I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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Words, keywords,

what drives your eyes

to wander further,

how is it possible I might find the right,

frame of mind,

passage through time,

correct association,

how possible

is it to imagine

you will move quickly past


and find an end.

Writing to Fill an Empty Heart

I struggle with words,

they seem to carry on a certain storyline,

one I can never really grasp,

until the print allows my eyes to remember,

the swimming in motion ends

when it becomes the right time to let go.


I’d like to find the imagery in pain,

is it the steel edge cutting into a red ribbon,

where eyes might watch the soul slip away

in steady stream

no more hesitation,

a quiet, soothing, not so eternal release.


A friend of mine once said to me,

it is true we live our lives a very short time,

so in that span of countless hours,

we might remember love,

for it is that spiritual energy allows our smile,

if only for a brief instant,

to give us hope, a meaning and reason to survive.


I know that sometimes words might convey meaning,

but if it isn’t felt then they do become

only a semantic journey filled with imagery and pause.

Muse Appeal

Its actually the way she does,

when he falters,

she manages to find the right words,

he is the constant skeptic,

always believing that this might be the case,

and then the sun rises again,

she is radiant in her peace,

he humbled by the virtue she displays,

and yet,

she has to wonder if that is enough,

or will he walk toward her enchantment again,

always seeking,


with little regard for anything else around him,

only a certain energy,

he does desire her words, eyes, voice,


if everything might be so simple,

then his constant musings,

could be quelled

long enough for his muse to be able to freely,

breathe …

Sweet Words Begin My Day

It is when I can imagine her eyes,

searching the paper, the right keystrokes,

for we are beyond the parchment,

the monitor speaks to her,

while the journey continues,

to find her soul in saying hello.


I do see tears, they are those I wish to touch,

with lips that will assure her

always the reflection is my love.

My fingertip might catch a runaway,

gather between finger and thumb

and bring this moisture to my own lips

to be with you in every aspect of my mind.


It is when the sunlight brings me to my place

this fashion of life I choose,

when waking to the moments,

as the clarity of her elegance swoons my mind.

It is then I know, her words, her beauty, her sweet

privacy …


While my world begins, I am traveling with you.

When Words Trail

While the mind will take excursion,

in wonder in respect to conversion

would the opportunity toward freedom

be allowed inside this patterned fiefdom.

While respect of inspiration seek calm,

the trail run cold still awaits in palm

some possibility, some idyllic frame

of mind that draw delight in its game.

In whilst the turmoil of lackluster time

feels in the onset just that certain grime,

must we always ponder the profound,

even when no love for word can be found.

Perhaps it is simply the fortune of beauty

gives peace to a sedentary turns frivolity.

Word Want

I, when alone study

notions of her fantasy

we seldom waiver


perhaps a profile

coffee in a pencil skirt

sit nearby my eyes


when while wondering

we would wander wanton wild

whisper wise welcome


stand nearby for now

I will wait to have you know

we could dance tonight


will you lean with me

allow eyes skin naked grace

could we please go on


tease my eyes desire

my obsession is your persona

please let me please, you

Having Peace

I have this life I share with

names really,

some have actually become


I’d like to think all of them together

co-existing wherever

hearts lead them are involved

in the beauty of teaching me

human nature.

I do love you that is true,

in every essence of who you are,

when I close my eyes and imagine just beauty,

as a graceful step, the very nature of true

elegance when,

while in my fantasy,

your eyes do pierce my mind freeing me of such

earthly burdens as are vanity.

I want you to stay in my dreams,

don’t go far, because if in a moment I stray,

I have lost you again,