NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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Scrutiny -revised-

It’s when our lives in truth become a show,
We value love, under a moon’s beget
For isn’t truth in how her eyes do glow
A fine recall of what we now regret.
I wrote you notes, turned letters from afar.
Imagined gravel roads your steps would fall
Upon the sliding summer day a star
Could always light our way sweet road recall
To know the stars could still for us align
Bring hope alive inside my scrutiny.
For now today in love I might malign
My precious world could bring me to my knee.
To know her elegance I wish afford.
Such world I’m told where love is man’s reward.

Afternoon In Spring

When sky in blue bring fond the light in love
In balance would such dreams lend quiet pause
For in memory draws sweet eyes to cause
Our own hearts aloft, lovely sound above.

While soul lay soft upon my beating chest
Her eyes did tell stories of mating calls
In Nature’s design recognize no walls
To mask the beauty her gasps do arrest.

Whisper the sudden touch of love in reign
Couple suggestive tone, a kiss is mine
That nectar I delicious drink her wine
A center now to reach inside soft rain.

Oh to feel the breeze of now summer day
When melody birds did sing love did say.

Touch, Whim & Serendipity

For in that sweet moment, while the eyes looked forward,

A stroll with a reach, a touch, a familiar sweet response,

When only she would realize the yearn is always toward,

A soft remind, a simple suggestion sensual, this once.


Then evening is the sky a sleek and distant shelter spoke,

In lives together meet upon a certain moment we smile

Together our recall, a further desire of passion to evoke,

I would then ask for a pause, to center in reach awhile.


Now in daylight the imagination plays against the rule,

Without suggestion could two soul an encounter enhance

So possible is that desire, that a sacrifice he will school

If when his eyes did open hers would welcome a chance.


Oh to know the paths we take to find one another’s release

It is that serendipity we seek in the privacy of sweet peace.

In Definition

There is something beautiful about the word,

When found in the throes of an energy bound,

We wonder sometimes if it might feel absurd,

When suddenly our hearts sense love is around.


Perhaps in first light we might the skeptic told

Imagine initial sparks only a lovely distraction

Yet when further our energy increasingly bold,

We are certain to know this a chosen direction.


Throughout a delicate mania of quiet caress

Welcome a travel beyond our wildest dreams,

When in privacy of mind, sensuality  address

A compliment of beauty is elegance seems.


When love is real, we willing allow entrance,

Inside might our lives enhance sweet chance.

Sonnet III (Love Knows)

With each breath, a morning stir, reminder

There lies ahead memory asunder.

Oh to feel arms embrace, to search, this touch

When eyes closed, the visual ne’er too much.


Shy toss her brow, a romantic tell, recall

Smile sweet with pensive, yet resonate wall.

Always deep inside the fuse awaits fire

A moment’s glance is all the need inspire.


These are forevers my mind will now choose,

Taste your skin magic a mystique lips peruse

While hours will blend toward immediacy

Heart in tear mix passionate legacy.


While wish to have repeat, hold you near me,

In shelter will speak freedom – love I see.

Before the Dawn

When our lives understand a natural peace,
We listen with our hearts, mind rests,
The twilight of meaning suggests
Only now might quiet stirs sound release.

Inescapable is the presence of our dawn,
Will arrive, have meaning, purpose
Lives matter in waking a quiet repose
As we again, always, begin in love to fawn.

There is a natural beauty in a somber tone
To knowledge begun in afterthought
When piece together that we wrought
Only to know our lives could forever be one.

It is that silent memory of love in kindness
Eyes awaken to a new dawn, an awareness.

Accentuate Love (for her elegance)


Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 11.25.54 PM

Will love find an emphatic listener

One whose compassionate ear apparent.

Will love know that eyes tenacious assure

A beheld classic character lives current.


When far beyond initial giddiness,

Two lovers begin a slow resonate

Sojourn drawn with a climactic oneness.

Such that a skeptic eye knows not innate.


Thunderstorms and slow spring showers alert

Their kindred hearts to woo romantic tears.

The sadness of onlookers left inert

To their passion of which the two know fears.


Yet while eternal fire ignite release

Hers, a magical mystique be his peace