I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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When It Seems Beyond Reach

Its favorite complaint

is not valid,

to imagine one’s pain,

is beyond another’s reach.


We are often more together

than what visibly

might be imagined,

while the construct of love remains.


To imagine solace

rather than feel it is easily

more attainable

than finding the truth.


Oh to be your guide,

to let your body fall in grace,

into my own,

so the comfort of love remain.


Oh to know a solution,

to understand a helpless nature,

in the human condition,

to show delight in love.


A simple remedy is plausible

only to the sightseer

who has not trekked the craggy

landscape of a chronic sojourn.


We seek peace in the shelter of our lives,

far beyond the tantalizing nature of pain.

The Simple Truth

If while the world rotates,

an axis always fluid,

yet very much the same

to the naked eye

we stood alone for a time,

would we fade into the soil,

only regrading the vacancy of truth.


Perhaps I might still stand


though I’m thankful I can

rely upon the eyes of her own


for recognizing life

as we know it is true,

the simple fact that sharing love,

will forever be the traffic I prefer.


With a certain delight,

I do always find some peace,

in holding her hand,

in seeing her smile,

in knowing her,

the beauty of forgiveness

in the eyes of the human condition,

is a powerful reality.


One holds in their mind,

the reality of consequence,

and might only find peace,

in the shelter of another’s desire,

to eschew compassion,

to suggest peace,

to understand pain,

and then remain,

as close as time and scrutiny

might allow,

in the quiet moment.


I am grateful for time,

that notion of a sweet heal,

when guided in the wonder of her,

in living within,

a simple truth.

In Speaking to God

I asked Him today,

how it is He measures,

His way,

like walking into a department store,

asking the clerk,

could you tell me which way.

I suppose they might lead you to the chosen …

wait a second I would say,

that’s supposed to be His plan.


When she got in the car, she was happy,

almost giddy her mood, smiling,

eyes did sparkle in a way,

that did let me feel her emotion,

and then I caught her reflection,

walking in to get her coffee,

her smile had turned to concern …

when she returned we did talk about why.


I asked her carefully, and while she said,

she didn’t know,

I listened to her breathing, suddenly halting

when then the tears began,

she told me,

it couldn’t be this way,

she needed …

and I completely understood,

we watched the sky create wonderful pictures,

to allow our imagination to stretch across the world.


I held her close for a time,

it seemed like only a second or two,

I wanted to forever,

so I might feel her breathing,

begin to settle inside my arms,

I knew I couldn’t though,

I at least had that moment, we knew that moment,

we cared about only having that moment.


He knew she would be ok.