I would like to be a writer. I began this site with amorous intentions, and over the course of time, I hope to have evolved as a male in an ever changing society that is today, recognizing the true beauty and elegance of woman. I am also into writing poetry. Come along for the ride.

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Would I Wait Forever

A question it is not

when thoughts of her,

become a statement,

a glance of cheek to touch,

a smile,

a kiss forever drawn my gasp,

it is within the clever agony

of love’s respite,

I would certain

be lost forever

in the light her eyes do cast upon

my sheltered soul.


Just an evening

I would cast a shadow upon her knee,

with my roaming hand,

a touch, a soft circular reminder,

of only beauty in the persona

of her smile

drawing me near,

telling me again,

how once,

my skin against her own

did find simple fire,

an energy

that now today,

in my every day,

I find strength

in sweet memory.


Oh to know there

is a time,

an adventure

when together

would her heart

offer me shelter

in a storm of flurry,

the passionate embrace

does suggest a time

when lips might caress,

hearts touch,

souls intertwine,

and in her eyes,

would I find my sea.

The Beauty I Correspond

I send these words,

a few at at time,

sometime with meaning,


just to reach her,

to catch her eye,

cause her to perhaps

stop everything,

if only for the time it takes,

to open my world to her own.


I know I ask a lot,


please know the confusion,

to me,

seems real,

seems real, right, responsible,

seems love is always a confusion,

and we live to mire ourselves

in the beauty of time,

in the quiet reality of life,

in its autumn,

a time when once a child,

I thought would never come, ]or if I did,

I believed inside it would be less different,

than similar,

the nature of our existence

suggest otherwise.


I do know she drives away

I’m hopeful,

I wish for her smile to be in my dream,


Emotions Unwrapped

unbridled satisfaction,

a glow,

sweet smile


we all feel the same

let go

begin to climb

satisfaction is a driving force

that need

eloquent sensuality

when all else

disappears in the mist

of release –

we play together

Love and Sex and Emily Dickinson

I wonder about a typical day

for Emily in her white shroud.

I wonder if I being a neighbor boy,

would ever be allowed inside her home.

Who did she let in,

when the world around her co-existed

with her reclusive chosen despair.

I wonder if I might be that kid nearby,

had I been intrigued by her mystique,

I know the few times she stood by the window,

I was curious if she ever liked what she saw,

or always remained afraid.


I think about Emily and I don’t imagine sex.

I do regard the beauty of her elegance

the attractive nature of her persona,

yet, I do believe a smile,

simply an expression with her eyes,

might satisfy my need

to know if she were ok.


I think it is funny when suddenly I realize,

it’s not the sex at all, though that is a beautiful reality,

that arousal and our ability to pique our body’s desire,

to such a degree we become mentally enthralled by our own

private reality.

Yet if Emily did stroll by with a pensive expression,

would that be all I would need

being the neighbor boy,

the one that might hold court,

with simply accepting her need

to live.

Being Easy

I danced along hypocrisy’s tiles

wondering about how,

as she moved before my eyes

I could possibly have her.

I’m told …


she’s easy,

wants it,

look at the manner,

in her eyes,

that skirt,

she flaunts it,

she just needs to have it.


I’m willing


when she moves her hips sway,

a sinewy illusion

arms fly to the sun, and cascade

while gently slide upon her derriere,

she is moving to the sound of me,

no music involved,

only the true nature of how magic

works when woman wills

my soul.


I would caution all of us to step away from the podium,

together we might recognize just how difficult her world …

Usual Spot

I do return here,

quite often,

the mood is always right,

no matter the season,

time of day,

state of mind,

I know somehow

light will appear.


There are times I don’t even wait,

the tone is set,

I can see from a distance,

beauty awaits,

in her eloquent form,

the manner a wrap drapes love lines,

the manner of a lean,

how eyes dart across the room,

and yes,

how she does look at me in the moment;

that singular breath of fresh air,

that says hello without regard to

social constraint.


Then it happens all at once,

I want to be inside,

inside her world, in grasp,

I want to feel the beauty of a spiritual reckoning,

the energy she exudes,

I want that,

only for the moment.


When We Tango

My internal need feeds

upon her nakedness

shoulders respond to breeze

wet with willful pause taste desire,

gasps bring naked bodies together,

a dance moves in constant form

thigh grinds her center while he does feel

her ankles pulling his chest close,

nipple in mouth, now fingers finding her lower back,

the heat below is a tease,

she chuckles knowing he could slide in,

‘damn him’ grasps his length with gentle bite.


The small of her back arched to a tongue in motion,

her buttocks offer life to his chest as he reaches her neck,

winds around a waiting naked sound,

she drives him toward her,

he lifts her wet beauty,

only to test her now – three fingers that slide freely,

a moan,

please let me play with you for a bit longer,

her tongue speaks in circular tones,

her hands now immediate,

stroking while she wets his desire,

he turns her, his hands cupping her breasts,

pulls her to his chest,

head thrown back so she can have his lips,

teeth biting … shoulders, her mouth searching for his,

a lift and we’re inside

ready to ride …

tango tonight.