I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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Forbid My Adieu

Do not let stars fade

for it is in love’s circle

pleasure’s will displayed

quiet romance

oh to stroll in eyes

there wonder their property

no certain disguise

Where The Hand Might Open Eyes

It is that yearning,

that when alone wish to be

a reckoning of recreating

a moment.


When I might hold your lips close to mine,

my hand falls down your waist,

a slide I know you might feel every glance,

I am hopeful of course,

watching your eyes,

as my fingertips land

just below, only behind, my palm

rests upon your waist,

and my touch is there,

soft, inviting, wanting some motion.


I would then as we do,

pull you against me,

standing in the middle of the world,

our own quiet secret,

you might, you do, I see it in your eyes,

know I am there,

wishing wanting, hoping,

imagining how far we might be

in the quiet of our own privacy.


Let the world watch,

our minds in laughter,

the love, the passion, the need,

to search, explore, find a wanting,

we both might gasp in the moment,

as together our bodies

will intermingle

for as long as time may

forever allow.

I Thought About It

When I asked,

I could only anticipate what

she might give me,

for it is always the choice

becomes the mystery

in sweet love,

in harmony,

in that soul-searching


might a fairy tale


is what our lives

may become.


There is a certain pattern

to the human condition,

wait and wonder,

watch our lives move past dreams,

then wander

to wish upon some magic,

a harmony,

some might imagine

our lives are all

destined to be found

along a certain pathway,

and yet,

we waited,

found ourselves

already traveling

alone, forever.


It is that eternity,

I asked there might be some thought,

it is inside a dream

a wonderful reckoning

to caress her own soft


the open response

to our integrity.

For it was I might wish

that she could visit

find the same sensuality

brings me home

to hold her wonder

within the space in time,

that is our wander.


I looked upon her dreams,

I thought about it,

and I did conclude,

there is no certain finish,

no need,

to imagine,

an end to love …

eternal harmony.

For Inside Love People Do

We might travel in these paths,

we think we are alone,

waiting a certain chemistry,

wondering of some quiet destiny,

one we cannot put our hands upon

and form in the sculpted manner of our dreams,

yet they do exist,

for it is in human nature we find ourselves,

imagining the same,

a distance away,

yet close by,

our hearts in a constant yearn,

that when we can smile,

do tell,

do direct our minds,

to know love is,

love can and will and ought to be,

this guiding force of our

silent humanity.

Winter Thaw

oh to feel the light

of summer in a wintry night

my beloved might

Moonlit Recall

willful his recall

a spirit of reckoning

his delightful fall