NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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A Simple Layered Elegance

Her robes did convert her elegance

into a certain delight,

the long, sinewy nature of legs,

drawn inside the fabric,

a hand could reach and tease skin,

always aware,

the notion needed to dive inside,

yet for now she was spectacular,

the ribboned designs,

rainbows and blended lines

caressed her body in a way

that eyes would follow forever,

wanting everything inside,

a thoughtful exploration

would carry me further,

only if when I glanced in her eyes …


Lay Your Sundress Out Please

The time has arrived,

like the ticking of an internal clock,

summer squeeze

favorite linens,

sinewy lines please,

with a peek of heaven,

in the morning sunlight’s

captured apex – there is a mirage

of wonder waiting our eyes,

we will be left in a delicious

state of artistry.


Have a look,

really close,

get inside the moment

in your head,

feel the sweet tease

of tender thighs,

holding court while

the common air

of humanity in a race

for the searing heat of summer

time, stands with certain

heart shaped glows.


Purse your lips when, please,

in the summer we may feel that breeze

sundress perk


Sweep me inside,

I’ll settle your slacks,

the concierge smiles knowing

we belong together this afternoon,

fall through the door as you step out of your ankles,

I do love your hands making me wet

soaking my sundress far beyond

the heat of Central Park


I knew this morning why I dressed the way I do

just for you,

so many you I have searched for in morning walks,

settling for the M.E.T. by mid-afternoon,

where then I would find a discreet gallery

to settle my nerves

always on exhibit,

always on fire in the middle of the day.


Yet I did allow the linens to cover the windows,

even though I put my hands on the sill as you

lifted my dress over my head,

I was positioned, ready, wanting,

legs spread anticipating you,

when then you lifted me off the floor,

I was stunned and unafraid of where I might land


we both knew …

while the park chatter chuckled a floor below


*photo found on Tumblr


A Resolute Railroad


I’m driving home again,

sharpened wits, known vulnerability

that echoes a time when she referenced

‘railroad man’ sweet to my ears.


Now as I recall the time has turned to years

the novelty, the desire, the passion remains,

often there’s that wonder whether, if how, this might

have been conducted in some sweet, delicious manner,

the trains might still be running.

I know now instead of looking for the station,

imaginary and analogous,

I’m already well past the tracks,

facing the music on the next horizon.


Funny how a sunny day will muddy those tracks,

sundress and provocative silks alive,

my what a gorgeous day

to dream about that internal passion,

the fruits of every man and woman’s fantasy …


Humanity’s desire, will hope, certainly never sway,

Wild reflections on railroads forever running tracks.


*image courtesy of Colour Box

How Might We Mingle?

a spacial interior,

soft chairs, and hardbacks with high tops,

a couple of workers lost in motion

designing their day together,

behind the counter all the tasks at hand,

he walks in finds an open table,

easy enough to find

in a quiet sort of way today.

He lets his fantasy remain in check

with the knowledge of understanding

not everyone, every passerby, each new customer

has arrived to be on display for him today.

Yet, there she was on this brilliant sunlit day,

shades of white pearl to match her immediate

lustre, that innocence of beauty and grace,

mingled inside a floral pattern of spaghetti strap

mystique to draw the eye, to certainly change his day.

Look away, look away he suggests in his mind,

to avoid any notice of drool down the side of cheek.

Perhaps a quick glance and smile, yet that is missed,

instead just her sheer beauty is well in sight.

Ah, to be preoccupied enough to catch her eye,

to have her decision be based on his desire

the fantasy begins to take hold with silent delight,

her order claimed, and in that quick minute,

she’ll choose the outside on such a beautiful day.

So the question remains while he ponders inside

How might we mingle in such an obvious way?

Romancing A Vision


Oh the love of fantasy,

to imagine,

to delight,

to … know so delicious a mystery.

When I look at you,

walking past my eyes,

in the sunlight’s magic mirror,

I do hope your lovely eyes,

will match up with that fire inside,

the one you have allowed all of us to create,

in our own private fantasy.

Oh to be with you in the morning,

when awaken to the fresh hot energy of the sun,

hands sift through fabric with intent,

to know which threads,

create your own self-discovery,

while we all walk along in a certain order

of predictable accountability.

Walk free with delight,

your sexual persona

meets us all when streams of sunlight,

do certain, light up,


I Would, You, Slow

I would,

reach behind you,

discreet in line,

my body covering


vision in the morning,

with my fingertips,

tease fabric along your side,

to feel for lines,

and realize none …

I would stand closer,

in the now crowded line,

allows us to merge

in a manner,

a public liaison

my hands now moved

behind, your naked


that I know from touch,

when I move

closer, my hard reality,

touching your stoic


the line moves,

you step forward,

I’m exposed,

in pleated slacks,

my hand falls away naturally,

yet still I recall,

the fabric of your dress,

mixing with your lustre,

my hand wants more,

I step closer,

and glance at your long hair,

hiding your eyes from me,

I can’t imagine why,

they would look nearly,

orgasmic, a male perspective.


Of course I lean in,

you push back sudden,

I know now you want this,

I center my cock inside

your natural cleave, draped buttocks,

naked skin, wrapped in silk,

If you step away

my cock will expose my desire,

still safely pressing against my slacks,

I do though, want to push you against the counter,

fuck you slowly, while your body shakes,

I want to watch the barista’s eyes tremble,

as he notices your lips suddenly quiver,

with passion, your hands pressed

on the glossed granite ,

riding out the moment,

taking me inside all the while,

as we wait,

we want, we need, we wait,

for our morning coffee,

the barista now smiles with confidence,

‘Can you hold on a little longer’

he says as I slide inside your fantasy.


My hands are trembling from holding your hips,

more … soft groans with gasps …

the sexy aroma of coffee

permeates the room in

surreal blend …


You  take a step,