I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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Affirming Desire


In that moment,
a kiss,
the wetness lips found,
a gasp, a shudder, hands in caress,
will in sudden pull,
find each other.

It is when I can travel,
my lips leaving your own,
to find a naked shoulder, the skin I imagine (hope)
comes alive with my needed touch.
Yes, it is my need to find your own release,
my desire,
to, as I roam your naked body, I can cause utterance
whereby if I glance, your eyes,
they do dance with a certain delightful abandon.

Yet I have just begun,
there is so much of you to touch,
to feel, to hold, to know…
I would if time permit allow my trace, sweet breath, wet kisses,
a gathering of every centered zone your sweet lips,
beg my travel, my hands underneath would pull you to me,
and I would never end, always finding a new taste,
a sex,
a sensual accentuate sexual design,

sketched upon your beauty.

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And Then I Said

I wish I might

begin again to recognize,

cherish, perhaps always, recall in

special terms, an accentuated agenda,

toward your beauty.

I wish I may

know beyond a selfish

constant need to validate,

to suggest a prowess beyond human


the grace in loving you.

I wish …

I wish in all our throes of need,

when realized is the societal drive of passion,

when all of the world could recall,

her elegance, a sensuality that screams

the passion of my loins.

I wish then I might know how to tell you,


in all of your mystique, such vulnerable delight,

I love you.

Emotions Unwrapped

unbridled satisfaction,

a glow,

sweet smile


we all feel the same

let go

begin to climb

satisfaction is a driving force

that need

eloquent sensuality

when all else

disappears in the mist

of release –

we play together

On My Knees

i would

if that men could understand.


If through the silk of your beauty,

stand before me,

I am head bowed,

hands hold held hips

my lips will search inside an inner

sweet delicious … you

guide me to your essence …

a natural reversal of demand,

when yes we are told

your knees be bruised regularly

meet our wants today, tonight,

every moment we might suggest …

yet this vision

when I breathe in sensuality,

the fabric contains her fragrant reminder,

of that which well before my own

sexuality risen,

strike an internal fire,

that discretion,

in woman repose

give solace to preferential need.


If, when, would she know.

Seeking Real

I do fantasize to be sure,

if I might share with her,

a certain desire a storm

perhaps sweep away norm


I would simply taste beauty,

gasps along the inside pretty

scent of her mystique whispers

desire, wanton release is hers


when dance I will light touch

to offer sensuality swift such

swept passion to now agonize

to know, believe in her wise,


movement is the elegance of dance

when today, found is my chance

trace sinewy lines to uttered moan

while certain shaded hills have grown


strong within the valley’s shelter

we could remain wild together

to shift seas, understand a wave

of energy allows passion save


her eyes plead for safe travel

without such we will unravel

yet tonight, our love can draw

canvas of magic, a see-saw


bound upon each other, when

sudden our shift we might then

chuckle in the midst of climax

the leading edge cannot relax


I do want wish wisps her where

becomes my tangles her hair

encompasses my own arousal

whilst alone her eye in perusal


can study my wish to explode

whilst desire a delight to implode

as she does reach, might I know

just that path to truly find a glow.


These are the moments love seems

to offer spiritual innocence to dreams

Fantasy Play

Would it be a shiver,

indeed, the very touch of your skin,

against mine in the quiet sunset of our lives.

would that all of my desire, my passion,

might respond to your intrigue, lest any reservation,

only sheer sensuality, unbridled to reach so high,

in discretion, we imagine, yet in the public eye,

only mine and yours do we seek more attention.

In mild contrast, we tease each other’s eye,

a sensation of fantasy, a stroll along the telephone wire,

old friends whose mind wild with desire

contain themselves with their own delicious

retreat into a touch, an afterthought,

a conversation with physical response,

yet, together in their own separation,

the safety of climax might reach or may play a song,

long wound in rhythmical pace,

drawing strong the need to become

one with each other

across the world.

Waking Dreams

Beauty is fond memory,

when in those waking moments,

when only a thin linen shelters skin,

the slightest turn, twist, tease

brings you immediately to mind,

and hands and slide and sensory

motion suddenly lays you by my side.


If I could hold you in my arms

would you be then content

if waking together we would

naturally begin to dance,

a slow motion waltz:

lips and gasps to stir our soul

utterance yearn, high energy

as to a nirvana achieved.


Gaze upon climax received,

inside each other’s wet

unbridled sexual release

we might imagine delight,

nostalgic, my world secure

while your radiance nearby

protects me from fear.


I lay within my shadows

only to shed a tear,

a joyful reckoning of

elegance felt in your arms,

that only time has removed,

yet memory will always seem

worthy of our waking dreams.