a desire, that will move me to her lips,

while my fingertips trace the wet

reality of a naked shoulder,

that place I will return to again and again,

while hands roam,

legs intertwine, a naked thigh feels a certain desire,

a slide, a soft sinewy grasp …

her eyes smile as my lips envelop one, gentle bite,

a second, a moan now suggests my hands are free to go,

to seek, to find, to slow …

wander inside her world, lips part,

she is in search of my madness, awaiting her direction,

we do wind our souls upon one another,

a fever pitch, while she guides me,

I will watch her eyes while the moment stills,

a kiss, a passionate yearn,

my mouth wet with desire,

returns …

naked shoulder.


Just Desserts

I do just want to –

very simply.

I want just to do –

quite delicious

I just want to do –

sweet hours pass

I want to just do you..

Alone in Notion

An emptiness

settles my mind,

when I can know the feeling remains.

If hesitation

suggest an opportunity

the anxiety blows me,


of course,

that literal need is always knocking

when I’m alone,

when time stands still and hours fly by,

I wonder if anyone knew

would they …


is it me.

Am I the solution to my need,

seems to be a sort of shallow satisfaction,

yet when is it that


finds an eventual happy medium.

There’s a reason I haven’t sought out


I suppose it’s some moral conviction,

a desire to maintain my integrity

in the midst of a pool of wanton sensuality.

Find her at home,

is my friend’s lament,

and yet,

I already know this,

I just wonder if she ever will.

A Sample Taste

I was thinking, while the silk played my shoulders,

how I do love the curve of your lips,

when your smirk buries lust beyond my eyes.

You wrap me well,

sliding the band with gentle fingertips,

lifting me like a precious glass,

tying me off taut, dropping strands along naked arms

until I feel you, lips,

trace my neck move to my chest,

naked legs sensually slide my own apart while fingertips

tease my abdomen please,

stay here for some while, the feeling superb,

I don’t even know if I am actually erect,

your pulse on my body is a lovely command.

My wait affirmed as without reach or posture

lips encompass me with sweet result I nearly leap off my back,

yet your hands push me now, running my shoulders like a machine,

mouth, drawn, wet, tongue finding room and slide,

I am hard in your grip now, lost in a flurry of

whatever it is you do to me,

I cannot describe,

except that faint smile in my mind, as your body directs me

wherever you delight in causing gasp.

Soon I feel the cup of your fingers underneath me,

holding me with desire,

I wonder where the rest of you is landing while your mouth

plays me like the candlelight of a waxy moon.

Then it happens – I taste you, as your descent

lets me relish the beauty of you finally taking the time,

to sit.

Right There


It was here

with wet fingers

you began

my gasp,

a clasp,

a motion would turn

slide with lather and notion,

I would reach for your naked shoulders

while now hands


underneath to lift me your way,

mouth on nipple,

head arch to your touch,

while I feel the slick desire of soap

run down my naked back

oh my how your fingertips do find me,

the soap allows me to slide sweet moan,

as your mouth search,

mine will reach your lips

when inside I will guide

your descent of my wet release

together …

we could stay like this forever –

I know though, I know you,

know me please!

*photo found on tumblr