Writing Is All I Have

I cannot touch you,

the reach is beyond a starry night

when the winds change

I can feel the loneliness ahead.


I took your picture down,

not to avoid looking at you,

just to give you peace,

my own well being a sweet demon.


If I cannot find a word

I write my own,

scratch out an idea,

replace it with anything new,


Anything that might help me lose

this urgency drives me to return,

so writing,

words are again and again and again


reminders and solace and love and respect,

desire and passion and worry and

unmet expectations

always asking, just, asking ….

When Now Stood Silent

When wonders arose

spoken philosophy

would we ever notice

moonlight again.


Standing on certain principle

would love really matter

if in the end,

a soul began to unravel


He might recommend

some nuance in compare

yet never would the moment

translate toward his delusion


keep in mind the word

meant clearly to aggravate

as in love we all sacrifice

what is real in fantasy


Only soft recall allows such beauty

When now sweet dream stood silent

A Distant Reminder

this lake

I stood on this pier

more times than I might remember,

this picture speaks to my reality,

and yet,

everyday another sun rises.

I don’t understand why

I live this life of


a person told me once,

after awhile we get good,

practice, practice

I’d like to find a new routine

there are certain realities

that I can never let go of,

constant reminders

that tell me to remember …

I don’t understand the concept …

letting go.

~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

It Was

It was then, rather instead

a sweet recall

could so much pain pretend

away the sorrow

for in that instance

such pleasure, remarkable

responsive, reflective

and then we were just only

once again.


It was

this symbiotic resonate

responsive reckoning

we laughed

a chuckle

some sort of reaction,

our eyes,

do you remember


how without words

we could see

each other


a soul

for you and me.


It was

a different time,

yet now


just in the immediate

it was


~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

Truth in my Way

Truth is …

she is with me now

though miles collide

the nature of her


is in my waking morning.


Truth is …

while the world around us

obligatory custom

will decide our hours

mine will be consumed in


the notion, touching her.


Truth is …

though we now we know

an ultimate sacrifice

my eyes holding yours we find

the Sea

this love we have eternal.


Truth …

she is my happiness.


~ finding my way, a personal journey ~

for Zelda

Inside the Certainty of Love

That spectacular feeling,

an emotion screaming to be heard,

the lights flashing, sparkling, an imagined

atmosphere of unrestrained ego,

every aspect of the body is content

in realizing this is me,

this is you, us, we are,

and yet where we were, we are now,

when everything that matters,

becomes just this!


… until …


The fracture,

the question, the analysis, the coveted

‘whom am I in your eyes’

becomes far more important than simply

the beautiful being that she was

and always


be inside my own eyes.


Tears fall as eloquently upon my breast

as do perhaps the words I choose

to describe this one,

so surreal in the atmosphere of understanding

just how does the human condition

play a role

in allowing our lives to gain


inside the spectrum of another’s eyes,

no matter the circumstance,

there will always be that one time,

when I did

and forever now, when passing memory

I will … forever, love you


~just finding my way, a personal journey~