NSFW – Adults Only Please – My goal with this page constantly evolves – there was a time when all I wanted was to pique a woman's interest in the hope we connect through writing, dialogue … today, with all of the wonderful inspiration I've received, my need is to further my respect and intrigue in the sensual nature of 'woman' in all of her grace and elegance. I do hope you might enjoy!

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Questions Delve Deep

I think there is a reality we all imagine,

when simple is sufficient,

we sort of bowl over the remainder,

the mystery of being.


If to suggest lives matter,

is it as important to recognize honesty

attached to our integrity,

or are facades the true meaning.


We must be conscious how lost

begins the circle of unwarranted deceit

when lacking in interpretation,

the eyes need offer swift hesitation.


While further the exploration

begins to parlay the genuine nature,

in a gradual manner

speaks idly of conscious respect.


Oh, for my words do matter,

so careful I am to avoid such hindrance,

creates a vacuum in the greater schematic

playground of our heedless humanity.

Oh This Beauty in Time

Oh, this moment when simple words do cause my stir,

to imagine the passions my fantasy could experience her.


Oh, to cherish each thoughtful notion of love in a tear,

to know there is truth in the serendipity we share.


Oh, to look to a beautiful sky and recognize this love

is beyond our control and simply driven from above.


Oh, to feel your presence in touch, a skin in radiant air,

I would imagine your every step and grace is everywhere.


Oh, to have you in my arms, to feel your lips press mine,

It is the truth I respond with desire, a nectar’s sweet wine.


Oh, I do, yes, in every aspect of my world think of you,

when on a streamlined sunlit morn, my eyes seek this blue.


For it is the concept of wonder that keeps our hears alive in chance

To seek, to contemplate to find once more my eyes in yours in trance.

In Soft Recall

I do remember the touch,

my senses aroused when just sweet skin,

becomes my sojourn,

that region of love alive,

of a sensual desire drawn easily toward remarkable


when lost,

an afterthought.

I would if never,

be a forever man, to always have pace,

with knowing your pleasure,

to keep the bliss in your eye,

to have your favor of constant wanton need,

become a flower,

of petals moist in springtime,

yes, of a wonderful response to surely orgasmic …

settle your emotions, that is feeling,

that sense of release,

a motion beyond comprehension while eyes roll,

hands and arms flail to clasp,

legs shudder,

the mind becomes its own orgiastic celebration

of a coming to,

a knowing,

a reality of this moment being there,

with you, me, why however we do ignite our fire.

Oh it is this I truly know,

when in the regard of the heavens,

our god-like passions become o’er-filled,

In desire will I always recall – her.

Losing You

In the surreal sense of the human condition,

though we were little connected in physicality,

I hadn’t imagined the pain in my emotion,

I would feel when realizing this became insanity.


Shadowed by decades we do recall our delights

when memory raises expectations beyond the now,

we will always design such erotic nights,

or perhaps it is me while I raise your eyebrow.


I did for that brief moment reminisce sweet eyes

those touched my heart daily when then

I could pine over love never knowing just why

until again many distant songs later when


a voice would speak of love and ceremony,

a wisp of flattery, a toss of childhood romance

would remind my body beyond my infamy,

I could again love you if only by some chance.


Yet while I tease the reality of our lives

I want nothing more than your own peace

when in the beauty of time, love thrives

in the knowledge of persecuted release.


Fond are the eyes in the grace of her elegance,

I’ll imagine nostalgic caress is sweet chance.

Wisps in Afterthought

( this for beauty in inspiration )

if notions speak a loud,

a sweet glance

an internal fire

defines me

wait in patient lullaby


while all around wise would

my world

come unraveled

just your sweet touch


is where I wish to watch you move me

while a tear

spreads throughout my eye

the damp surreal


desire is where I want to be

watching you

trace your world

inside of me.


Hold On

I thought

if she held on a bit longer,

I could convince her,

if she let me touch her heart,

I would next believe she might,

but then,

we all do think that I suppose,

on occasion.

certainly when the need arises,

when no longer do we have that opportunity,

when out of reach

we realize,

we had our lives mapped out together,

we could break each other’s hearts


beaten down by the ruthless nature of love,

we wanted more,

I just couldn’t stand to wait any longer,

yet I’d forgotten,

that you could,

you told me you would,

and I listened.

I Remember the Early Days

I want you to know,

i haven’t forgotten,

I haven’t tried to pretend

I haven’t allowed forgiveness,

I haven’t sought entitlement,

I haven’t found solace

I haven’t begun to know,

I haven’t recognized hurt,

I still wish to understand,

just how simple my destruction

could be on another life

without regard for whom they are,

or wish to become,

perhaps wanting to walk away from

inherent responsibility,

certainly not newly gained,

certainly not a revelation

certainly not sudden affirmation

certainly without conscience.

Yet today I find myself reeling

wanting to somehow find an

easier path through the density

of a man’s quest existence.

Yet today, I only wish I might

convince all of the eyes,

the ears, the sensual response,

to understand I will never forget

the early days …

I have to remember …

every day.