I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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Touch, Whim & Serendipity

For in that sweet moment, while the eyes looked forward,

A stroll with a reach, a touch, a familiar sweet response,

When only she would realize the yearn is always toward,

A soft remind, a simple suggestion sensual, this once.


Then evening is the sky a sleek and distant shelter spoke,

In lives together meet upon a certain moment we smile

Together our recall, a further desire of passion to evoke,

I would then ask for a pause, to center in reach awhile.


Now in daylight the imagination plays against the rule,

Without suggestion could two soul an encounter enhance

So possible is that desire, that a sacrifice he will school

If when his eyes did open hers would welcome a chance.


Oh to know the paths we take to find one another’s release

It is that serendipity we seek in the privacy of sweet peace.

Quiet Screams

It’s when in a moment, my world suddenly shifts,

when a word, a possibility, a delight suddenly leaves


we’re left to fend for ourselves, the dignity drifts,

we try to imagine a holistic realization receives


precedent, a strength beyond my world,

where watching her dance my head twirled.


I miss the sudden grip of my body and her kiss,

the moment when all else is put aside, nothing amiss,


I wonder about her, and where she might be tonight,

I picture situations, scenarios I’d rather not see,


and yet, whom am I to imagine anything more than me,

how selfish to believe my precedent overrules her needs.


I’d love to have you with me now, I’d hold you,

my kiss would last forever, I’d want you to find my eyes.

Wants and Needs

Sweet skin rush mind fleeting

taste, notions

bring your lips to mine,

hunger is alive,

when your fingertips wrap around

holding me close,

hands pull me upon you,

every touch,

alive, sensational, fleeting

need to have more,

give more,

be inside of you now,



she whispers with her tongue already applied,

right there, I can feel you now,

taste me please right now,

while my eyes watch your ass get wet

my fingertips are inside,

slapping the wet milk of your pussy

hard against the creamy desire

your mouth wraps around me,

fingertips cup my balls,

and I am alert,

straining with desire,

aching to be inside of you,


mouth, hands, lips,


I only want to taste you after

I know you have had the time,

to read this.

Real Moments

when fantasy for

a single moment delays

sweet reality


he saw you look in

waited again for your eyes

wondering quiet


today a visit

suggested we decided

to gather ideas


I woke from a dream

knew where I was now again

missing her lovely


I suggested I

might have a solution now

her day had been long


when we feel judgment

our eyes narrow to a slit

darkens our vision


when I step outside

 look for you time and again

surreal energy


cannot I pretend

this part of life to defend

alive once again