NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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If By Choice We Begin

It is difficult to say

When love begins to engage

The mind

Beyond the normalcy

Of a quaint, sometime

Forgotten life.


That passion,

Triggers the senses

To entice the moment

In all its simplicity

Will without warning

Contest complexity.


If by choice in the chaos

Of recognizing the human condition

We decide for ourselves

It is the right time,

That today beyond any other

Would mean sacrifice for love.


I do recall

That first morning

The summer had begun,

In the wonder of authenticity

Only when doors opened

And she walked into the room.


It was there I made a choice,

I would fall in love with you today.

In Respect to Time

Know me when I suggest, the time it took to favor love,

is like a flashing seen by few, yet felt eternally.

It is that moment when your eyes do sparkle

when your hair holds luster,

your legs, oh my …


When time allows my love to reach for your heart,

a slow methodical touch of passion that would suggest,

when gone again, I will love you from afar,

until next time,

until your eyes avail my desire.


Oh I cannot define the hours of need,

when my body yearns to feel the center of your dreams.

I only ask for this moment to become a memory,

all told a nostalgia repeats itself whenever could

our lives cross paths with importance and purpose.


We are the delicious nature of an instinctual reality,

it is that time we are known

the time it takes,

the moment when two lives become one,

oh to favor time.

I’m Still Here

I wonder sometimes when people glance,

if the resonate nature of being human

lasts beyond a moment,

just past the time it takes to see

whatever it is they need in their own lives

to respond accordingly.


I took a walk in early morning chill,

strolled past frosted windows,

ice sculptures lit with calendars,

made from ice cream tubs

consumed and cleaned and saved

for holiday accent the neighbors might see.


I wander through the world with certainty

brings me to my destination,

like a Simon and Garfunkel melody,

I seem to realize the world around me,

except to suggest any confidence

in anyone ever understanding me.


We all have secrets, paths, ambitions,

though seldom are we told,

to share our deepest plans with the person

just nearby without a care,

instead we keep the door open

to a new voice, perhaps the one that matters.


I have to step gingerly through my day

sometimes, in order to avoid the reckoning,

that part of me that defines my love.

Based on the neighborhood and quiet walks,

the eyes suggest so much otherwise,

that when I think of her I cry.


I always do look for those eyes that help guide me,

the ones that hold my soul wherever I may go.

Sweet Breeze

When wet our bodies land,

we embrace,

touch the sky with open hand,

this trace

of love-making has had its fury,

and now there is rest,

the best

is when while in your arms I feel your passion,

your eyes in mine, my mind is yours,

when quiet and stealth,

an open window is a breeze on a hot summer day,

enough to chill naked desire,

eyes alive, and we will again build our fury,

to rest again …

sweet breeze


These are the fleeting,

the carry me along with patience,

smile as we dance through each obstacle,

sudden moment of delicious unbridled sensuality,

something shared,

a certain knowing, crisp, tension finds relief

only in beauty and grace,

a quiet interlude,

common space,

that look in her eye when the moment seemed almost

like a sweet miracle of magic beyond the escaping breadth

of our contained human nature.

When only the soul is complete in an effort to suggest

we can have this surrealistic moment,

and yes,

everything about us together now,

is alright.


musings by the lake after the spring thaw

Face in Shadows


I did a double take,

while she relaxed in the waves,

a quick look, assessing followers

without giving away the moment

lips, smile, a certain nod,

held high but not for me,

while you stole away,

I glanced to see her safe

out of harm’s way,

while we wandered

like two strangers pass

across each other’s lives.

I wondered when we might

if ever on such a day,

would we know each other

outside the shadows …

I looked at her, she seemed ok,

the day’s activities

remain the same;

We’d walk this way again,

nostalgic, you and me,

without any need to stay.


* photo found on pinterest

Waves Reflect Rain


Where I stand physically is so apparent,

yet walk inside my mind,

(for some it is known)

for others what is that reality

that creates a need to know

to contemplate,

to wonder.

When walking outside in the rain,

I feel the drops

nail me with every step,

feels good really often more than not

summer rain

so wonderfully romantic.

You remember,

how wet you were afterward just seemed

to make the night go deliciously smooth,

but that’s another matter.


*photo found on pinterest