I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. My words and notions will I hope respond in poetic verse of many genre and style. Come along and please share your ideas and insights. Thank you for your visit.

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A Sample Taste

I was thinking, while the silk played my shoulders,

how I do love the curve of your lips,

when your smirk buries lust beyond my eyes.

You wrap me well,

sliding the band with gentle fingertips,

lifting me like a precious glass,

tying me off taut, dropping strands along naked arms

until I feel you, lips,

trace my neck move to my chest,

naked legs sensually slide my own apart while fingertips

tease my abdomen please,

stay here for some while, the feeling superb,

I don’t even know if I am actually erect,

your pulse on my body is a lovely command.

My wait affirmed as without reach or posture

lips encompass me with sweet result I nearly leap off my back,

yet your hands push me now, running my shoulders like a machine,

mouth, drawn, wet, tongue finding room and slide,

I am hard in your grip now, lost in a flurry of

whatever it is you do to me,

I cannot describe,

except that faint smile in my mind, as your body directs me

wherever you delight in causing gasp.

Soon I feel the cup of your fingers underneath me,

holding me with desire,

I wonder where the rest of you is landing while your mouth

plays me like the candlelight of a waxy moon.

Then it happens – I taste you, as your descent

lets me relish the beauty of you finally taking the time,

to sit.

An Observed Interlude

the wait

I chose her to be delicious, to be vulnerable, to appear lovely,

she could hear me breathe across the room,

I wanted her to settle her heart in anticipation to hear me freely

gasp while her beauty did my eyes consume

She was there only for the thrill of mystique, our desire

to play with a surreal notion of capture,

without worry she is confident no harm while the fire

of swift passion our bodies could endure.

Hers is a vulnerability meant to be designed with a care

for well being, a pleasant elegance is she

wrapped in silks, a lingerie a man would dream to dare

be the rapture of his fantasy only for free.

the blindfold in the moment to allow my rasps would direct

her hands to sweep her arms to taste an air

of sheer coveted need, as damp tease she could sense a perfect

opportunity now as wanton touch might dare.

I did glance the pensive expression on her lovely face

the sort that indicates arousal is indeed

of a quiet climax soon to moans and my own steady pace

would we together intermingle her lead.

For it is I the observer who steams along for this ride,

I watch as soon her beauty unravels a release

as when now our skin touch, sensation begins a tide

gentle storms select surreal … soft is her peace.


*photo found on Tumblr

Swan Pose

Open for you – you say!

you nasty mischievous gentle-man

ask too much of me you say,

oh to understand the waves of magic-man

if I part for you just a moment

to a glance might you smile or remain pensive

for that I want to know,

is it true you love to dance,

or are you wanting just to make me feel romance.

Oh, if I do wave my arms to act the swan,

will you allow me to gasp when underneath

the water’s edge

you will swoon –  you know you can reach inside.


Oh will he, I want him too,

I want him to, I wish him to know,

how wet I will be again,

after waking from this dream today.


*photo found on tumblr

Chocolate and Sex

Eyes closed

I can taste you,

syrup runs my cheeks,

I will stay here and let my tongue

melt you

soothe my slow slide


so damn good

wrap my teeth around your center,

a sip of simple pleasure,

why not reach inside to find the fruit,

that piece, that pie, that nougat, that you,

gasp, lips wet

ready to chew, yet only gently,

just to peal the edge of your need,

waiting, wanting, whisper such a tease

that your body may react to the breeze.

I want you to melt me with your desire,

taste me, twirl me, my fingertips have now …

wet, explosive journey inside,

time for that sweet sensational

eye roll


swallow me, voracious now,

I will lick chocolate off your lips

while I kiss your beauty.

Hungry mouths anticipate

a longer sojourn of sweet pleasure.

Walk Me Through

Would you please if you want to help me

could you for the moment

show me

let your fingertips draw lines


draw circles across the fabric

so you do

come alive before my eyes,

will you send your hand between your legs,

let me watch a tap upon your beauty,

let me wonder while I do become hard

in my own posture,

over here, with my smile,

my eyes seeming to flash in desire,

will you tap your fingertip,

so I might wonder how the pressure,

how much pressure,

how deep does your tap need to press

the denim of your skinny jeans,

whereby if I want to I can imagine all of you is

right there,

yes that is where I want you,

circles now,


allow your legs to part as the heat begins to push

eyes roll

in a sudden moment,

did you mean to do that or was that a show,

for my eyes only

as now the button of your jeans pops,


another pops

another pops to reveal your arousal inside your panties,

right there your fingertip now finds a crease,

a reason to press on ,

while your lips part,

tongue suggesting where it might land

on the surface of my hand held desire.

Would you take that walk with me,

could you,

might I ever understand how your pleasure is simply marvelous,

beyond the touch I think I know,

I could always learn from you.

Shall we begin tonight?







tongue, teeth,

rest upon pursed


move forward

a slight





first touch,

gasp of pleasure,

the crown,

a flick,

a rise,

a spread of legs,

tongue tease

fingertips pull fabric

tucked inside,

ready to explode,

lips purse,


wet fabric,


fingertips pull band to reveal


hard pulse,

lips release a tongue

follows a beating shaft,

lips, pursed, head,

slow suck sweet,

crown disappears

while tongue inside plays,

lips, wet, smooth, tight,

cocked head,

breathe …

I do


hands hover

eyes close

wonder where we wander

close enough to

yet just nearby

feel me, feel you,

her, him, each

engaged, erotic, enticing

senses alive feel

I want you to,

yet, wait, I too

want to play,


to imagine just how


held hands

eyes need