An Emotional Day

Speaking to strangers in a private world

perhaps an overstatement

while lost inside a delusional affair.


This one day while standing rather alone

watched a dream enter the room

thought beyond the moment, a fantasy.


See there begins this rather sordid mystique

hers is visual wonder in his

therefore, words may be shared, understood.


Yet, then the eyes, the smile, the eyes speak

a certain passionate appeal,

he says yes, he says now, he speaks truth


Cut to the chase she says without a beat,

and he is lost for the day,

now in desperation he recalls that day.


Sweet wonder in the quiet description

of her fall evening in a window

listen to the nature of her life around her


the years we listen, we speak, we love

are inside a sudden memory,

when life returns with a silent reality.


So wonder is in a design of sweet serenity,

the loveliness of such is a passion

inside an emotional day we find sweet peace.

What It Is We Feel

When we look outside,

the physical landscape,

know the seasons,

understand the dawn,

when we look at the world around us,

we have a reason to wonder where we are.


One might suggest it is what we

allow to wander throughout our mind,

what it is

causes me to decide

that she is my central focus, and how

desire steps in silent with a strong arm.


Walk inside the world of a dreamer

realize how far we can reach,

what it is we believe, we fantasize, we hope

might be the shelter from this our

constant storm,

this we realize is the key to who we might want to be.


Who we are,

what it is,

what we want,

how we wander,

how wish is our dream,

what we feel,


how is it why we ever did begin to feel,

to know the love I know for you is real.

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

for Zelda

A Rainy Afternoon


Seems fitting,


familiar words

she comes instantly to mind.


A romantic movie

brings me tears

I know

we cannot always be the same.


Yet how often do we

pass the reality of our world

inside the dream-swept nature

of someone else with an imagination.


We read books, we tell stories

listen to laughter

celebrate victory and dismissal

when while we constantly age together.


We are still apart like today,

the rains outside,

intrigue the mystique of sweet

reverie within the scope of passion.


I want sometimes, I wish, you might

see me in the rains … again.

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

for Zelda

Having Felt The Fade

In that moment,

when alone a decision

becomes only the owner

of a certain speculation,

he might respond,

she may simply sing a song.


For there is a melody in love

filled with passionate embrace,

the notion of knowing this

is truly a feeling undeniable

therefore less attainable

when acknowledging the fade.


Walk with me, listen to a story

two people wrote, together

one autumn day,

where when afterward as memory

might allow,

they later stood inside a moon.


Inside this our quiet response to love

A full moon speaks silent just beyond …

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~