I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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Waking Autumn

When I recall the quiet noise of morn

The days I pine, the darker eyes that loom

Ask less my mind, for when I in a gloom

It is the sky I seek to slow forlorn


The memory a haunt of sorrow found,

As lives we sow are asked to further go.

Beyond the real of the love we know

Is sunlight sure to welcome saner ground.


In between slats of home a golden air

Bemuse fear of letting go, losing her

For it is beautiful the morning stir

Of golden leaves – descend summer’s ware.


So when in the morning sun I wake alone

Her elegance in brilliant sky be shown.

Certain Beauty in Repose

Might words draw an artwork around her beauty,

She beget that fair that will cause eye sudden stir.

A man’s glance to ask for sunlight in a stream

Would accentuate sensuality ease frivolity.

Oh then we do wonder what words exist in her,

When in watch, she will heads turn it seem.

A walk would give light to her every step

As perhaps imagine linens do tease inside

A world of private affair, only meant for one.

In that integrity of Grace, we might worship

A sinewy storm of her surreal glance aside

A measured smile, a breeze in privacy undone.

We would that opportunity survey elegance

With eye alive, I do delight we share a glance.


Sunlight Serenade

Those are the days,

afternoons, the twilight beckoning a red sky,

it is the morning after,

while the children play, the people in their privacy

imagine a softer tone, a melody, a crystal montage,

cascades the mind with brilliance, enticing energy.


Walked outside today in an array of surreal,

the heat a fire on my skin,

the people nearby with an extra step,

all gloominess aside,

there is a rendezvous with beauty,

awaiting anyone across any avenue.


I would stand the heat,

play with the magical sense of this mystique,

turns heads, allows fantasy, creates


I would stand upon the highest ridge,

to only proclaim the beauty of this


I would give her my heart, my soul

already being cradled inside the mystery of time.

Oh to know the response her sweet manner

will give the world around,

when in quiet repose,

she does dance elegant

letting the rays of heat’s sensuality

light her center on fire.



Good Morning Eyes

If I close my eyes, travel I will

across horizons to a visual sea

nearby sunlight will let me see

beauty rise in eyes so still


her world around is asleep while

notions perhaps beg for response

lying within her own personal chance,

a mystique in sensuality will while


away morning minutes, where all

measure is beauty in her space,

in manner of delight, sweet pace;

whispers across ceilings so tall


makes allowance for her senses.

Awaken to a cool morning sunrise,

sweet golden skin accentuates eyes

closed to enhance her stir, gasps intense …


safe, secure with only quiet release

offers elegance, her own form in peace.

Beautiful Energy in Sunlight


The day began with streaking rays that speak so clearly,

time is right to delight the eyes of all our fears

We are a naturally driven society delicious and surly

with that need to recognize beauty has tears

If my heart feels this way in the dawn of any storm

I’m sure of my need to be somewhat cured

of that ailment that suggests I medically conform,

yet this ain’t no ailment; this heat is preferred.

Look about the world around and rather than dissuade

oh believe truly the positive vibe sings design

to delight in one another, appreciate how we persuade

as soulful the human condition is just fine

Honest to the core I can seldom move with such release

of sunlight’s summer rays upon her sweet lovely peace!


* photo courtesy of Shutterstock

Silly Afternoon Pleasures

Loving couple holdind on the hands and sunset

Loving couple holding hands and sunset


When we did find grass in our hair,

walking away,

the moment in memory,

a matted reminder, share your eyes,

I will follow with every twist and turn,

begin perhaps today on a naked thigh,

while fingertips travel tease

inside shorts worn suggestive,

to have me inside you

when the time might be right.

Your hand lingering in my hair,

laying back on the cool grass,

smiling to the baking sun above,

I would move my lips further,

to lift your shirt to taste more skin,

more pleasure, more gasps, more real,


all the nights I would sit at home

wondering if we might ever have this

opportunity, this time.

My time, as I didn’t know your needs

might be offered to my wishes

in such a sunny delight of nature’s place

in that surreal scheme of making love.


We walked with hands intermingled, clasped

with smiles suggestive. Need there be more?

Seems A Pattern

watch while the sun rise

overwhelms sky reaction

helpless we remain