I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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In Here I Will Speak

For it is these pages,

I know just a few,

the random numbers

began my journey

were truly all of you.


I wonder sometimes

where the safest place might be

to shadow my fears,

to reveal my



It is in these words,

I sometime fall upon,

on occasion a pure



Yet there are the


those days where my pain,

is only relentless in its fury.


I’ve lived a life

of which no pride

might satisfy the enduring

legacy of my time.


I’d rather know now


when will the shoe drop,

might tonight the sky collapse.


Oh to hear the beckon of

a certain salvation,

when the exhaustion will subside,

when peace might frankly meet


It is in here,

I’ll speak my words,

a safe place of course,

where only she will see.


For it is her world

does hearken me to wonder,

what would life be like,

if only we were she.

When That Happens

I wonder if you might know,

how soon while in the throe,

I do my willingness throw,

my heart in full tell of your soul.


I wanted to kiss you there, again,

have you swoon, and shake the reign

of self-control, to let go while in rain,

we two could train love our refrain.


I really didn’t know when your lips

did touch my meaning how my slips

into an eternal passion silent clips

of my reality would loosen my grip.


Now it is today, I am so truly lost


wishing now what is the real cost.

Just When She Walked By

I noticed,

how the air around me

the atmosphere,

that energy inside me,


turned to wisp of delight,

her fragrance perhaps,

the beauty of a stance suggests seductive

innocence, without the naivete – only simply the desire

recognized in our society,

a special gift to our eyes,


no desire to be repressed for being beautiful.

When will we discover a way to put aside

human condition musings,

those that tell us all how vulnerable we are to

her grace,

her elegance,

that notion of humility mixed with scintillating sensuality,

pass on the forboden scrutiny

when simply,

without expectation,

she walked by me today.

Many Moments

I try to draw near to the moment helps recall my musings,

I suppose,

one can only wish they might be better defined,

yet, with so many variables, distractions, delights,

we encounter throughout our waking hours,

it is no surprise,

-notice we are on a positive stream of consciousness-

that its sometimes hard to know,

who it is that drives our words …


Is it perhaps the woman who keeps a chronology of her escapades,

or perhaps that gentleman speaks in only

dominance with esquire flair,

-we all know there is bullshit about us-

I wonder then if simply the refreshing walk of normalcy,

that passes by my window, a leash in hand,

-for their dog you idiot-

is temptation enough to be enticed by her,

gentle lead of a quiet urban life.


Today again, I will go in search of that something,

someone, who is, beyond my reach,

certain to know she might be of an elegance

that moves many beyond my own head,

my own eyes delving deep inside her mystique,

to want her abandon to fall into the sweet hold of my

yearning arms,

to feel the wisp of breeze as lips find naked romance,

to light the morning’s fire again …


morning java, sweet a musing’s tone

Will Wonders Repeat Themselves

We often recall a special moment

Perhaps it is a song on the radio

The melody hums a sweet lament

A different time we no longer know.


When in my childhood I fell in love

Her sweet eyes only offered a peace

A smile infectious and sensitive

I wanted her to fix my lonely place


That summer of ’78 when we found

We were brought together in eve

With a passion, a beautiful sound

Echoed in our mind, still so naïve.


Time would draw us further away,

Yet always an occasional reminder

That she might be in mind today

Eyes with rare chance to find her


We both spoke of a certain curiosity

Did she, as he, while they, might she

Or could this all be simple fallacy,

The answer in our minds would be


Wrought in speculation; my imagination.

Then came her words, the sweet recall

What I did feel, she gave me validation,

If not for solid lives, I may yet truly fall.

I’m in the woods tonight, a forest green

With Nature’s eyes always alert nearby

I think of perfection, surreal sky serene

A soft wish the welcome be not good-bye


My last words of impact with certain desire

Gave strength to the notion of our reunion.

Add certain fuel, yet we feed upon the fire

A spark, an impulse, a lasting impression

Suggests there is always sweet possibility

Heaven sent, this haven, sensing dignity

Whilst A Key Remain

The cool atmosphere of that morning,

the immediacy of you.

I gave you a short look,

before you could see me,

simply coy,


yet certainly I was drawn,

white shorts running lines along

sweet svelte legs,

sinewy symbols of sexuality.

I watched you walk across the room,

smiles around,

first day suggestive stares,

quiet in my own space,

I knew well I would glance more,

eventually wanting to share a volley

of furtive eye candies whilst the room,

began to study the art of the text,

our creative nuance seemed to take hold.


Years pass,

I remain fond,


reflective in the peace of my own mind,


Yes, there are days when I do,

I wonder,

I know now you have love,

that special miracle of life,

when confusion created melody,

once before now harmony suggests



I remember you once handed me your key,

I held it in my hands,

still today I am curious,

who did eventually empty the contents,

were they able to distinguish

that life was the one we carried

in our hearts three summers,

designed around surreal cold landscapes,

the heat of desire,

warming our imagination.

I wonder today, about the beauty of you,

only to tell you I wish to offer a key

that may enhance your elegance,

always and forever.

Wonder Sometimes Over Again

I wonder sometimes,

I wonder why, or how,

is reason a real thing,

or did we just make that up,

in order to get through the day.

A reason to get up,

I need a reason to stay alive,

would you give me any good reason?

I wonder,

I wander too, sometimes without a spec of dust on my boots.