I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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Losing You

In the surreal sense of the human condition,

though we were little connected in physicality,

I hadn’t imagined the pain in my emotion,

I would feel when realizing this became insanity.


Shadowed by decades we do recall our delights

when memory raises expectations beyond the now,

we will always design such erotic nights,

or perhaps it is me while I raise your eyebrow.


I did for that brief moment reminisce sweet eyes

those touched my heart daily when then

I could pine over love never knowing just why

until again many distant songs later when


a voice would speak of love and ceremony,

a wisp of flattery, a toss of childhood romance

would remind my body beyond my infamy,

I could again love you if only by some chance.


Yet while I tease the reality of our lives

I want nothing more than your own peace

when in the beauty of time, love thrives

in the knowledge of persecuted release.


Fond are the eyes in the grace of her elegance,

I’ll imagine nostalgic caress is sweet chance.

Wisps in Afterthought

( this for beauty in inspiration )

if notions speak a loud,

a sweet glance

an internal fire

defines me

wait in patient lullaby


while all around wise would

my world

come unraveled

just your sweet touch


is where I wish to watch you move me

while a tear

spreads throughout my eye

the damp surreal


desire is where I want to be

watching you

trace your world

inside of me.


Hold On

I thought

if she held on a bit longer,

I could convince her,

if she let me touch her heart,

I would next believe she might,

but then,

we all do think that I suppose,

on occasion.

certainly when the need arises,

when no longer do we have that opportunity,

when out of reach

we realize,

we had our lives mapped out together,

we could break each other’s hearts


beaten down by the ruthless nature of love,

we wanted more,

I just couldn’t stand to wait any longer,

yet I’d forgotten,

that you could,

you told me you would,

and I listened.

I Remember the Early Days

I want you to know,

i haven’t forgotten,

I haven’t tried to pretend

I haven’t allowed forgiveness,

I haven’t sought entitlement,

I haven’t found solace

I haven’t begun to know,

I haven’t recognized hurt,

I still wish to understand,

just how simple my destruction

could be on another life

without regard for whom they are,

or wish to become,

perhaps wanting to walk away from

inherent responsibility,

certainly not newly gained,

certainly not a revelation

certainly not sudden affirmation

certainly without conscience.

Yet today I find myself reeling

wanting to somehow find an

easier path through the density

of a man’s quest existence.

Yet today, I only wish I might

convince all of the eyes,

the ears, the sensual response,

to understand I will never forget

the early days …

I have to remember …

every day.

Really, I Do

Even when my eyes stop straying,

when I cease the un


when our world becomes tame,

we just look upon

each other

Even in those very simple moments,

when scrutiny

isn’t the goal toward disrobing


when only the beauty of your grace

is my

main attraction,

even when you smile,

and it is not an indication of a


invitation …

even when it is

when all I might imagine,

is un –


you in a dimly lit




becomes my interlude.

Even then,

I think you are beautiful.

I Am a Man

I deserve nothing.

She can give me the world

I own nothing

That she might offer me




Is not an automatic

While gaze strikes me blind

Inside internal fire

Quiet magic in that ever menacing



I require only

Her forgiveness if willing,

My choice

Little bearing on outcomes.

If I choose to be aggressive,

Only on her terms,


Just holding me might suffice,

Know you are only my world.


We can sacrifice our lust,

With a sweet exchange


Hold strength when

Notice rather than avert

Attention to detail.

She will be only remarkable

When we together recognize

A peace

Rather than regarding only

A piece

Of property we could never imagine

Ours alone.


Woman is a gift

Her sojourn can only evolve

In a respectful society.

When next you decide to hurt,

Step back for a minute,

Look with real eyes



Without this

Who could really suggest truly?


Man is …

Seeking Sensuality

I want to indicate provocative,

words to fire the soul,

to replicate desires when shared,

feel the lotion of nature’s hands

sweep across delicious naked skin.

Is that not like laying in damp spoils

of a rain soaked day,

the mud clean and slippery,

dancing across our bodies

like that living bath of sensuality.

I want while she listens,

to understand just how I might

offer her peace from the confusion,

the gender chaos of a man’s liberty,

or lack of understanding,

in motion a growing response,

to our failure to allow her individuality

to blossom,

to produce beauty and elegance

without the promise of consummation.


Within the reality of that understanding,

I am confident we might find Nature’s truth