NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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Thinking About This

I often wonder about notions,

an idea, plays out in my head,

I formulate my own opinion,

a funny sort of discrete decision.


Not yet, my mind tells me,

not ready to share with anyone else,

and there begins the battle,

because I do,

I so want to,

there’s a part of me that wants to free the world,

my world I suppose,

actually, our world,

because I think, wait a second, I mean,

we all seem to … have a want;

so that everyone around me will know

what’s in my head,

what I’m imagining,


Thinking about this.

Adjusting My Self

Because that’s what we do,


adjust our selves,


without a flinch, grab and rearrange,

walking down a city block,

standing in a room of peers,

grasping with petulance upon that external



So why all the self-importance one might ask,

for those of you still

hanging around.

Call it the self-deprecation of the ability of man,

to justify their reason for being,

to make light upon the external nature of our intrusion,

perhaps I only want to apologize for my anticipation.


The real reason though will play itself out,

in that most delicious and sensual manner,

for it is that love of ‘woman’

the essence of elegance, beauty of her mystique,

it is the man in me that must always realize the gift

is woman

in all of her sinewy swoon,

that dazzle toward unraveling my mind at the sight of



And why man,

why can we not simply allow our lives to believe

in cherishing and honoring the natural Grace of woman.

I say this from the bottom of my heart,

because I have been allowed to know,

the true muse, the mysterious delight of woman,

and I am sated by her lovely enticement.


So, let’s make the adjustment one last time.

Be a man.



Not Knowing Why

I know how

can see the distance is real

a universal reality

We all notice when we take

the time.

Question is how do we ever

Really know why, beside some doctrine

told me, told her, you, me, every other,

we can lose time


but I chose a blind eye,

if only a short while;

it was there I began to know love.

Bored With Lust

I have become bored with lust,

well, that reciprocity thing is the cause

I suppose it was a matter of time,

before one more eye roll

while another shift in posture,

indeed, I imagine it was that glare,

caused me to suggest perhaps

aspirations were beginning to

falter in an exceedingly

pretentious sea of sardonic sanity.


I won’t make light of losing desire,

of withering toward an aging leaf,

crestfallen and snapping as life steps

firmly upon the soil of reality.


I’m simply bored with wanting when we wander

through life with constant parameters

explained attitudes,

suggestive glances,

delicious lips,

elegant strides

curvaceous smiles,

legs that would kill if given the chance …

‘hurt me please’


Yup, I’m a little tired of lust.

Finding Real

I struggled for a long time with understanding why she left,

I wanted to explain, whenever I could,

yet each time I tried she managed to leave the room bereft

of any desire to listen to that I would

suggest to be my truth.


I often felt the urge to just tell her I was only scared,

and then if I did that,

well certainly she would run streets narrowed

to discover a simple rat

wanting her truth.


I think the most frightening aspect of coming to terms

with our humanity, who we are,

want to become, feel we need to be, is the lectern

we decide is the standard bar,

that knows our truth.


I remember one day when she said she had this piece

no one would ever know, she would keep,

and yet I somehow could never then feel anymore peace

knowing apart from me she might sweep

away her own truth.


So when walking down Main street America, I looked in her eyes

thought better of myself, today, might be wise.

A Pretty Woman Smiles

When she looks in a mirror her happiness is real,

she wears a certain type of jeans to look surreal

the curves of her inner thighs gel with delicious ass

that walk we want to see when she feels that sass.


Can you imagine the peril a woman has endured

when society suggests we take life at its word.

She looks hot enough to warm an arctic chill

yet we decide our disadvantage concerns her still


I wonder if when glancing by a certain window pane

if she might notice her frame fragrant as summer rain.

Might sweet bodice ignite a fire in everyman’s eye

be the talent the grace the elegance in a smile shy.


Will we ever please allow her quiet reflective release

to remain simply a cherished glamour; give her peace.

Changing Minds

I didn’t wish for peace,

I didn’t ask for justice

I didn’t call out names

I didn’t paint a canvas

I didn’t send a note

I didn’t wait for anyone

Only then did I change